Man Arrested in Arlington Was Former Top Army Soldier

by November 1, 2010 at 9:17 am 48,784 197 Comments

A man who investigators say purposely struck a person with his car in Pentagon City last week was formerly the top enlisted member of the U.S. Army.

Police say Manassas resident Gene C. McKinney, 59, had picked up commuters from a slug line and was driving north toward Washington when the commuters demanded to be let out of the car because, they claimed, McKinney was driving fast and erratically.

After McKinney let them out on the 1100 block of South Eads Street, one man took out a camera and tried to snap a photo of McKinney’s license plate. That’s when McKinney hit the gas and struck the man with his car, according to police. He was arrested and charged with attempted malicious wounding.

McKinney, who’s now out on bond, was the 10th Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army, serving from 1995 to 1997. As the top non-commissioned member of the Army, McKinney was responsible for advising the chief of staff and acting as a liaison between soldiers and Army leadership. He was the first and remains the only African American to hold the post.

McKinney’s tenure as Sergeant Major was marred by numerous accusations of sexual harassment, although he was eventually acquitted of all harassment charges.

McKinney faces a preliminary hearing on December 6.

  • rob42

    wtf, was he drunk? Or is he just insane?

  • Darwin

    Not sure but it shows that we hold the military (past or present) to higher standards. Most news stories don’t fill in the reader on the employment stats of the accused when they were a plumber or accountant.

    • TAllen

      It is newsworthy because there is only one Sergeant Major of the United States Army at a time and he is *the* senior enlisted member of the Army. The person placed in this job is supposed to possess exemplary behavior and decision-making qualities.

      • kim

        but then again he did have harrassment charges against him b4…..n now i know why we never had another blk sgm of the army

        • BlackIce

          @ Kim
          What do you mean? I dont understand what you are trying to say. Please expound

        • Pam

          That is the most ignorant statement possible; how does the color of his skin contribute to his offense?!

        • Joe

          extremely racist and ignorant comment.

    • We paid his salary and we continue to pay his retirement benefits with all his perks. If he wants to be a disgrace to the U.S. Army, that’s his choice. I choose to think he skated on those earlier sexual harassment charges, and by allegedly purposefully running down a pedestrian, I think he is back to his old aggressive ways.

      • shredder

        You CHOOSE to think…??? What the heck does that mean? You know he was aquitted of those charges, but that doesn’t suit your mindset. So you CHOOSE to think otherwise. Geez, what a maroon!

        • john

          Well, I choose to think OJ Simpson killed his wife and her friend; just because the jury was stupid doesn’t mean I am. Regarding the former charges of harassment, I’ve been in long enough to see soldiers of all ranks do it and get away with it. I can’t stand it when they go after the young ones who can’t/won’t fight back because no one believes them. Carry on.

        • Bob G.

          “… You CHOOSE to think…??? What the heck does that mean…?”
          It means he/she identifies alternatives, evaluates them, and makes a conscious choice. NOT “choosing to think” is “choosing not to think.” Perhaps YOU’RE the “maroon” (sic).

          • Someone

            Shredder is a troll. Don’t feed the trolls.

          • jack

            Is that a moron with high blood pressure?

        • Taznut

          Ok, we need to get something straight he was not acquitted on all charges!! He was found guilty of obstructing justice an demoted to MSG.

        • willy

          that gator had to been 14 foot no how

        • sunshine

          not because he was acquitted doesnt mean that he did not do it, it just means insufficient evidence.

      • Mike

        you hear the headings, now why not wait and read the book before making judgement. We in America are innocent until proven guilty ?? correct.,

  • Ignacio

    Considering that the US military is largely made up of violent, angry, unsocialized men, this is about as unsurprising as snow in the winter.

    • el fat kid

      nothing like a broad generalization to start off the week.

      you’re not the shooter guy are you?

    • S. Arlington Resident

      You obviously haven’t spent much time with the military. You are ignorant, Ignacio.

    • MikeyinCrystalC

      And the troops thank you for your “support” OP.

    • Terry

      Ignacio 2,

      You are a complete idiot. I am a retired SFC, from the US Army, and I am not a violent, angry, unsocialized man. You need to go back where you came from. Probably not even in this country legally and my fellow Soldiers and I deffend your right to put a post like this.

      GO HOME JERK!!!

      • Greg

        Well, two out of three ain’t bad…. (i’m joking!)

      • CrystalCity’er

        Wow, your comments certainly don’t help, Terry. Assuming he’s an illegal immigrant simply because of his name? Sounds like you’re stooping to his level.

    • Step12

      Seems you have a bit of a phobia for the military. Don’t worry. Our service ensures that fools like you can post BS like that without reprecussions. I think you’re talking through your “5th point of contact”, your butt. Have a nice day, enjoy your freedoms, and don’t forget we service members have died for your freedom.

      • Retired Paratrooper

        Points of contact:
        1. Balls of the feet,
        2. Calf,
        3. Thigh,
        (4) BUTTOCKS,
        5. Push up muscle.
        ….and for cherries, there’s a 6th point of contact: HEAD! lol

        You’re welcome 😉

        Ignacio probably got into a bar fight with one fine warriors…and judging by his comment, he lost. Big time. 🙂 Don’t give this jerk a pass because we “fought for his right to free speech.” Find a respectful way to express your disapproval. Nuff said.

        • Rich

          My first jump on 24 OCT 83:

          1. Balls of the feet
          4. Buttocks
          6. Head

          • Kurt

            heh heh heh… the old 1,4,6, also known as HAH, or Heels, Ass, Head.

            My first jump was August 8th, 1985. Landed on my butt so hard that i had a grapefruit sized lump. Made it off the drop zone though and road marched all the way back. Fun memories

        • D12373

          It is feet, knees, face.

          • Biskthead

            1. Head.
            2. Shoulders.
            3. Knees
            4. Toes

        • AV8TR

          You guys jumping out of perfectly good airplanes amuse me. Hence the reason I like to stay up front.

          • Fister Dude

            I agree with ya. No reason to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft. Though I always look for the chutes in the aircraft cause if its going down there is one airman that will be short a parachute only thing he will see will be A^^holes and Elbows as I exit the aircraft.

          • DonM

            No Air Force aircraft is perfectly good.
            No, we don’t trust you to get the landing right.
            If there was another way to get a thousand feet above the landing zone, we would take it.

          • HALOMan

            There’s no such thing as “a perfectly good airplane”. Besides, the door was open!

        • Brian

          You beat me to the correction! Big AIRBORNE HUAH!! I think you are right, Ignacio got his 4th POC handed to him by one of our guys. Either that or they stole his woman. You know the ladies love paratroopes in uniform!

      • AltBro

        Step12 and/or any other service members reading this: THANK YOU for our freedoms. Your service is much appreciated. Especially today, when I got to vote with relatively little hassle.

    • Step12

      OH… one more thing…

      Byte me !!!!!!

    • Bubba

      Hey Ignacio. Your right.. and that’s something worth considering.

    • Phillip Barry

      Is IGNASIO short for ignorant A$$H#%E?

    • Retired Paratrooper

      Could you look this man in his eyes and tell him he’s “violent, angry, and unsocialized?” I doubt it. Coward.

    • Don’t feed the trolls, folks.

    • txmedic

      This could be one of those responses where I call you every name in the book but I won’t. Those “violent, angry, unsocialized men”, fight for your freedom everyday. It’s the reason your able to sit at your computer eating you cupcakes sending in great responses like this:)Your welcome…. If you know anything about the Army (which you seem to not)you would know that this guy probley had a stressful job while he was in (duh) and maybe he just snapped.Get a clue.

    • Eric

      Ignacio, Please apologize for insulting the military. Your remarks are hurtful and should be rebuked.

