Proposed Designs for a Revamped Rosslyn Gateway Park

by ARLnow.com November 12, 2010 at 2:26 pm 4,631 12 Comments

No matter how nice of a job county groundskeepers do, Rosslyn’s Gateway Park can’t escape the fact that it’s an urban park that’s surrounded by busy roads, largely devoid of things to do, and filled with so many paved paths and concrete structures that it hardly feels like a green space at all.

That’s why Rosslyn property owner JBG has been making a big push for the county to revamp the park while it plans to redevelop some of its own nearby properties.

Above are renderings of two possible options for revitalizing the park, both of which have been presented to the community during recent public meetings.

“Scheme 2” is the most striking option. It would remove many of the concrete structures, including a large bridge that connects two sections of the park that are currently separated by Fort Myer Drive.

“The idea is to make it more accessible, because some of these concrete structures serve as barriers to entry into the park,” says Cecilia Cassidy, executive director of Rosslyn BID and Rosslyn Renaissance. “It’s actually a great park, once you get inside it.”

Cassidy says special attention is paid in the plans to “active space,” like a play area or an area designated for certain sports. Another focus is a new performance area, which could increase the capacity of events like Rosslyn’s outdoor summer movie screenings and the annual Jazz Fest.

A cafe and a possible beer garden are incorporated in the plans as well. Cassidy says having a food option would increase attendance at events held in the park.

“In order to make the programming successful, you really need a food service,” she said.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for the changes, which are currently in a very early planning stage. It will likely be “many years” until any sort of construction would get underway, we’re told.

  • Lou

    The west parcel could hold a couple of Putt Putt courses, the east should be turned into a swimming pool with a glass bottom.

    Brought to you by Free Thinking Friday.

  • bob

    Anything on getting rid of homeless people?

  • Q-bert

    Anyone know what a Joggers station is? Also, shouldn’t they incorporate a feature for the panhandlers at the corner of Lynn and Lee?

  • Jersey Mike’s

    I heard that there’s a Petting Zoo going into one of the vacant storefronts of the CEB building on North Lynn.

    • Zachary

      I’ve heard about this too! Saw some flyers. So weird!

  • Eric H.

    Definitely get rid of that horrible “canopy.”

  • TGEoA

    What a crappy photoshop job.

  • Mike

    And where are all the people supposed to park when they drive to an event vs. taking the metro? Has the ACB thunk of that? Let’s just spend more money. The ACB hasn’t seen a project that it doesn’t like because it has no concern whatsoever about increasing taxes on the back of its citizenry. I’ve been here for 30 years. And all they do is speak out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to recognizing that the country is in a recession. ACB would be happy to have nothing but Rockefellers living here, as long as they are democratic.

  • MC

    Whine, whine, whine. Can people say anything constructive?

  • Cool. They need this with the loss/impending loss of the park near the metro.
    Hopefully they incorporate some anti-homeless features to actually make the park a place I would want to walk to and sit in (and not overrun with homeless people).

  • Bender

    Green spaces??

    Come on. Concrete gray is the new green, don’t you know that? Heaven forbid that Arlington should have real green, that it should tear down all those 20-story buildings and plant grass and trees instead.


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