Zimmerman Appointed to Transportation Task Force

by ARLnow.com September 17, 2010 at 1:04 pm 1,709 7 Comments

Arlington County board member Chris Zimmerman has been appointed to a special task force of the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board.

The task force will try to find a way to prioritize the backlog of “unfunded transportation needs” around the DC area.

“I think it is fair to say that there has been frustration… that, despite its name, TPB is in many ways a passive player in actual planning on a regional basis,” Zimmerman told us in an email. “This, I think, is an effort to find a way toward more effective, and realistic, planning for the future of the National Capital Region. I am certainly hopeful that it may help move us in the right direction.”

  • Lou

    A task force they created themselves. That’s a nice bone to throw to yourself when you’re facing a reelection battle I guess.

    They also need to update his bio on the TPB site. It still lists him as Chair of the County Board.

  • Greg

    He’s also Chair of Metro’s “Customer Service, Operations and Safety Committee.” Ironically, if someone asked me what was wrong with Metro, I would probably say customer service, operations and safety.

    It makes me want to laugh.

    • Lou

      Actually they split that committee into two: Customer Service and Operations, and Safety and Security. Again, he’s on both. What a way to grow a resume.

      It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

      • Greg

        Yeah, I see a vote on the split was on the agenda for this week’s meeting. He’s still listed as the Chairman of the combined committee on WMATA’s website, but it probably takes them a while to publish the update.

        The best thing from the recent meeting though is the item to change Metro’s mission statement. The new mission statement removes the phrase “Metro provides the Nation’s best transit service” from the current statement. Throwing in the towel, I guess….

        • Lou

          I think it goes into effect at the end of the month.

  • Let’s Be Free

    It’s beautiful. This way Zimmerman will get to sue himself.

  • Eyemakeupneeded

    CHRIS ZIMMERMAN: “Let ‘em eat cake.”
    Who does this nonentity think he is? I will tell you who he is. Picture him as a woman in a beehive hairdo cavorting with the peasants in 18th century France, displaying an affectation for the countryside. You’ve got it. Marie Antoinette.
    Chris Zimmerman is a male Marie Antoinette. He believes that people who live in Arlington are there to finance his boondoggles. They are there to pay for every one of his grotesque fantasies about how to spend their money. He pretends he is a simple man. He longs for the past. He spends our money to carry out his fantasies.
    Picture another image. A laughing man in a white toga, playing a stringed instrument while a city burns in the background. You’ve got it. Nero fiddling while Rome burns. That’s another way you could think about how Chris Zimmerman operates.
    Let’s dump this clown before your property taxes get so high that even if you rent, your landlord will raise your rent astronomically to finance the tax increase. If you have spent your hard-earned money to buy a house or a condo, you will have to sell and move somewhere else where elected government officials don’t rob you of it by enacting absurdly high taxes to finance equally absurd boondoggles.
    Vote for Mark Kelly. Dump Zimmerman. Let’s dump Zimmerman and get rid of the bleeding. Stop sweating any more tax hikes. This is it. We have had enough.
    I am not even a Republican. I just have had enough of this bleeding so Chris Zimmerman can carry out his absurd pet projects.

    I will not rest until Chris Zimmerman is defeated. This man is out of control and does not represent the people in the least. He represents the Democratic machine here, not the Democrats.

    The Democratic machine does not even present the best Democratic candidates but runs the toady who kisses the derrieres of the people who run the machine like a little county version of Boss Tweed himself.

    Aren’t you tired of all this? this isn’t 19th century New York.


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