    • John M. Stryker

      Hey Ignacio (aka Nacho)! Why doesn’t your coward ass come over to the front gate at Ft. Hood and try saying that to a soldier? It would be funny watching you walking around with a size 11 combat boot stuck up your ass.

    • mirted

      Do I detect some feminine rage from Ignacita? Or perhaps just a “stir the pot”

    • Matt

      Nice ignorant stereotype, Ignacio.

      I’m a Sergeant in the Army, and I can tell you that your characterization of me and my peers is 100% incorrect.

      BTW, before you go thinking I have had some kind of exceptional tour so far that biases my view, I’m currently on my second OEF tour and though I’m not a rough-and-tumble infantryman, I am supporting them and interact with them daily. Even our 11Bs don’t fit your image of what a soldier is.

    • sans culottes

      Ignacio – I’ll keel you! I keed, I keed!

    • Aquila

      Another pearl of wisdom from a self-indugent punk.

    • John R>

      And you hide behind your moms/ wifes/ sister skirt as we defend your freedom.

    • Ignacio, go vote for your favorite democrap and leave the serious discussion to the men.


    • E7JamesUSMC

      Ignacio, People like you sleep well in your bed at night because MEN like me and the REST of the USMC/US ARMY stand ready to do violence on your behalf. But, to broadly say what you said, “UNSOCIALIZED” men? Please you wetback phuck, get a damn grip. I would hope you would walk into a recruiting office and say the same thing to combat vet. You would find yourself on receiving end of an ass whooping. I’d bet your a liberal mexican who jumped across the border and got a free education due to your being a minority. Dumbasses like you have no loyalty to this country and hate everything that made it good.
      Here’s a clue, SEND me your address and I’ll come over to your house and school you.

      • El Fat Kid

        Dearest E7JamesUSMC,

        I hope you realize that if you weren’t such a pansy and had used your full name when typing this racist bullshit you could be referred to a courts-martial under UCMJ.

        AS I responded to commenter ‘Terry’ …. I know you’re upset about Ignacio’s trollish comments, however you’re not helping the cause with racist, xenophobic statements. Do you have any evidence he’s not a US citizen or are you writing this crap b/c his name appears to be latino and you’re angry?

        You are reinforcing Ignacio’s short-sighted stereotypes with poorly written, racist and generally stupid comments.

        You are also a pansy.

    • UncleSam101

      Ignacio, you seem to have the traits you attribute to soldiers. You are a sick person.

    • Guido

      Ignacio, I’m sure everyone who deals with you seems violent, angry, and unsocialized, but I assure you, the problem isn’t them. Dealing with an ignorant person like you would make anyone feel violent, angry, and unsocialized…

    • Dan

      Ignatio is an idiot. Definitely un-American and probably an illegal. In either case, deport him.

    • Elana Bentley

      Hey Ignacio,

      My husband is an officer in the military who practices anesthesia and has a PhD (courtesy of the military and your tax dollars) in Neuroscience. Before you go calling thousands of men and women violent and unsocialized, let’s hear about the credentials you possess that show that you are not this way yourself.

    • The 954

      The Army is made up of men who understands freedom isnt free so &*^%%#$ like yourself have the liberty to write bullsh _ _ opinions like the one you just wrote. Dont be mad becasue you were too afraid to join the military

  • bowseat93

    Check out the first person account here:

    • tmcc

      It was me who wrote this. I’m still wondering about the victim – I hope he’s making a good recovery.

  • Ignacio 2

    This is Ignacio’s cousin…please don’t attack his name, he didn’t run over anyone (that we know)…and simply wants to hang out with his “friends” at Dupont circle

    • el fat kid

      classy. i’m sure everyone in your 5th grade homeroom is laughing hysterically.

  • Sam

    “You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy.”

  • TAllen

    Hey, ARLNow gets a shout-out on the WTOP story. Good work.

  • NOVA Resident

    Didn’t he get convicted for obstruction of justice?

    New York times reports he was convicted on one count of obstruction of justice back in 1999:

  • Chaka Aly Khan

    He will just play the Iraq/Afghanistan “trauma” card and get away scot-free. The military will play the incident down and intimidate all who try to dig and delve deeper into the crime. After all, the military is the biggest war profiteer of all—they are now all but UNquestionable and can bury and erase reports at will.

    • Don’t Stereotype

      Hello Chaka,

      He was forced to retire prior to 911. He never served in the Global War Against Terrorism.

    • Westover

      You do not know of that which you type. 1. McKinney is no longer in the military 2. The military has never had a problem with going after McKinney before he retired 3. It was the military that fought so that we could have a Constitution that allows you to write wrong things about it.

      • Stephen Dedalus

        “It was the military that fought so that we could have a Constitution”

        Studied history in a public school?

        • Yea! Did you get the whole George Washington and the Delaware river thingy! You know, up at the front of the boat, long blue robe…ask your kid, he probably knows. Why don’t you study your history you toolbox! One more thing, this man was fired, court marshaled and thrown out of the Army.

        • Rob

          Yes, I studied it in school, and I know that the Constitution was adopted on 17 September 1787 (I’m in the Army, so I like to do dates that way) and ratified 21 June 1788. The American War for Independence lasted from 1775-1783. So YES, the military did fight before we had a Constitution, so we could eventually have a Constitution. YOU didn’t study much in school, evidently.

    • lonevoice

      Worked for me in Arizona.I got pulled over by an Indian casino, and kept referring to it as a mosque, as in asking the DPS trooper, “shouldn’t we move away from this mosque, we’re pretty exposed out here ?”

  • Terry

    NOVA Resident,

    You are 100% correct. He was also demoted to MSG.

    • Rick Cee

      But he’s still a retired SGM (E-9). High-3

      • Billy

        WRONG!!!! His DIEMS Date was well before the “HI 3” period and he was therefor retired at his final pay, which was MSG/E8.

        • Rob

          Billy, the link in the story shows he retired with 75%at his SMA rank, not MSG.

  • Terry


    You are a JERK!!! Oh my it just amazes me what individuals think of our men and women in uniform. Why don’t you go to the front line. Oh that’s right your “P” probably hurts. Again, spent 20 years in the service to protect your right to be an idiot. GOT TO LOVE IT!!!

    BTW, you are welcome for my service. Glad I served and I am proud of it. You should be proud of this country if not FIND A NEW COUNTRY TO LIVE IN AND THEN SEE WHAT HAPPENS…

    YOU JERK!!!

    • Westover

      Settle down Sgt First Class Terry, getting worked up on the interwebs just allows the ignorent to feel they won.

  • Zack

    SMA to running people down… the beltway blues finally got to him.

    • Westover

      I wonder if Gen. Reimer regrets his choice….

    • Rick Cee

      People have problems and sometimes act irrationally because of them. SGM McKinney will have his day in court. We shouldn’t speculate.

  • Chong Kim

    It was the military that fought so that we could have a Constitution that allows you to write wrong things about it.

    So? Does that make them immune to criticism?

    • Westover

      Of course not, but Chaka was not making a statement about McKinney, but making a baseless statement. “The military will play the incident down and intimidate all who try to dig and delve deeper into the crime. After all, the military is the biggest war profiteer of all—they are now all but UNquestionable and can bury and erase reports at will.”
      The military does not profit from war, those serving too often make the ultimate sacrifice, and when they lucky enough to not lose their life for their country, they are giving up time with family and essentially their personal freedom to ensure that you do have the rights granted to you under the Constitution as well as a relatively awesome lifestyle.

      • Liz Chaney

        Not as awesome as the profiteers at Haliburton and General Dynamics.

        • Westover

          Those folks are NOT our serving military that were insulted here.

