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You Asked, We Asked: The Papery

by ARLnow.com September 20, 2010 at 1:41 pm 3,342 12 Comments

Is The Papery, the high-end stationary and engraving store at 2871 Clarendon Boulevard (next to Orvis), going out of business? One tipster came to that conclusion after spying rows of near-empty shelves.

But a store employee tells us they’re not closing shop, they’re just low on stock. A new shipment should be arriving soon, we’re told.

So don’t worry, it seems that you will still be able to order Vera Wang-designed wedding invitations in the heart of Clarendon.

The family-owned, New Jersey-based retailer has at least seven locations, according to its web site. The Arlington store and a store in Bethesda are the only locations outside of New Jersey.

  • Judith Landgar

    In the twenty years I have lived in Arlington, I have never seen anyone in that store.

  • Katie

    I shop there. I buy their post-Christmas sale gift bags and wrapping paper. They sell great cards and gifty stuff too.

  • Thes

    Indeed, their wrapping paper is better than what CVS has. I believe they also sell sealing wax, which is hard to find these days.

  • I shop there as well – and there are always at least a few other patrons in there whenever I stop in.

    However, I have noticed that they have decreased their inventory a lot over the last 2 years or so. I’m glad to hear they are surviving and not going out of business.

  • ArlRes

    New shipment from where — China?

  • Let’s Be Free

    Just “low on stock?” That’s what they told me the last time I walked into Washington Golf before it ended its 30 year run. Unusually low inventories are usually a sign that suppliers have ceased to extend credit or tightened up their payment terms because the retailer is struggling — not a good sign.

    • It is true that I’m just relaying what an employee said over the phone. You could be right.

  • Al

    They are a disappointment to shop, I found a great gift on the shelf which was damaged and since they have no inventory, had no choice but to pass it up. They’ve been like this forever. Although I can’t fault them as it’s clearly a product of the recession. Unfortunately for them, had to drive to Shirlington and give my money to Verbena Paper & Gifts.

  • David

    They’ve been low on stock for over a year now. I think that they’re having issues with sales so they’ve lowered their inventory on seasonal cards and other stuff that is nice to look at but never sells. We buy a lot from them but there is no way I’d place a large order with them right now.

  • MC

    I shop there regularly (bought an anniversary card there last week) and hope they stay in business at this location. It’s very hard to find a nice card that’s not made by Hallmark. Too bad not enough people send cards these — I’ll blame Facebook. Eventually card sending will be retro-cool, and people will think they’ve discovered something original.

  • Skeptical

    I scratch my head about the whole thing. You have to be hunting for ways to spend your money to go into a specialty shop to buy cards and wrapping paper. I am sure some of the merchandise this place offers is beautiful of its kind, but you could get through your entire life without needing cards, engraving, or gift bags. We all need to eat and get dressed every day and up to a point paying more for quality makes sense, but how often do you find you can’t get through your day without a stick of sealing wax?

    A lot of shops hereabouts (Alexandria too) boast highly specialized inventories that amount to “ways to burn money for people who have too much,” and in a recession those are the first casualties. Hardly anyone should be surprised.

  • Jess

    That;s what they told me when I last asked about 2 months ago as well. I go in monthly to get cards bc I hate having to buy from CVS — but the Papery’s selection is SO limited now that I am about to stop doing that too.

    Would there be interest in a WELL STOCKED card/paper/invitations store like this in N. Arlington? It’s something that as a 10-yr resident I have been playing with…


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