Introducing the 2010 ABBIE Award Winners

by ARLnow.com November 16, 2010 at 3:06 pm 3,539 27 Comments

Congratulations to the 15 businesses that emerged as winners in the voting for this year’s Arlington’s Best Business Awards.

About 10,000 people participated in the online nomination and voting process, according to Arlington Economic Development, which sponsors the annual contest. That’s about twice as many nominations and votes as last year.

Among the big winners were Northside Social, voted Arlington’s Best New Business, and Lost Dog Cafe, the only business to win in two categories.

The winners, which will announced at the county board meeting that’s getting underway now, are:

  • Best Boutique: ShoeFly
  • Best Brunch: Carlyle
  • Best Community-Based Nonprofit: AFAC
  • Best Customer Service: Eventide
  • Best Dessert: Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe
  • Best Late Night Spot: Bob and Edith’s
  • Best Performing Arts Organization: Signature Theatre
  • Best Place to Care for Your Pet: Ballston Animal Hospital
  • Best Place to Dance the Night Away: Clarendon Ballroom
  • Best Place to Learn Something New: Arlington Public Library
  • Best Happy Hour: Liberty Tavern
  • Best Neighborhood Bar: Whitlow’s on Wilson
  • Best “Bargain” Restaurant: Lost Dog Café
  • Best Family Friendly Restaurant: Lost Dog Café
  • Best New Business: Northside Social

The incumbent winners from 2009 had a particularly strong showing. Only the Best New Business, Best Happy Hour, and Best Customer Service categories changed hands this year.

  • YTK

    Hooray for Ballston Animal Hospital!!!!

  • Chad

    Carlyle for best brunch? Sorry – anything not “all you can stuff in your face” does not qualify as a brunch. I’ll stick with Dheli Dhaba’s Brunch.

    • SB

      Chad, Carlyle does not have a buffet brunch.

      • Jezebel

        SB, that was Chad’s point.

        • SB

          Ah, too many double negatives in his sentence!

  • Need more categories: Best park; Best Outdoor Event; Best Arlington Geocache….

    • Clarendude

      I agree. “Best place to learn something new” is a bit of a strange category too. Need “Best source for Local News” …

  • katekirk


    Kind of like the County Board. Seems that we’re pretty comfortable being comfortable.

  • DudeGuy

    Eventide for best Customer Service? Are you joking people? That place is so rude. I had reservations for 8pm on a Thurs and they said the wait was 30mins.. I said OK, I waited 30 and then they said that it would be another 30min. I asked to speak to a manager and the hostess went and was talking to one (I saw the conversation from across the room) the manager gave an evil look raised his hand in a “I dont give a ####” manor. When the hostess got back she said “sorry but your reservation was not confirmed.” But I confirmed it when I came in and they knew it. Not the only time and only person this has happened to. Only time to enjoy Eventide is when you are dealing with the bartenders on the rooftop.

  • Lord Voldemort

    Had dinner at Eventide on Saturday. Everything about it was fabulous, as per usual. Along with Liberty Tavern, Eventide, Me Jana, Fire Works, et. al, Eventide is helping to transform Arlington into THE place for dinner. Why fight the chaos downtown when everything you want is right here in our lovely neighborhood.

    P.s. Harry Potter’s days are numbered!

  • LibraryLady

    Yey for Arlington Libraries!!!

  • NorthAdams

    old school (Arlington Library) beat out new school (ArlNow)?
    Recount. Where is Jimmy Carter?

  • Christine

    I love Lost Dog, don’t get me wrong, but it is definitely NOT a bargain.

    • Katie


    • BizzyMom

      Agreed! No bargains there.

    • Let’s Be Free


  • Cheryl

    I cant believe ArlNow didnt win! Who was voting for this thing?
    Cherrydale Vet Clinic has always taken the best care of my Cats!
    Best Happy Hour- How can you beat Wednesdays at Mr. Days- $2 food and $2pints of any draft I want.. and for 5hrs, Now thats what makes me Happy!

    • Dan

      “They was robbed” to coin a phrase.

  • KR

    Should def. be a category for Best Local News Blog… ARLNOW would def win that one! As for the best place to learn something new? That’s the library of course!!

  • MC

    ARLNow is far more relevant than the library, which has become a wasteland of tables and PCs, with content slowly disappearing altogether. Libraries are hardly distinguishable from community centers, just places to hang out and surf the web.

    • Katie

      And lately they’ve been open part time.

    • Thirsty

      While I’m usually more interested in best happy hours, gotta say I love Arlington Public Library. If you hate it, you probably don’t use it.
      And comparing it to a community center? What does that comment even mean? Who goes to a community center? Where is there even one in Arlington?
      Admittedly, the library got a boost in the ABBIE voting since the public was instructed, “Those without access to a computer at home or work were encouraged to use Arlington Public Library internet stations.” Imagine that, accessing ArlNowDotCom from the library! Imagine people in Arlington not having home access! It’s shocking I tell you, shocking!
      Anyway, just can’t see trashing Arlington Public Library just b/c your (and my) beloved ArlNow didn’t win.

      • “What does that comment even mean? Who goes to a community center? Where is there even one in Arlington?”

        True True. No body goes to Arlington Community Centers because, in the words of Yogi Berra, they are too crowded!

        (gotta love the Saturday Nite Teen Skate at the TJ Community Center!)

        • Thirsty

          Skating? We have a rink in Arlington? Dag, that would be so much closer than the Seabrook Wheel A While.

    • 4Arl

      I too voted for ARLNow, my go-to source for Arlington info. But if you want to stop the libraries from becoming little more than web surfing hangouts, make sure you speak up to the county board and manager(before they develop the budget), because they don’t seem to hear that view. At the Oct 23 meeting, they talked about libraries, including exploring a different model “than a library that has volumes and volumes of hardback books”. Watch the video starting at 32:49

  • Kabob Palace is easily one of the most impressive eateries in the whole county, but simply isn’t yuppie friendly enough for any of this kind of stuff. Bob and Editsh was a travest before Bob and Edith moved.

  • Rob

    Heidelberg for Best Dessert?!?! What about Toby’s Ice Cream in Westover? That place is ALWAYS full Fri and Sat nights over the summer, and they have AWESOME ice cream!!! My kids, my neighbor’s kids, and a lot of their friends love that place!!!


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