        • JEM

          Ahhh, another off the point and un-informed opinion. When was the last time you had bullets coming in your direction and 24 hour days as a norm? McKinney made a mockery of the position and the military took care of the problem. Should have been end of the story but apparently he still has issues.

      • Armyboots65th

        Westover, the biggest war profiteerer is the companies called Brown & Root, and DYNACORP. Most of the government budget goes to these 2 companies. Ignacio, you are an idiot to think that every Soldier is, quote. “the US military is largely made up of violent, angry, unsocialized men, this is about as unsurprising as snow in the winter.” What about the women that serve our nation? We, my Brothers and Sister in Arms have a will always serve our nation with honor. Yes there are those within the ranks that have bad traits, but every society has those, not just the military. If you or anyone will sit with a Soldier and try to talk to them like people and not war mongers, you will see they are just like you, trying to survive day to day without the support of a lot of people because of ignorance. If you do not support the war, FINE! Everyone must and should support the Soldiers that defend this nation night and day. I enjoy hate mail, but I enjoy hearing from those who do support the Armed Forces, I do forward and post emails from out supporters throughout my units. Airborne! All the Way! [email protected]

        • anonymous

          Maj. Nidal Hasan

        • DonM

          When you talk about war profiteers, I stand with Harry Truman: “Find me the guy who wrote the check.” If you don’t want their work, don’t hire them. If you don’t think they earned their work, don’t pay them, negotiate a proper reduction, or stand ready to answer their complaint in court.

  • el fat kid


    I know you’re upset about Ignacio’s troll comments, however you’re not helping the cause with racist, xenophobic statements. Do you have any evidence he’s not a US citizen or are you writing this crap b/c his name appears to be latino and you’re angry? Citing yourself as a 20 year vet and saying “GO HOME JERK!!!” is basically reinforcing his short-sighted stereotypes of the military.

    Also, this isn’t myspace… your use of caps is beyond the limits of civilized discourse.

  • Rick Cee

    I met, then, CSM McKinney in 1993 when he was the Command Sergeant Major for U.S. Army Europe. Gene McKinney was neither a dummy then nor is he a dummy now. We have no idea what was going on with him at the time and we shouldn’t speculate. CSM McKinney was an outstanding soldier on all accounts (he was strack, fit, and articulate). Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. He was never in the gulf war or OIF/OEF; but he was a VietNam combat veteran.

    • Patriot

      I know Gene McKinney, also, and his version of the “incident” will come out in due time. He’s a good man and I don’t believe for a second that he did anything that was intentionally malicious….he drives like an old lady (maybe he was going 95 kph, not mph). Needless to say, people in high-dollar cars need to be careful about who they pick up….there’s a lot of scammers out there!

    • Broughton

      Amen, Patriot. I went through a similar incident when I was an Army major at Fort Meade. A dope-smoking convicted burglar claimed I ran over his foot with an Army GSA van. It turned out when he was X-rayed at the hospital that he already had metal pins and plates in the injury he claimed I caused. Still the prosecutor went after me. I spent a night in jail, spent thousands of dollars on lawyers, and pretty much ruined my career because of some scam-artist. It will take months for CSM McKinney to straighten this out, and you can bet the paper won’t make it a headline when he is found innocent. And there will be no penalties or perjury charges against the accuser. This is the system CSM McKinney spent his life defending.

      I already see one discrepancy: if the CSM struck someone with his car as is being reported, why was he “charged with attempted malicious wounding”. Attempted? Was the “victim” from Krypton and McKinney’s car just bounced off him? Or did the “victim” try to block McKinney from leaving (false arrest/kidnapping) and fling his body against McKinney’s car?

  • Krekhor Ohenian

    I never understood slug lines. In a country where violent crime is quite common, how can anyone be surprised about this incident? It’s bound to happen. There are inherent risks getting into a car driven by a complete stranger. I’m surprised there haven’t been more rapes, robberies and assaults reported in connection with slug lines. Thankfully, I live in town and don’t have to bother with commuting hassles.

    • ArlAaron

      I think it’s a safe bet that there have been more rapes, robberies, and assaults on any given day in the District than there have been total in the entire history of slugging.

      There’s something about going to work that tends to keep the criminal element at bay. DC should try it sometime.

    • Broughton

      I’m surprised motorists pick up slugs because, as this case points out, the driver is opening himself up to all kinds of legal liabilities and accusations of misconduct.

  • Thirsty

    Hitchhiking rocks. I wish a slug would write a book. Does anyone know of a slug who blogs about her/his experiences?

  • Broughton

    How do you all know this passenger isn’t just claiming to be hit so he can sue? The sad thing about America that all you have to do is call 911 and the police will come arrest anyone you want.

  • Michael

    We’re all the same inside, Black and White! LOL

  • Dennis

    To all you liberals/democrats/military haters. For 1 you are cowards, thats why you never join the service.
    And 2, Only a coward speaks through their rass because their mouth knows better.

    Retired CWO and Airborne Ranger…

    • Airborne Ranger

      To all you conservatives/republicans/tea baggers. For 1 you are morons, thats why you get sent to die in meaningless wars to enrich CEOs.
      And 2, What is a “rass”?.

      Active CWO and Airborne Ranger…

  • JimInMT

    The American Revolution was fought at great expense, and the Civil War caused irreparable harm to millions of US and other citizens, so Ignacio and his ilk can “hang out at the mall”. What a waste of biomass.

  • JimInMT

    if the Sargent Major had been a “whitey”, I’m sure we would have heard all the lame litany about angry white males. How come no one of you LEFTISTS commented on this guy’s race?

    • Foolish Teabagger

      See Sam’s comment above, Einstein.

  • Will S

    Most posters seem to assume that he meant to hit someone with his car… maybe he was simply looking back for traffic as he merged… and had no reason to assume anyone was fool enough to walk in front of his car. Doesn’t that make more sense?

  • tom

    Belligerent, who are you calling Belligerent!!!

  • robert miers

    We have heard about this man before. GooG him

  • Mile

    I am a former Army Major and my father was a career Air Force Sergeant so I feel I have a background to comment that many of those who have commented do not. A Sergeant Major, especially the Command Sergeant Major of the Army, is a person to be looked up to. I would need to know a whole lot more about the incident before I could condemn the man. If you are reading this thank a teacher. If you are reading it in English thank a soldier.

    • Cindy

      Thank you. as a retired 1SG, I could not have said it better.

    • John M. Stryker

      I flew CSM Gates in my Huey back in 1987. I was just an E-4. I still have the coin he gave me. I cherish it. The CSM of the Army is always looking out for the enlisted. You freaking civilians who never served or were never spouses or kids of a soldier have no clue. You should thank a soldier, airman, seaman, or marine, and quit your damn whining. You same whiners are the Obama-loving, left-wing media, buttsucking maggots that are ruining this country. CSM McKinney has my support.

    • Retired Army

      Having been in the army at the same time as the SMA and his brother I can believe he would indeed race at 95 and then run down a guy taking his plate number in a photo. Justice would have been him going to jail over all the women he went after and him not being allowed to retire. Let’s hope this time he does not get a pat on the back. The number of soldiers court martialed and allowed to retire is very small…..

