Columbia Pike Now Under County Control

(Updated at 4:20 p.m.) This winter, the sight of VDOT plows clearing snow on Columbia Pike will be replaced with the sight of Arlington County plows doing the same.

On Oct. 1, following final approval by the county board and the Commonwealth Transportation Board, Columbia Pike was officially transferred from state control to county control.

The transfer is intended to speed up redevelopment along the Pike, as the county no longer has to go through a bottleneck of VDOT approvals to complete its Columbia Pike projects.

From a more practical standpoint, the change will mean that maintenance tasks once handled by VDOT will now be handled by the county. VDOT was formerly responsible for signs, storm water, sewers, paving, lane striping and snow removal on the Pike. Arlington will now assume control of those tasks, in addition to its existing commitment to maintain the streetscape, traffic lights and street lights.

The added responsibility will cost the county about $660,000 per year.

Despite the transfer, the intersection with Glebe Road and the Washington Boulevard interchange will remain under VDOT control.