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by ARLnow.com November 8, 2010 at 6:15 am 1,976 6 Comments

Virginia Dems Seek to Clarify Lobbyist Rule — The Democratic Party of Virginia is seeking an independent legal opinion on whether state law bans federal lobbyists from serving as party chairman. The move comes after Brian Moran, brother of Rep. Jim Moran and a top lobbyist for for-profit colleges, decided to seek the state Democratic chairmanship. Former Arlington County Democratic Committee chair Peter Rousselot is also running for the position. More from the Washington Post.

Giant Wall Projections in Rosslyn — From 6:00 to 11:00 p.m., every night through this coming Saturday, large images will be projected onto the side of an office building in Rosslyn.  The photo and video projections are part of FotoWeek DC. More from the Ode Street Tribune.

Shirlington’s New Irish Bar Asks for Sign Change — Shirlington Village Blog has an image of the bright orange flyers posted around Shirlington, advertising a proposed site plan change for the future Samuel Beckett’s Gastro Irish Pub. The change would allow Beckett’s to have more signs identifying itself to the outside world. The issue will be heard by the county board this weekend; county staff is recommending that the requested change be granted.

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  • charlie

    re: yet another bar in Shirlington. once again the county sets a standard and then gives in.

    • Jason S

      Maybe we should tax bars and alcohol at a higher rate if we have too much of them. Isn’t that how the thinking goes?

  • Let’s Be Free

    The Arlington County Code defines a sign as any “light, display…or device of any kind … used to direct, identify, or inform the public while viewing the same from outdoors.” Making clear the scope of lighted signs the Code goes on to specify that “projecting … signs … shall be measured where the sign faces are parallel or where the interior angle formed by the faces is ninety (90) degrees or less.”

    The Arlington County Code absolutely prohibits, “Any flashing sign or device displaying flashing or intermittent lights or lights of changing degrees of intensity, including electronic message signs, except a sign indicating time and/or temperature.” The Code also absolutely prohibits “Any unshielded lighting of a sign within two hundred (200) feet of an “R” or “RA” District, except neon-type tubing.” The Code further imposes stringent limitations on the size of signs.

    The Rosslyn building projection program violates the Arlington County Code’s size limitations as well one or more of the Codes lighting provisions, but will nevertheless be allowed to proceed because its messaging is approved by the County Board, the ACDC and Arlington’s Shadow government. Welcome to Arlington County where speech that may proceed is speech that is approved.

    • JW

      So–are you arguing for or against free speech. It’s really not clear.

    • charlie

      but if it is a temporary art installation is it a sign? probably not.

  • Let’s Be Free

    I am arguing in favor of content neutral regulation of speech, if regulation is going to take place at all. Deciding what speech is permitted based on content undercuts the very essence of First Amendment protections that are vital to our society.

    If this be a temporary “art installation” that is specially exempted on those grounds then I just can’t wait for Whitlow’s, the Clarendon Grill, Mr. Days and most every other Bistro in town to project commercial art displaying their coming entertainment, hip social scenes and available consumables on a wall near them. Of how about previews projected on the front of the Cinema Drafthouse, or the Regal Cinemas at Ballston Mall? Or car commercial on walls near the local Toyota Dealer? What is good for the goose is good for the gander — otherwise speech is not free.


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