      • Big Tim

        I remember the SMA back in the day and all I can say is maybe this time Justice will be Served. A bunch of us that had competed in Soldier of the Quarter and Year boards and NCO of the Quarter and Year boards were all bussed down to DC for the Association of the United States Army convention. That dog was hustling white chicks back then and what was surprising was how open it was. And then all those charges brought against him were dropped, except one??? Yeh, I will wait for his day in court to find out what really happened, as if we already didn’t know……

        • retired WAC

          Tim: Thanks for sharing your observations of this retired power hungry Senior NCO. What I find very ironic is those, like you, who posted here and wonder why folks with this knowledge and witnessing of this behavior did not support the women who came forward against him back then? As always, the Army sacrificed those women to save this fools arse-although he did have to retire, received one felony conviction, and was reduced in rank (but not in pay). Yet, of all the women involved only one was already retired and the others ended their careers. Where’s that justice? Those women were made out to be the liars, when all along it was SMA McKinney who lived and apparently still lives the lie(s). The man has no conscience, otherwise he would have come clean a long time ago. And if he gets away with this, it won’t be the last you hear of him in trouble again. Like attracts like-meaning he will continue to attract trouble because he is trouble.
          Again thanks for pointing out what those women said all along…way back then…

  • Matt Drudge

    How is it pertinent to this story that he was charged with but acquitted from completely unrelated charges? Smells of a smear, don’t you think?

    • That was a big story at the time. We bring it up here as a “best known for” kind of device.

    • Matt Henneman

      Really??? Drudge, your entire Web site is a conservative run smearing campaign.

  • Unemployed Woman

    I guess he’s not taking any s hit from them! LOL.

  • John M. Stryker

    You stupid civilians need to lighten up. CSM McKinney is a fine man. I am sure he had a good reason doing what he did. We served in Nam with him and if he did what he did, he should be given a medal. We are behind you, Smoke!!! Soldier on.

    • Stupid Civilian

      We stupid civilians pay for your bloated Pentagon budget.

  • John M. Stryker

    That’s funny.

  • Mark Goshorn

    I know you’re not supposed to feed the trolls, but let’s be serious here – William and Stupid Civilian need to realize that we (the military) have civilian leaders… Trust me, if the military ran things, most things would go a lot smoother…

    BTW – for whatever it’s worth, I met McKinney in Bosnia, seemed to be a decent chap. Everyone is missing the real question – why the heck does a retired SMA need to drive a taxi??? Think we don’t pay our troops enough? Me too.

  • Teufelhund

    If you are in the military right now 1)You swallowed some jive from a recruiter when you were young 2) You couldn’t get a job. Enjoy the govt cheese program losers.

    • Forrest

      So what did you get rejected from duty in the service for? Low ASVAB scores or Sifilis caught from trying to fornicate with a vole?

  • DK

    A retired SMA drives a taxi because that enables you to take the HOV-lanes. Difference is a 20 minute v. 2 hour commute into the city.

    This guy was a contractor with a high-end mercedes – not a poor soldier.

    You must not be from the DC area or are stupid.

  • aLance

    You can’t judge all Soldiers by the actions of a few, just like you can’t judge all Politicians by the current knucklehead at the top. :o)

  • Alexis

    My late father served in the Navy during WW2 as a LTCDR. He always taught me that Senior/Master Chiefs, Senior Sgts/SMs were special and without them the military could not function as their leadership, knowledge and wisdom were essential to the mission. I hope this case against CSM McKinney turns out to be without merit for I would be very sad if this fine soldier screwed up this badly. I among many do not think that any person attains such an esteemed rank without being an truly outstanding NCO. Let’s wish CSM McKinney and the victim our best! Thank you for your service to your country.

  • tim

    What is a slug-line? Is it what used to be called carpooling?

    • DonM

      Slugline refers to people with Pentagon access cards who want a ride to work, and offer themselves so the driver (also going to Pentagon) can use the carpool lane. Unusually, people who work at Pentagon are normally trustworthy enough that you can pick up nearly anyone going there, or you can be picked up by nearly anyone with little risk.

      The slugline guys didn’t like this fellow’s driving and wanted out, and was grumpy about having to get back to the slugline, figured he would document who the driver was.

  • Doc Schick

    I always preferred “Follow me and do as I do” over “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  • Major Variola (ret)

    This is the quality of the mercenaries the US gets now.

    Folks in glass empires shouldn’t fly drones.

  • sam wheeler

    mckinney is a joke, he was only appointed because of his race and couldn’t even do that right. anyone who was in europe when this dirtbag was knows the truth!

  • Niko


  • LFSH

    My Dad was a 28 year Army veteran. 2 tours in Vietnam. He was very committed to his job and to serving the Country. He was an excellent leader and always received high praise from his superiors and direct reports. Since his retirements (he was called back to service in Desert Storm) he has remained active in his community and committed to supporting veterans. I’ve always looked up to him for his honesty, integrity, dedication, and incredible moral conviction. I remember a lot of nights when he never made it home before bedtime. I remember many weekends when he was nowhere to be found. If you ask me where I grew up, I can’t claim a hometown. At the same time, I truly respect his service to our Country as well his commitment to his family. All that to say, though I’ve never “served” I know part of what it means to serve. And, as an observer of humanity, lifelong learner, and someone who has been around the world, I also know a little about the human condition. What I can tell you without a doubt is that no matter how highly trained, how committed, how dedicated, how skilled, AND no matter what one’s belief system, as humans, we are prone to failure. The core truth of this is that none of us now living is perfect. We may strive for that, but will never attain to it. So, it is no surprise (like “snow in the winter”)that ANYone and everyone may be prone to failure at one time or another. The key question is, what are you living for?
    Where are you going to spend eternity? The various codes and ethics each of us live by (including military ones) are of great value for civilized society. But even more critical is to be able to answer the question of what happens when we die. So, walk a mile in the shoes of the CSM, judge not (lest you be judged), and have a little compassion. We don’t know his heart but there is a Judge who does. We’ll each have a time to give an account for our own actions. I fear that day. I pray for our military (especially our snipers).

  • Sophia

    why are people defending this man? He committed a crime and this is not first time he flaunted his military privilege. Read up on the sexual harassment charges.

  • Kurplakistan

    I don’t know what y’all are up in arms for about Ignacio’s comment up there. The army IS full of violent, angry, unsocialized men AND women who’ve been taught through nearly 10 years of constant warfare to be that way. And GOD BLESS THEM. Just count the number of Taliban/AlQaeda/Iraqi-Donkey-Lover scalps hanging from the banners and you will find the best that Ol’Glory has to offer. Does this scare you? If so you’re a pansy. Does this disgust you? It should, war is disgusting. Any solder knows that, yet they do it anyway for each and every one of you. What make the grass grow? BLOOD makes the grass grow! And if you don’t know what that means, thank a soldier! Out here.

  • ctpalmer

    I guess it was 13 or 14 years ago and I worked at the Air asault School for the 25th Division and US Army Hawaii. We had several hundred soldiers per class in the course and the instructors had a great little Jack Russell as an Air Assault mascot named “Ranger Dog”. He went on 25 mile runs with the BRT guys and he was a big moral booster for the Air Assault students. CSM McKinney came for a VIP visit with the 25th division CSM and during the visit Ranger Dog greeted CSM McKinney warmly and got hair on his nicely pressed uniform. I got the call from the van as they were driving away from the Division Sergeant Major to have the dog gone by the next day. We found a soldier to adopt him but that was the end of the career of a fine four legged soldier. That very visit was when the “alleged” sexual harrassment took place which spelled the end of the line for CSM McKinney as well. I thought it was poetic justice because what kind of soldier; what kind of man doesn’t like dogs? Here’s to you Ranger Dog, your curse is still rolling! RLTW!

