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by ARLnow.com October 12, 2010 at 6:36 am 1,815 6 Comments

The Multi-Million Dollar Irish Pub — Samuel Beckett’s Irish Pub, expected to open in Shirlington at the end of November, is quite the ambitious undertaking. Owner Mark Kirwan is sinking $2.2 million into the project, according to the Washington Business Journal.

Another Road Gets Sharrows — The county added some bike-friendly sharrows to 15th Street North between North Courthouse Road and North Rhodes Street over the weekend. The sharrows remind drivers to share the road with bicyclists. More from Ode Street Tribune.

New Marymount Dorm Opens — Dozens of Marymount University students are moving out of the Ballston Holiday Inn and into the newly-completed Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko Residence Hall. The building, part of the university’s 26th Street Project, can house up to 239 students. More from the Sun Gazette.

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  • g_clifford_prout

    I actually SAW a bicyclist using a bike lane this weekend!

  • That new dorm/classroom/garage/etc building at Marymount has to be just about the ugliest building in North Arlington. The design really sucks big time. It’s overbearing and totally out of keeping with the neighborhood. Did they give this project to some first-year architecture student who decided that incorporating every architectural style in the known universe would make an attractive building?

    • NorthAdams

      Completely agree. It is so ugly it should be embarrassed. And so should the Board for approving it. The only thing as ugly is the Cheesecake Factory in Arlington. And to think we have good planning policies in this hot dog stand of a county.

      • OMG! I forgot about the Cheesecake Factory when I said that the Marymount dorm was the ugliest building in N. Arl. Maybe they’re tied for that honor. At least the Cheesecake Factory is in a commercial area. The dorm/etc is in the heart of a residential district. Ugh!

  • Black Flag

    $2.2 million for another Irish Pub! wtf

    • LP

      Agreed – absolutely absurd amount of money for any bar, let alone an Irish pub.


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