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Police Seek Burglary and Assault Suspect in North Arlington

by ARLnow.com September 20, 2010 at 11:27 am 1,767 6 Comments

A north Arlington resident came home this morning and reportedly found a man who was in the process of burglarizing his house. The burglar punched the homeowner in the face and fled with some sort of a metal box, according to police radio traffic.

The incident happened in the Yorktown neighborhood, a few blocks away from the Knights of Columbus and Yorktown High School. Police are now searching the area, trying to find the alleged burglar.

He’s described as a tall black man, wearing a light shirt, a baseball cap and a long coat.

  • RestonRunner86

    Whoa! YORKTOWN? I never would have envisioned any random crimes occurring there of all places. If the burglar only fled with “some sort of metal box” then it’s a good possibility this victim was targeted, and that the perpetrator knew what he was looking to swipe (unless the box was the burglar’s own toolbox, but why bring something so clunky along with you?)

  • ArlRes

    It’s a shame he wasn’t a CHP holder. Although Arlington politicos frown upon the 2nd amendment, he could have stopped him cold and avoided injury.

  • john

    can you please update for us? Also what street and block did this take place? Thanks

  • john

    can you update please? What street and block did this happen? Are they still searching?

    • I didn’t hear of any arrests being made today. We’ll know later this week when the ACPD crime report comes out.

  • JimB

    Yorktown is not the only area that has been hit by crime. Earlier this month the Falls Church City police arrested 3 suspects for about 30 thefts of and from vehicles near the East Falls Church Metro station. For these crimes, the thefts were facilitated by unlocked vehicles. Prevention — remove objects from view and lock unoccipied vehicles — should be the order of the day (and for 24/7).

    The FCC police report to the community about this is pasted below

    Falls Church City police recently arrested three suspects for about 30 thefts of and from vehicles near the East Falls Church Metro station:

    On Tuesday 09-14-10 in the early morning hours, officers from Arlington County were called to the area of Tuckahoe Street bordering the City of Falls Church for a possible stolen vehicle. ACPD officers apprehended 3 suspects who were responsible for approximately 30 vehicle break-ins. The suspects were arrested and interviewed in Arlington County with the assistance of City of Falls Church detectives.

    The suspects broke into 6 vehicles in the Broadmont neighborhood. The suspects stated in their interviews that they travel to Virginia by Metro. They go into the neighborhoods that are known to keep their vehicle doors unlocks and valuable items inside. They do not break windows as that would attract attention. They only steal from vehicles that are unlocked and steal vehicles with keys in the console.

    Last night’s series yielded these 3 suspects: 3 stolen vehicles and 30 vehicle break-ins.

    Again, all of the victim’s vehicles in these cases were unlocked. All of the stolen cars had keys in the console.


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