    • retired WAC

      ctplamer: thanks for reminding me about that…sorry about Ranger Dog. It truly amazes me the # of folks who defend him now as they did back in 1997 during the trial. All I know is this, vengance is mine sayeth the Lord. I doubt any of the women involved in that trial have stood still and let their life go by over the screw job they recieved (no pun intended) from the Army’s HUGH debacle of THAT case. Nevertheless, here we are almost 14 years later; he is now 60 years old (today) and he STILL doesn’t GET IT!!! ???? Not a high IQ for sure. And to Ex Military: oh PULLLEEEZE!!! Lots of folks make rank in the military for no other reason than affirmative action, and who’s arse they kiss or — they suck…Maybe back in the day he was a great soldier, but as he got “POWER” he USED it to gain sexual favor- mostly with WHITE women, and then when he got caught he tried to ‘obstruct the justice’ – the only charge that stuck out of 19 counts. What was he trying to cover up if he was sooo innocent? That is where the Army was pathetic-aquitted for all but OOJ? Get real…
      Again, for those who defended him then and now…you get/got what you deserve; he will disappoint every time…yeah, he is a smooth talker, but only so that he gets WHAT HE WANTS. As for his employer, they got what they deserve-they paid/used him but they took the risk because you CANNOT live in the Beltway and NOT KNOW who he was and what he did and what he got away with. I am also a contractor and I know what kind of background checks are done and what goes on capability statements and in proposals. I do not think any consulting firm wants that kind of liability. Too bad for Binary they did not do a better risk assesment/background check when they hired this wack job. I worked for the man…he is a Jeykl/Hyde for sure.
      As was stated before, what does his past have to do with this case? 1) BEHAVIOR 2)Patterns of uncontrollable anger & rage. I bet if the two slugs were women he would not have reacted the same way! Go figure…He will BUY his way out of this also…that’s what the rich folk do….He IS NOT a taxi driver..although that is the only job he should be able to get with a felony conviction on his record well, he could also get a job driving the honey (manure) wagon around in the fields…He is good at spreading the crap around…
      RetiredRattler06: Thanks for the great explanation-you were right on…appreciate it. Funny he should pop up and bring all this up again..was just thinking the other day about where the women landed who stood up to this jerk…I’m rooting for the slug he hit…no one deserves that…just like the women didn’t deserve the smear they got trying to do right by other women and the army. Too bad the Army did not see it the same way..cause here it is again in the Army’s face. Just like The Army when they selected him as SMA, Binary made the wrong hire…wonder which company will be foolish enough to hire him again? It will be interesting to see how Binary does damage control. If you all see how this turns out on Dec 6th when he goes to court, share it here or on the Slug message board. I’ll be watching from afar… 😉

      • NOVA Resident

        [This comment has been deleted for violating our Terms of Use]

  • mr. slippy fist

    you are officially a twatsicle. 1)You swallowed some jizz from your father when you were young 2) You couldn’t get a job because your ignorant. Enjoy working for no purpose but your own.

    I also kinda find it funny how you used the marine mascot as your name….. sounds like envy to me

  • Forrest

    I remember him from back when I was a young Infantry Soldier, the word on the street was that he was a dirtbag, and that’s not a racist take but the sad truth.

  • Forrest

    One more thing…when I saw the headline I immediately knew that it was going to be him [McKinney] before I even saw his name and picture. He had that kind of (bad) reputation.

  • Spiff1669

    Blue up…green down. If the parachute fails, arch hard and take it like a man.

    Spiff sends regards
    –. — .- .-. — -.–

  • Train them to be killers and when they act like one everyone is shocked.

    • Westover

      No, Aunt Bee, they are trained to be soldiers. While killing is a component of that, so is discipline, restraint and being a gentleman.

  • Retired Rattler06

    Go to the message boards on www dot slug-lines dot com and read the story about the worst driver ever posted under the general slugging topics by the rider that was in the back seat of the car. The riders got out at the first stop sign in Crystal City because they refused to ride any further with him. The rider that was struck got out of the front passenger seat and tried to take a picture of the car with the license plate and was hit by McKinney.

    For what it’s worth… I know McKinney and I know two of the women that he harassed. I lost all respect for the guy over 10 years ago due to his loss of moral character. I believe the stories of the women he harassed, because as others have written, I’ve seen him putting the power plays on the women soldiers! His abuse of his rank and his formal power was unprofessional at best. As a member of the panel that was stood up to look into the allegations of sexual harassment by Drill Sergeants, and then McKinney and a hand full of others that treated women as their own personal toys, I can say that I fully believe he was guilty.

    He is currently on administrative leave according to the website for the Binary Group where he is listed as the Chief Operating Officer. As a requirements and contracts manager currently for the military, I will not be doing business with a company that would maintain a person of that calibre as the COO. He never took responsibility for his actions and tried to smear the good records of some fine NCO’s because they levied charges against him. I just wonder what the working environment at Binary is? Or will it be was? How can they put forward his resume in a contract proposal as proof of his capabilities and his record? I would think that he couldn’t respresent the company well or it’s board of advisors..

    Just my $.02 for the second Monday this week.

    • Rover

      Thak you Rattler for a well thought out assessment! I’m a retiree and a DoD contractor and I remember the scandals about this guy. I think you hit the nail on the head!

    • StillServing

      With all due respect “RetiredRattler06” but what does who he currently works for and what he has done in the past have to do with the situation at hand. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Sounds like you have your own personal gripes that you need to get over.

      For what it’s worth….your personal opinons on the character of this man, means absolutely nothing to his case. You are not his judge, nor his jury, so fall back a bit……What does your post say about your caliber sir/ma’am, where you choose to smear a man’s name on a blog without knowing the entire story? With it only being based off of, previous judgements, and personal vendettas against the man and the company he works for(which has nothing to to with anything, once again), behind the veil of an anonymous blog post? Are you kidding me?

      Your posts sound just as narrow-minded as anyone that can only “WISH” they reached the title of SMA (or any other high ranking official) during their career. Thank you to “EX-Military” and all the others that have the slightest bit of common sense on here, and haven’t created their own back story. I was and still am honored to have served under former SMA Gene McKinney. How about waiting until after the investigation is concluded to come to an ACTUAL conclusion?

      • Westover

        THere is a police report with pictures to show that Gene McKinney was driving a Mercades Benz SUV that ran into and caused real injuries to another human. There is a SRB filed away that shows the same Gene McKinney was accused of harassment which could not be proven, but it was proven that he had the lack of honor to engage in obstructing the investigation of that case. I do not see how or why anyone would defend the former SgtMaj unless he had taken a bullet for you in Vietnam and you owed him that. No one that I know of has come forward with such a story.

        • retired WAC

          Westover: I replied to ctpalmer earlier…but also just saw your new post and all I can say is: “EXACTLY!!!!” Sure would like to see that police report and sure would like to follow the outcome of this case…let’s just say I have vested interest..I am NOT shocked that there are those who STILL stick up for this man and his stupidity (for lack of better word)…and that they TOTALLY flog the slugs…that is EXACTLY what happened to the women who called this low life out in the harassment case…his ‘STELLAR’ service and status as the SMA meant there was NO WAY he did this…rrrigghhht! Same here…it is the Slugs fault…he has no fault…RRIIIGGGGHHTTT!
          hmmm…some of us get it…at least….

  • Kevin

    Sounds like attempted murder. But in “special rights land” a.k.a. the United States, women and minorities have special unappreciated rights….

  • Olden Atwoody

    “Police say Manassas resident Gene C. McKinney, 59, had picked up commuters from a slug line.”

    hahah. How much you want to bet those “commuters’ were (Gay) HOOKERS and/or CRACK DEALERS?

    If he KNEW them, why would they try to photograph his license plate during the incident? If he didn’t know them, why were they in his car?


    “McKinney’s tenure as Sergeant Major was marred by numerous accusations of sexual harassment, although he was eventually acquitted of all harassment charges.”

    Sound like ol’ Gene can’t keep it in his pants!

