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Do You Have What It Takes To Be an ACPD Officer?

by ARLnow.com November 15, 2010 at 12:07 pm 3,128 36 Comments

The Arlington County Police Department is recruiting for a new class of police academy candidates.

Before you get out your resume, however, you should be aware that the application process is a bit more rigorous than that of your average post-collegiate job.

Among the tests you’ll have to pass:

  • Human relations test
  • Character/background investigation
  • Panel interview
  • Polygraph examination
  • Stress test
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Drug testing
  • Medical examination
  • Physical abilities test

The department recently released a YouTube video that details what candidates will have to do to pass the physical abilities test. Among the requirements: being able to rack the slide and pull the trigger of a .40 caliber Glock semiautomatic handgun 13 times in 26 seconds.

Sound easy? Take a look at this elaborately-produced, three year old video of a not-so-typical day in the life of an Arlington police officer and see if you still got what it takes.

  • Kim Crump

    Oddly, the narrator in the Vid looks none too fit — he has not been missing any donut breaks.

    • Oh c’mon, cut the guy some slack. It looks like he’s been spending a lot more time in that weight room than any donut shop.

    • NorthAdams

      @kimChump. thin doesn’t mean in shape. that guy is solid as a rock. and can run.

      • Kim Crump

        Sorry, that guy is fat and not in shape — period. I seriously doubt he could pass the fitness test himself. I know lots of very fit police, and also some who are way out of shape.

        • AllenB

          Sorry, but you seriously don’t know what “in shape” means. You don’t have to be defined and v-shaped to be in shape. I’ll take this guy on my side any day over what you have to offer.

          • Kim Crump

            Good, I’m sure you’ll love snuggling.

          • AllenB

            Kim, if your posts here are any indication of your personality, I’ll take him gladly…. but do have a nice day.

        • OfficerRivieri

          tell you what Kim, when you see this “fat cop”, give him a reason to pull you over, then throw a donut at him and run. Watch how quickly he catches up and opens a can of whoop ass on you.

          • NorthAdams

            i’ll take the copy, even without his accessories, on my team.

  • PurpleFlipFlops

    Gotta be buff to deal with the drunkards in Clarendon.


  • DudeGuy

    The guy looks like he could run through a wall! I doubt that is all the physical elements an officer is required to do. All the ACPD I have met are jacked and strong.

  • JamesE

    Physical Test includes sitting in your car for 8 hours off Fairfax Dr with a 30 minute break in the middle to stop in the Ballston 7-11.

  • Frenchy B

    Slick video – I wonder if they play the same soundtrack music as the recruits are running through the test…

  • Mike

    ACFD is also accepting application until the 18th is anyone is interested.

  • KalashniKEV

    I might sign up for just 6 months or so just to clean up the Bum problem in the corridor… It probably wouldn’t even take that long.

    • Bob

      Unfortunately, DC as the nation’s capital attracts a never-ending flow of homeless individuals with assorted real and perceived grievances… Arlington’s bountiful social services and pleasant street-social climate (in comparison to DC’s) causes many of these downtrodden folks (in addition to the truly “local” homeless, etc) to base their “operations” here in Arlington… As such, and in addition to the many other factors that contribute to homelessness, etc, we find ourselves in Arlington with a never-ending supply of people living in our streets, parks, etc. The lack of panhandling and similar laws locally makes “clean-up” essentially impossible. As soon as conditions permit the removal of one person from the street, several more have arrived the replace them…

    • Bob

      (FYI, so there is no misunderstanding – I have bitten my tongue a bit with the use of less-offensive flowery phrasing… My intent was to describe the general overall issue without editorial comment reflecting my personally less than flowery feelings on the subject… I wish it were as easy as KalashniKEV suggests!)

      • Kalashnikev


        You nailed it on the flowery, but to sum up your post- there are a bunch of vagrants slumming around in our streets and consuming our resources. It’s a public nuisance, an eyesore, and invites the presence of other (additional) crime.

        There is also a huge nest of welfare rats living right across from Courthouse Metro. (Sorry ARLnow, for the non-flowery)



    • JohnnyRoyale

      the homeless problem is not as bad as everyone thinks it is here. Sure you see them often, but have you ever been to Las Vegas? Or even worse, Los Angeles. “Skid row” is a several block area east of downtown that becomes a homeless tent city after the mass exodus of the work day. Streets and parking lots filled with tents and boxes every day, and group campfires. That is definately for real, seen it myself, and the weather is perfect year round.

      • JamesE

        If only the corridor was like Vegas I could really go for 100 people handing out escort cards while slapping them in their hands generating the most annoying sound in human history.

  • JOHN

    The Fire Department physical agility test is 100 times harder. This ACPD test looks pretty easy….

    • FireMarshalBill

      look at the composition and styles of both tests. the CPAT (FD) is designed for more endurance and sustained work over a longer time frame. The PD test is only 70 seconds, but it’s a sprint. A lot of people will take longer than 70 seconds just to figure out how to pick up the 150lb dummy.

  • MikeC

    From the recruiting site’s job desc.: “AGE LIMIT: Must be 20 years and 6 months of age at time of application.”

    …Hm, seems to narrow the field a bit, to those born in May of 1991. Still, I hope they get good troops. I agree w/Dude, the ACP guys I’ve seen close-ish look like a pretty fit bunch. Most of them, anyway. I also found interesting the fact the applicants have to swear not to smoke on or off the job.

  • McGruff

    If it requires a uniform, it’s a worthless endeavor.

    • JJ

      what do you do for a living?

      • YourJobSucks

        I could only imagine… polishes a seat with his ass? Isn’t that what everyone around here does if they’re not a cop or a fireman?

    • Kalashnikev

      What blatant trolling… and look now you even made me write a response.

      You win.

    • jenn

      hm, funny… i wear a uniform to work every day, otherwise known as “scrubs” and “lab coat.” silly me, pursuing such a worthless career in healthcare.

  • Perhaps

    FYI James, those officers you see sitting in the car all day at Fairfax Drive are Arlington officers being paid for by another government agency. That is an overtime job for them, they are not on patrol for ACPD at that time. They perform other duties for another agency.

    • JamesE

      I am not talking about the ones at darpa. I don’t mind them camping out areas of fairfax dr due to the massive influx of panhandlers I have witnessed lately.

      • Kalashnikev

        I just got this far down in the thread… are they really actually doing anything about the Bum problem?

        They usually operate in passive mode, parked in between Cosi and Courthouse metro just watching the bums harass and threaten commuters while doing NOTHING!

    • PurpleFlipFlops

      Who pays for the wear and tear on the car while they sit there idling?

  • Perhaps

    MikeC… those are the MINIMUM qualification requirements, it says so right above what you cut and pasted. I think your reading comprehension level would not help you land the job.

  • Perhaps

    The employer that hires them from ACPD pays for the use of the car, etc. They pay a fee to ACPD, in addition to the hourly wage for the officer.

  • Darwin

    All the Arlington police I have met are very professional, we’re lucky to have such a great force! It hasn’t always been so every where I have lived.

  • Congrats to ACPS

    The 3 year old video linked here was a collaboration of ACPD and the Arlington Career Center / Arlington Education Television ( http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5194264245914368795# ) Pretty impressive for being done without going to an external video production house.


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