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New to Arlington, Artist Holding Exhibition in Rosslyn Tonight

Much the way a homeowner may introduce themselves to neighbors after moving into a new house, artist Marcelo Novo is introducing himself to the local arts scene tonight with an exhibition in Rosslyn.

Novo was a fixture of the arts scene in Columbia, S.C. up until earlier this month, when he packed up and moved to Arlington. Novo, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, left Columbia after 18 years to allow his wife, a chemist, to take a new job in the Washington area. As newspapers mourned his departure, Novo prepared himself for his new life in D.C.

The first act in his D.C. story comes tonight, when a selection of his works entitled “Sueños de Insomnio” (Dreams of Insomnia) will go on display at Piola restaurant (1550 Wilson Blvd). Novo hopes the exhibition, which runs through November 27, will serve as an “informal introduction… to the local audience.”

An opening reception will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight.

After the jump, we ask Novo about his plan for joining the local arts scene.

Now that you’ve moved up here, what do you expect to do career-wise?

MN: I hope to slowly immerse myself into the cultural art scene in the area. I intend to find a nice studio space, and eventually start participating in a variety of art shows and projects (i.e. public art, collaboration with other artists, etc.). I also want to obtain gallery representation in DC metro area. I find being in a new environment exciting and artistically stimulating. Although I had lived in South Carolina for years, I am originally from Buenos Aires, so I feel really at home in a big city and in a cosmopolitan environment.

How has your introduction been to the local art scene so far?

MN: Well, I have been here only for a couple of weeks and most of this time I have been unpacking, so it is hard for me to access anything right now. I look forward to attending events and art exhibitions, in order to see meet people and learn about the dynamics of the local cultural scene.

What sort of impression would you like to make with this exhibition?

MN: I hope people in general find my art interesting and/or puzzling. I consider my show at Piola [an] informal introduction to my art and myself to the people in the area. The works exhibited are a compilation of works from past years, that will give people a good idea of what I do.

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