Watch Out for the Sinkhole on Columbia Pike

by ARLnow.com September 30, 2010 at 12:44 pm 2,748 16 Comments

It’s now surrounded by a small army of orange barrels, but this sinkhole on Columbia Pike at the intersection with South Wakefield Street claimed at least one car’s muffler this morning.

Heavy rains apparently caused the patched-up section of roadway to sink, while the older, existing road stayed at the same level. So it must have been quite the jolt when one driver we talked to hit it at full speed, causing his muffler to fly off.

The barrels are currently blocking the left-hand lane of westbound Columbia Pike.

  • Madison

    The text says Buchanan St, but the link is to Wakefield St

    • That’s a mistake. It should be Wakefield. Thanks.

  • shirley

    now we have TWO sinkholes on Columbia Pike.
    One is a sinkhole for cars as pictured and the other is the sinkhole for money aka Zimmie Trolley.
    BTW, ever since Arlington took over, look what happens to this road…

    • South Arlington

      What a great point Shirley. There was NEVER a sinkhole, pothole, or crack in Columbia Pike before a few months ago. GREAT POINT

      • Tess

        LOL! I almost took you seriously! Then I realized “Shirley” – to whom you posted – is just another name for…

    • G

      Has Arlington officially taken over yet? I don’t think they have…

      • Tess

        Not yet – only in writing. But don’t expect that to deter any misinformation from coming forth! Geez.

    • shirley

      Well the press release said they were taking it over. Sorry to have believed/misread it. Hmmmm…
      Point is that there are still two stinkholes.

      • South Arlington

        Yes which is clearly the county’s fault, as you so wittily pointed out earlier. This sinkhole is clearly a product of the county’s GROSS MISMANAGEMENT THE PAST MONTH of Columbia Pike. Hell in a handbasket I tell you.

        • shirley

          Glad you see the light honey. Glad you see the light.
          Wait til a trolley tries to go thru that. Ha. Ain’t comin’ back out.

  • NoName

    I wonder if the muffler came off a rice burning civic.

    • Frenchy B

      Nah, if that were the case, it would’ve also claimed some cheesy ground-effects too.

  • JamesE

    All of fairfax dr has been a giant pothole this entire week.

    • Pete

      Why is Fairfax Dr being repaved? The road seemed to be in fine condition before. Is this so they can re-stripe it with an extremely wide bike lane?

      Is there a minimum width required for vehicle travel lanes? I wonder if Fairfax Dr will meet it.

      • JamesE

        oh a bike lane would be great because traffic already runs so smoothly on it during rush hour, maybe extend the light duration as well.

  • Deepthoughts

    Don’t fall in


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