Major Police Presence at Courthouse Metro

by ARLnow.com September 20, 2010 at 3:08 pm 1,612 8 Comments

Arlington County and Metro police are looking for a man who may have brandished a weapon in the Courthouse Metro location. The man is believed to have already left the station.

This information comes from police radio traffic and the incident has not been confirmed.

Update at 3:15 p.m. — The information is a bit sketchy. Police are looking for a guy fitting a certain description in the area around the Courthouse Metro station, but neither the station manager nor Metro PD ever saw the alleged weapon. It was apparently reported by a bystander.

  • ArlRes

    I wonder if it was an open-carrier. Legal in the Commonwealth.

  • Jeff Miller

    Why would that make a difference? Brandishing a firearm is a crime in Virginia (Class 1 misdemeanor), regardless of how the weapon had been carried (openly or concealed). Va. Code §18.2-282

    • Skeptical

      It would make a difference because if someone were simply open-carrying and a fellow passenger got wound up about it, which is possible (note the phrase “may have”); that would be different than an actual case of brandishing. Granted, the Court House area is riddled with zones where you cannot carry open, concealed, body cavity or whatever. But since the report is sketchy and seems confused, the question is legitimate.

      • Skeptical

        Also, I truly have no idea what the rules are regarding firearms on Metro property (if I ever need to, I guess I’ll look it up…)

  • NovaBrian

    Until we find this person, all men are suspect. As a man, I will not be leaving my house until this man is found.

  • KalashniKev

    It certainly would be a shame if an OC’er got the cops called on him or her… I only carry concealed, but I’ve always been in favor of an “Open Carry Day” that would get residents adjusted to the laws of the Commonwealth, since North Arlington does tend to have more of a mix of people from around the US.

    • The report received by police, which may or may not have been BS, was that a gun was brandished in a hostile manner

  • JosephRicks

    It was probably an airsoft pistol. They are fun and harmless.


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