  • JMWinPR

    USCG had a similar problem with an MCoCG in the ’90’s. Wasn’t quite this bad though. Too bad when this position goes PC.
    But as I’ve heard, “if you can read this, thank a teacher,if you read it in English thank a soldier.

    Thanks guys (and gals, even if you can’t vote……we now have your backs.

  • MP

    I swerved with this guy and his twin brother. They are both sociopaths with overinflated ego’s and tempers to match. This surprises me not.

  • Wayne McGlothlin

    I’m from this area (No.VA) and served 22 yrs in USAF retiring as CMSgt (E-9). Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Looking back, as a young enlisted airman, I saw some of the same behaviour in some senior NCO’s and Officers as well. I tried every single day to practice professionalism and integrity and demanded that of my peers and subordinates. One dirtbag allowed to “operate” is one too many. I’m not castigating this man, but I certainly have suspicions. Not every person in uniform is worthy of America’s devotion…we have to work diligently to weed out the phonys and “earn your stripes” every single day.

  • Jim Morrison

    Sounds just like a sub par NCO selected Sgt Major of the Army because of his color. My knowledge of this guy is arrogance and stupidity.

  • USA COL ret

    If he is found guilty of a felony, he can lose his Army pension.

  • Fred

    The military population is a sample of the civilian population. Just like you get petty thieves, corrupt businessmen, cops, judges, and politicians in civilian life, you have a (albeit smaller)sampling of the same in the military. Some people, no matter what career they choose, will get intoxicated by power.

    As for the incident, we don’t know if the two have a history or if the “victim” was trying to con or shakedown McKinney. Why didn’t all the riders get out if the ride was unsafe?

  • SFC Retired

    I read the headline elsewhere and immediately thought of McKinney. He had a horrible rep (I was serving when he was SMA) and is the ONLY SMA I could think of that might do such a thing.

  • Robert

    Many thanks to those who served and many more to those who are serving.


  • EX-Military

    1st the man was ‘eventually acquitted of all harassment charges”. Regardless of what anyone wants to say about what he did in his pass and not found guilty for is irrelevant.

    From what this post stated he let everyone or someone out the car as they wanted so what was the reason for taking pictures of the plates. Go find another ride and not ride with that person anymore and i am sure someone knew who he was so report him later as a group. If you feel he was driving fast and erratically then why do you want to stand near that car after you get out and under whose judgment is fast and erratic. I could have been in that car and not have thought anything of it. Not saying he is right for what he did but most situations can be avoided on both parties side.

    I have met him while he was working at Binary and he struck me as nothing more then a man having a good time enjoying life. To Judge Binary and the companies character shows that some people are not familiar with never leaving a soldier in the dirt and I would not want to be on the battle field with you. I am fully aware of his pass but for me to judge his actions is not something I care to much about seeing how I don’t have all the facts in this situation seeing how NEWS MEDIA is always correct. NOT!!!!. But you are all open to our own opinions no matter how radical one might think it is.

    FYI you don’t make “Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army” by not earning your strips. The man knew and did his job.

    • Westover

      Unfortunately, guilty or not, Gene McKinney built his own reputation in the past for bad behavior, it took the Army a little too long to take the appropriate action, but eventually they did, as he was not cleared of all charges, but rather convicted of obstruction of justice.

  • J Johnson

    I would not take the story about this incident literally? It seems true that a pedestrian was hit but was it intentional or accidental?

    Passenger’s comment of erratic driving or fast driving is immaterial. The witness comment that McKinney “scolded” the slug is immaterial, the slug apparently violated the do not make adjustments to driver vehicle rule and was corrected. The back seat witness appeared to take exceptions to this.

    The witness equated fast driving with erratic driving but did not give adequate examples to support his assertion. The witness made it appear that this was his first encounter/ride with McKinney and did not know him but in other comments he said he had at least one previous ride with McKinney.

    The witness has failed to provide any information to indicate a call to the police from inside the car or a report with pictures later was warranted.

    I don’t buy it that the passenger door was open. It would seem natural that the driver would be looking to the left trying to merge back into traffic and the slug stepped out in front without making sure the drive saw him. The very reason for picking up slugs is to save time and what reason would the driver be sitting. Surely the slug did not expect to get back into the car.

    Witness said after initial squabble the ride was uneventful the rest of the way. Doesn’t sound like road rage to me.

    The accident reminded me of the many times drivers almost took me out while crossing one-way streets. Never step out from sidewalk without making eye contact on one-way streets because the driver only looks one way. Many times I would tap the side of their car to let them know how close they came to hit me.

    I have the impression those were two undisciplined slugs who got pissed at being corrected.

    • MikeyinCrystalC

      Doesn’t change the fact dude hit a person with his car!

  • Jim Mc

    I actually met form SMA McKinney. Most arrogant and rude a$$hat you’d ever want to meet. His twin brother on the other hand was respectful and intelligent. I think the Army got them confused when they selected him for SMA.

    • Jim Mc


  • LTC Joe

    Another reason to cut all of these SGM positions. I’ve never seen them add anything. Plus when they get out they return to feed on the system.

    • jhall

      Will you are probably a LTC that never got the opportunity to command at the Bn level. Don’t be a hater, CSM and SGM do more work by 0900 that you will do all day. Or did you retire?

  • PurpleFlipFlops

    Wow, seems like this guy pissed off a lot of people based on the quality and number of comments.

  • CSM(Retired)

    Not sure if he is innocent or guilty – but for another military member to generalize the position of SGM to be a useless waste of leadership is ignorant. There are ethical and moral issues within every level of OUR ranks. I have yet to see a senior officer be successful without a SGM – especially since all they have to do is BREATHE and MARK TIME to move through the ranks to make, LTC!!! In general CSMs are more influential than LTCs whose signature signifies their importance. Not all LTCs are leadership role models – so be careful of throwing stones when you live in a glass house.
    In spite of those who continue to slip through the cracks – I am proud to say I have served with some great commissioned officers and would never think of making such a generalize slanderous comment against the ranks of a commissioned officer.
    Yes it’s sad that such is reported but to condemn the system is disrespectful yet it does reveal one’s personal prejudices i.e., rank or race??? It is no secret that officers have done and continue to do a better job of taking care of their own.

    • SGT Lajuan

      Wow with that rambling diatribe I believe you proved his point. Yes coming up with ideas like painting rocks outside, making sure all the furniture in the TOC matches, taking up VIP accommodations on all exercises/deployments, and believing you are some sort of co-commander is vital. Yet expensive to the taxpayers. Your response was interesting but predictable. I hope that in retirement you at least stayed away and did not come back to sell fraudulent life insurance to Joes or some other scam.

      • KalashniKEV

        HA! Don’t forget all the important functions they perform while deployed… Like making sure the DFAC is up to snuff by eating EVERY meal there. Making the Army females swim in full PTs while the AF wears bikinis. Oh, and of course making sure you have your PT BELT!!!

        SGM is a position searching to find relevance on the modern battlefield. Truth.

  • The 954

    Hey..we dont know the entire story so slow down and don’t jump to conclusions. The driver may may gotten upset after someone asking for a ride began to complain about how the driver handled his vehicle, what may be arractic driving may not be erractic to others. Then you attempt to take a picture of the guy’s license plate; As far as we know they were going to frame him, he panicked and sped away while one idiot tried to stop him…Well, the bottom line is only the people involved really know what happened!!

    • Westover

      Now that was funny reading

  • J Johnson

    For those of you who believe SMA McKinney sexually harassed anyone go on in that narrow world and I wish you never get on the wrong side of an out of control situation. Sometimes people in power attempt to progress on the backs of others and that is exactly the case when officers in leadership positions preferred charges against SMA McKinney.

