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Major Renovations Proposed for Colonial Village

by ARLnow.com August 31, 2010 at 6:22 pm 3,441 12 Comments

The historic Colonial Village apartments (the portion owned by Wesley Housing Development Corporation) will be renovated and most of the units converted to low income housing, under a plan that’s up for discussion at a county hearing next week.

The proposal calls for renovations to begin around March of next year, according to a leasing agent. Renovations would proceed several at a time. Tenants will be “relocated” during the renovation process.

The details about the low income housing conversion are a bit sketchy at this point, but initial reports suggest all but two dozen or so apartments will be designated low income housing under the plan, which could force some existing tenants out.

Colonial Village was among the first garden-style apartment complexes in the U.S. when it was built in the 1930s. Wesley owns 162 apartment units, which are home to about 400 residents.

A county housing counselor told ARLnow.com that more details will be revealed on Wed., Sept. 8, during an Arlington Tenant-Landlord Commission hearing. The hearing will take place at 7:30 p.m. in Azalea Room (lobby level) of 2100 Clarendon Boulevard.

One Colonial Village resident we heard from was upset that there have only been two “resident meetings” about the plan leading up to next week’s hearing.

Today’s renovation news follows our report earlier this week about major renovations at the 1020 North Quincy Street apartments in Ballston.

Multiple calls to Wesley Housing Development Corporation’s main office in Alexandria went unanswered throughout the afternoon.

  • Janet

    Arlington — the land of the rich and poor.

    Why is the middle class being forced out?

  • MM

    Wow. What happens to the folks that own (vice rent) their units? Will they be forced out?

  • Sophia

    what’s wrong with having low income housing there? Is there a reason why they decided to have low income housing?

    • cj

      Wesley’s business is providing affordable housing. It is not really “low income” but moderate-income.

      • Molly

        What’s considered “moderate income” in North Arlington? Most of these apartments are in terrible condition, so they’ll renovate it, and then charge more than they already are, AND call is “low income”? Just sell the place and make it condos like the rest of the units in Colonial Village.

        • Geoff

          The majority of Colonial Village Apartments are already designated lower income housing and have been at least since Wesley bought the property in the early ’90s… so the element of lower income housing in Colonial Village is certainly nothing new. Colonial Village, in its entirety, has been a very successful mixed income community since its redevelopment/conversion and sale from Mobil Corp in the early ’80s. Lower income, for Colonial Village Apartments, is defined as less than 60% of AMI (area medium income).

  • Zach

    Wait wait wait… is this ALL of Colonial Village or just the units owned by Wesley? The link lists “1702-34 N. Troy Street, Arlington, VA (114 units); 48 N. 18th Street, Arlington, VA (48 units).”

    I rent a unit in the cluster of buildings at the corner of Troy and Key – so not in the 1702-34 N Troy range – from an owner. I have heard nothing of this plan.

    My apartment is awesome and I will be furious if I get “relocated.”

  • charlie

    this only applies to the units owned by Wesley. This isn’t a socialist country where your property will be taken. You still need to be involved and make sure your views are heard as an adjacent property owner.

    • Thanks, Charlie. I’ve now clarified this in the article.

    • Katie

      Socialism? Oy vey.

      You haven’t heard of eminent domain, have you? How about Justice David Souter?

  • Molly

    And I seriously hope that they are going to renovate ALL of that property, not just the apartments. Their sidewalks, parking lighting, and “green spaces” all need addressed.

  • fake

    great, more sketchy people hanging out by the courthouse metro/cvs


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