Kid Protesters Hopping Mad Over Uncle Julio’s Menu Item

by ARLnow.com September 8, 2010 at 3:30 pm 3,261 24 Comments

A group determined to kick frog legs off American menus came to Ballston over the weekend to protest in front of Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Cafe.

Fifteen demonstrators, including two George Mason University students and eight elementary and middle school students, held homemade signs calling for Uncle Julio’s to stop serving frog legs.

“Uncle Julio: Stop driving frogs to extinction,” one young girl’s sign read.

The protest was organized by Save the Frogs, a California-based group dedicated to saving “the world’s remaining amphibian species.” This was the second time this year the organization held a protest outside the Ballston Uncle Julio’s. The non-profit has also demonstrated outside Uncle Julio’s restaurants in Maryland and Texas.

“America is on track to overtake France and Belgium to become the number one frog-eating country on the planet,” Save the Frogs founder and Manassas native Dr. Kerry Kriger said in a statement. “The frog leg trade is responsible for the spread of infectious diseases, the depletion of wild frog populations, and the spread of harmful invasive species”.

The CEO of Uncle Julio’s has previously denied that the chain’s frog legs come from an endangered species or are raised in an unhealthy environment.

Photos courtesy Save the Frogs

  • MB

    Well done (the protest, not the frog legs).

  • Coool!

    Solution: Tofu Frog Legs!

  • Lou

    Those two college kids need to take some tips from the PETA protests.

  • Clarendolly

    We saw these people the first time they protested. It was just the founder and two underage kids he’d corralled into coming with him. We were interested in engaging him about how valid his claims were, but he was so weird and abrasive when we tried to talk to him that it totally turned us off from his cause. Which is a shame.

  • Clearly an erroneous news item that was meant to be posted on April 1.

    Or not?

    • No, this was from Saturday.

      • ‘Twas joking, and making a reference to April Fool’s Day.

  • Clarendolly

    Chytrid fungus, which spread from Africa in the 1930s when frogs were exported for medical testing, may be responsible for serious die-offs of worldwide frog populations. Whether or not its spread is linked to farm raising frogs, I question. There was a long piece on NPR the other week about the fungus that never discussed any such connection, which makes me wonder if this guy’s science is any good. When we asked him about it, he shouted that he’d been published in a bunch of scientific papers, so believe him, he was right!

  • Dan

    I bet those protesters were hopping mad.

    • Dan

      …and leave it to me to comment without reading the headline. Guess I’m green with envy.

  • Chad

    Julio’s has frog legs?
    Thanks for the heads up, privileged kids with crappy signs.

    • GK

      FTW! And their little smiling soccer mom’s too!

  • JR

    frog legs… so tasty.

  • JoeSchmoe

    I would support taking frog legs off the menu and replacing it with something useful. Like a chimichanga.

    • Jeff

      I agree. I used to work there…the frog legs taste the way the inside of a dirty fish tank smells and no one ordered them anyway.

  • JosephRicks

    frog legs! yummy! I didn’t know Julio’s had that on their menu; I will have to go to lunch there this week. I went to a Chinese restaurant in Alexandria over the weekend and had turtle soup for the first time .. also a delicious treat.

    • terri

      you obviously don’t read much or you would know amphibians (frogs) and most species or turtles(reptiles) are in steep decline with many species already extinct. so good for the kids and the protest against a stupid menu item. and bad on you for being ignorant and narcissitic

  • Tj

    Clarendolly, the founder was there one time with a college student and a mother so perhaps you are confused. And does npr’s lack of mentioning frog legs mean frog legs are not a problem or does it just mean that NPR did not mention frog legs? Also the ‘out of africa’ hypothesis is no longer accepted as the oldest chytrid records are from japan in 1903. if you are going to talk trash about people trying to protect the environment for you and your kids at least get your facts straight

  • Neighbor

    I usually support anything pro-environment, but I always support a cause when they utilize hot protesters (“Save the Frogs” lady).

  • Clarendude

    Where I grew up (Southeast Virginia), us kids used to all go “Frog gigging” at night in the nearby woods. Most people had the gigging poles in their garages. My Mom didn’t want me bringing home any frogs so my catch would go to my friends. Never ate a frog until college and it wasn’t all that spectacular. Frogs, like chickens or any other animal raised for eating should be free-range and naturally raised rather than overcrowded and confined IMO. Amphibians seem to be the first to show the signs of an ecology in trouble.

  • Smy

    Frog legs are eaten in many parts of Mexico, as well as many parts of the world and have been for centuries. If prepared well, they are absolutely delicious.

    If you really want something worth protesting, picket outside of anyplace that serves pork or beef or chickens raised on factory farms. Those are far worse for the environment and the spread of disease not to mention the cruelty factor.

    For me, bring on the frog legs, veal and foie gras.

    By the way – Go to Great Wall Supermarket on Gallows Road in Falls Church. They have huge buckets of live bullfrogs for sale.

  • TGEoA

    The parents of a generation that yearned to be dirty hippies living vicariously through their kids.


    • JoeBob

      Actually it looks like parents who care enough about the environment and their kids to let them go out and have a good time doing something good for the planet.


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