    If you want to the truth, obtain transcripts of the Court Martial and you can read for yourself and understand there was nothing there. I personally attended the CM at Fort Belvoir and listen to the entire testimony of the six women. It was a shame and criminal for the Army to press charges and allowed that mockery of a legal system to put SMA McKinney through that without a shred of evidence.

    It was evident that senior leadership wanted to force SMA McKinney to cave in and resign so they kept dragging innocent female soldiers with baggage out to try to force him down without court martial. When he wanted to prove his innocence, they got stuck with nothing to prove their case because there was nothing there.

    One example was the female recruiter from Florida. She initially described on the stand the events presented in her depositions. On cross, at some point she quit answering questions and stood up to leave the witness stand. She told the court that she had never visited him as described and her story was made up. She was pissed that he could not assist her with some problems at her station. Out right fabrication.

    Do you think the army would expose that? Not in this lifetime. Now the those with axes to grin has connected this.

    • 6Shooter

      JJohnson: at first I thought you might be a lawyer, but this last post proved otherwise. You sound more like McKinney himself…hmm? You have NO IDEA what McKinney did to those women and who knows how many others; as many have said here in defense of him, I say in defense of those women/all women ‘walk a mile in their shoes. Think about this JJ: What IF he is REALLY guilty; WHAT IF it was YOUR daughter? Would you be so hell bent to say ‘read the transcripts…the women were lying. Would you call your daughter a liar? Besides [email protected]#, if he was TOTALLY innocent, why the charge of Obstruction of Justice? What was he obstructing if he was innocent.
      Until you have had someone use their power/position to force themself on you for sex/rape, etc knowing that he will get away with it BECAUSE of his rank and position, STFU!!! As far as the transcripts go that you mention…who cares…that does not mean the bastard was telling the truth. another thing you DON’T Know and is NOT in any F’in transcripts is that the ARMY ensured he got the best defense/lawyer, and they gave those women MILITARY lawyers who NEVER tried a case of ANY kind. The ARMY had NO intention of convicting him…and if the [email protected]$ had not tried to convince one of the women to lie ‘just tell them we talked about professional development…’ HE would have gotten off (no pun intended)…The sad thing that remains from all of this is 1) this butt hole is stupid enough to fly into a crap storm (as the COO of a corporation) and get his name back out in the press??? -do you see any of those women ‘making news’ again!! 2) this sort of thing (abuse of power/harassement) STILL goes on in all the services; 3) there are butt wipes like you out there still defending butt wipes like McKinney; 4) there were people, some of whom posted here and on other sites pertaining to this recent incident, who ADMIT they know McKinney’s shananigans, witnessed it, but stayed silent when theose women were getting raked over the coals; 5) Are you dumb enough to think that any of those women had nothing better to do with their life, than to go after a guy for NOTHING!!! first of all, it is not like he is eye candy; it damned sure wasn’t for money-he was in the Army for god’s sake; and it is not like he could ‘promote anyone…6)if the Army had done it right the first time with this guy, they wouldn’t STILL be getting this bad press 13 years later; 5)yep, he’ll get his day in court, but for those of you who think the past has nothing to do with the present –ah, you might be surprised…all is NOT what it seems…you can run from your past, BUT you CANNOT HIDE…it comes full circle..That is law-law of the universe….but if you don’t believe me, ask McKinney-he was the motivational speaker….. “You want the TRUTH!!!?? You can’t HANDLE the TRUTH.”
      neither can McKinney and it will remain his nightmare until he confesses/owns it, or dies….It is just a shame that HE brought it all on-the harassment case AND now this newest dumb behavior…

  • I cant believe this blasphemy!

  • jhall

    Will you are probably a LTC that never got the opportunity to command at the Bn level. Don’t be a hater, CSM and SGM do more work by 0900 that you will do all day. Or did you retire?

  • Recently Retired

    It’s amazing how much traffic this incident incited. I retired as a SFC in the Army. During my career a two star genneral was sleeping with at least 8 of his subordinates’ wives. SECDEF could have reduced him to Col when the gov’t proved his predatory behavior began – he chose not to. The Army is a large corporation just like other companies and has personnel problems just like other companies. I met him and the SGM that started the investigation that led to his downfall in the middle east. She was smiling, carefree and seemingly having the time of her life. She stated at his trial she did not know who to complain to about his conduct/behavior. You are a SGM at the Pentagon and you don’t know how to handle sexual harassment? I believe he was involved in a consensual relationship with her and then it went south. The bottom line is there were and are unfit leaders in the enlisted and officer ranks that skate by. These individuals are not limited to any one race or sex. In cases involving sexual harassment/affairs one must be careful not to forget that when a relationship ends some people have an axe to grind. The problem is not the institution as much as some people in the institution. For the anti-military folks out there remember this is one of the few countries in the world you can take yourself and your entire family to any airport and leave forever. No one asks where are you going, why, or if you are returning. A strong military is the main reason we enjoy the lifestyle we do in this country. Race is barely below the surface in too many of these comments. Black, Spanish, Chinese, Native Americans did the majority of back braking work to build this country from the ground up for little or no compensation. As a nation we have to be able to get past race – or Al Qaeda will succeed without coming back.

    • 6Shooter

      Really Recently Retired? U are SURPRISED by how much traffic this generated?
      No wonder you retired as an SFC… U can’t connect the dots….
      and then to make this assanine statement “….She was smiling, carefree and seemingly having the time of her life. She stated at his trial she did not know who to complain to about his conduct/behavior. You are a SGM at the Pentagon and you don’t know how to handle sexual harassment?…..”
      YOU have NO idea what that SGM or the other women went through…and then to say she worked at the Pentagon she should have know who to go to..have you ever worked there? also, it was 1996 and the ARMY was ONLY BEGINNING to get a handle on sexual harassment and how to handle it…the ironic things was that jerk had just made a training video about it…and as I recall she went to her Col and SGM in ARMY Public Affairs and asked for guidance on what to do about the situation. The colonel sent her back to the devil himself, never did what he WAS SUPPOSED to do when this is brought to their level..DUH!! Army public affairs DID NOT want to deal with a scandal…They were happy she retired..they thought: ‘she goes away, the problem goes away’- EXCEPT that SHE was not the problem-HE was the PROBLEM..
      The SGM did what the colonel asked her to do, and went back to the SMA who apologized to her…BUT THAT WASN’T IT..he NEVER STOPPED the behavior..that is apparent since other women came forward who he harassed AFTER her incident…Bottom line is: things are not always as they seem, and depending on the situation, you do what you must to survive…There are lots of details that NEVER came out in that whole debacle…many people LIED on that stand for HIM and MANY PEOPLE in UNIFORM knew those women were telling the truth, BECAUSE they SAW him behave in this manner; just LIKE YOU KNEW about the GENERALS but kept YOUR mouth shut; but suffice it to say…and the thing that all you McKinney supporters miss is…if he was innocent (completely) why the Obstruction of Justice charge? Think about that retired are the smart one…and don’t flatter yourself or that pig by thinking that she or the other women found him attractive or sexually enticing, or WORTHY of a RELATIONSHIP…get over yourself…you don’t know a damned thing about any of it, about the women or about McKinney…and while I thank you for your service, I’m also glad that kind of thinking is retired out of it…You are as much a sociopath as he is….look that word up…and then MAYBE, just maybe you can connect the dots…but 2+2 together and come up with 4 and see this disgrace to the ARmy for what he is.. a liar, a cheat, a sociopath…who ONLY cares about himself…always has and always will…there’s no cure for STUPID and unfortunately there is no cure for a SOCIOPATH…

      • Recently Retired

        Your name “6Shooter” says it all. You are one of those men that live out their through Rambo movies. I never once said I had personal knowledge of the facts involving the two star general in Colorado and I most definitely did not “keep my mouth shut.” That case was widely covered at the time in the media. I did not and do not support McKinney’s behavior if it’s true. My point was there are three sides to every story and there is a clear imbalance between how allegations are investigated/disposed when it involves Officers v. NCOs. Many of the comments also had a clear racial slant. It stil amazes that the most zealous pro or anti military people in this country were never Boy Scouts, muchless Soldiers. As for me retiring as a SFC, I am proud to have SERVED this nation, to have trained and led the Soldiers I did, and to have attained that rank.

        • Arlington, Northside

          As a veteran, I think entitled to share my opinion. Mr. McKinney was a disgrace to his uniform and to his position as Sergeant Major of the Army. The fact that the case went as far as it did speaks volumes about what happaned. The Officer vs NCO Treatment arguement here is BS, once at the E-9 level one is treated at least on par with a field grade officer. The only reason he retired at the grade he did was that the law required it, not because anyone pulled strings for him or thought he deserved. In fact it was his disgraceful actions that lead to the change in the law so that future top military leaders, should it be the Service Head or the Senior Enlisted Man, will not get the favorable retirement and benefits that Mr. McKinney so enjoys.

      • aldo watts

        when I was assigned to 2nd armored HQ G3 IN 75 McKinney had a nickname give to him by the women assigned to HHC,2AD
        it was “CSM grab ass”. he and our division CSM were pals, so the ladies hid when he was visiting.BTW, George S. Patton III was our division commander at the time.

  • J Johnson

    Don’t blow a fuse 6Shooter.

    “”” Think about this JJ: What IF he is REALLY guilty; WHAT IF it was YOUR daughter? Would you be so hell bent to say ‘read the transcripts…the women were lying.””””

    While on active duty I was on at least five (5) Court Martials as an Enlisted panel member.

    It is true; we are very hard on a follow soldier if we have a small bit of evidence of wrongdoing. The soldiers receive harsh punishment.

    I have collected evidence to put lots of soldiers in jail or discharged from service.

    I spent many years on the inside of the information network so I believe I can determine fact from fiction.

    I have also observed numerous court martials as an observer in my spare time.

    At great expense I took leave from my job, I traveled from out of state, spent a week at Ft Belvoir and obtained first hand, all testimony, evidence, and oral arguments, I listen, from start to finish every word those six women had to say about their plight. Every one of them had an issue in their personal lives that caused them to be in that court. The only connection was that SMA had crossed their path in some way. As I mentioned above and another poster mentioned they admitted on the stand that they were lying. After a week I had to go home/work.

    The news media reflected information that the army fed them, not the real action and evidence presented in court. I recall reading major Internet news reports an hour after someone testified. The info was 180 off. No wonder people were surprised of the not guilty verdict. So forget all the hearsay media hype and your expert reflection of what happened. The real story was never told to you.

    One of the CM panel members wrote an article after he retired and said he went to the CM predisposed to vote guilty. When all evidence was presented, he was disgusted that the army had so callously destroyed a great soldiers reputation.

  • 6Shooter

    Well JJohnson, No fuse to blow here…just amazed at your narrow-mind thinking…all I am really saying is, just because it is in the transcripts does not make it the truth…since you were there, you KNOW how poorly those women were represented by the Army JAG office..and the women aren’t the only ones who lied (your words not mine)…McKinney’s witnesses, lied as well…for him…so like I said B4…the TRUTH in that case was a joke…but it still makes one wonder why he was charged with OOJ? Also in RE to:”When all evidence was presented, he was disgusted that the army had so callously destroyed a great soldiers reputation.” REALLY???!!! No one did that to McKinney..he did it to himself, and now here he is again in the news…hmmmm?

    “As I mentioned above and another poster mentioned they admitted on the stand that they were lying.”…. I have news for you, “U NEVER got the REAL story either, in the CM…THAT was by design….but you refuse to believe it. If McKinney had not been caught on the OOJ charge (and yet again, you failed to address that here, since YOU were THERE, as you say) he would have gotten away with it entirely-because the ARMY was only trying to prove they were serious about sexual harassment…the intent was to try the case, but ensure he got off, that is why the women were so poorly represented by the Army JAG…did you NOT find it weird that the Prosecution rarely OBJECTED, but left the women sitting high and dry…? DUH! …and to think he would have stayed serving, and would have continued to roam the halls of the Pentagon, AUSA conferences and the like, trolling for women who would fall for his smooth talking ways. (As others saw him do and have mentioned here also.)
    Check it out JJohnson, the Army (well, all services really) STILL have MAJOR issues around sexual harassment…and it is narrow minded thinking like yours, believing that the ‘system’ did everything right by McKinney and the women were lying (and you believe that because you were there and it is in the transcipts-OMG!) and YOU THINK NONE of his witnesses lied ?, including McKinney..whew…how blind is that?
    He may have been a great soldier, but that doesn’t make him infallable…
    he had, obviously still has, issues (personal) as well, otherwise, he would not have found himself in the predicament he was in…and is in again….keep drinking the kool-aid…

  • SeniorNCO

    He is the perfect example of why affirmative action does not work. he was just given the position because he is black. So why are we all shocked when he continues his TNB. He was a loser and still is. He was be thought he could get away with it. He was not special and still spoke ghetto ebonics and was a disgrace to the Army.

  • 6Shooter

    so did he make it to his prelim trial on Dec 6th? Told you this would fall off the radar screen…he probably got out of this too! I see Binary still has him on Administrative leave. Anybody know any updates?

    • The case is pending. Another prelim hearing is scheduled for 1/27.

      • 6Shooter

        It will be interesting to see how this keeps getting pushed out. I know weather has been an issue, more recently, but come April, that should not be a factor. The longer it takes the better off for him-again.

  • NOVA Resident

    Prelim hearing has been rescheduled for April 5th according to the Arlington County District Court web site.

  • NOVA Resident

    WTOP reported yesterday afternoon that at McKinney’s preliminary hearing in Arlington County District Court, Judge Thomas Kelley denied a motion to reduce the charge and ruled the evidence was sufficient to sent this case to trial.

    McKinney is still free on bond and his next court appearance is set for April 21.

    The testimony of the victim taken under oath is interesting reading and reported on WTOP’s web site:

  • 6Shooter

    Thanks for the updat NOVA Resident. I went to the court Sight just now and saw that it was sent to Trial..interesting testimony and story..and comments..not the first time this nut job has had trouble with ‘following the rules..’ what a disgrace to all enlisted and NCOs serving or who every served…and to the Army as well.

  • 6Shooter

    CaseNumber Defendant Charge Hear Date Status
    CR11000382-00 MCKINNEY, GENE CURTIS MALICIOUS WOUNDING 06/27/2011 Active

    Looks like it is pushed out to a Jury trial @ end of June on A felony count and a misdemeanor account in the VA Circuit Court

  • MiLo

    Hey yo! I served with Gene and was the BN S1; and frankly speaking he has an air of superiority. He is an extremely proud man for him and his other brothers (also in the military).
    He is completely and toltaly capable of doing what he has been accused of. Sooner or later, that air of superiority will get you in trouble! This time he can’t hide behind his title. Dude is wrong!

  • 6Shooter

    Looks like it is pushed out again to 7/11/2011…
    ????? Maybe he and his lawyer think it will ‘just go away.’ Thanks MiLo, it is good to know there are others who know them for what they are….arrogant …and that is just for starters….

  • 6Shooter

    Well Good…it’s about time…

  • Gary

    Yes I know him from 3/12 Cav and he alway thought he was better then anybody else. And as for the charges agins him they are more then likey truth because he like the ladys. maybe someday they will get hom


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