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What’s Going on With Yorktown Bistro?

by ARLnow.com November 17, 2010 at 3:17 pm 2,702 15 Comments

Police are out at Yorktown Bistro (5171 Lee Highway) after county code enforcement reported that a back door to the restaurant was open and no one was inside.

Apparently the same thing happened during business hours yesterday, leading at least one officer to believe that the restaurant may be abandoned.

Yelp reveals some unflattering customer reviews. A web site for the restaurant is no longer in operation.

  • I live within two miles of this place and i’ve been there once.

    it probably gets slow during the day, as there’s no organic lunch crowd.

    It’s probably a little pricey/too big for yorktown hs kids to stop by for a burger or something, and there’s not much else over there.

  • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

    Interesting as my review is one of the first to pop up. I was also only there once, which is odd because we had a nice time… but it was a huge place with not a lot of activity on a Fri/Sat night. It would never have been a hang out for the Yktn kids. Wrong kind of place. Joes down the street might be more their speed. Oh well, will be interesting to see what happens next. At least we still have Thai Thai and the Caribbean place.

  • nadnerb

    haha abandoned? I didn’t know anyone could just abandon a restaurant. But if they did, then well, that’s amazing.

  • Dale

    My family found the place mediocre at best. I’m really surprised it lasted this long.

  • John Goilios

    I got pizza take-out there a few times. It was generally good. I always parked in front of it when going to Caribbean Breeze (getting out onto Lee Highway is easier) and laughed at their parking signs, threatening to tow me unless I was eating at Ytown Bistro. Parking was never a problem in front of their shop; the place was always dead.

  • leacha

    I tried to order lunch for my office from there yesterday. Called three times and no answer.

    My bet is that they’re in financial trouble. The story I heard was that the folks that founded the restaurant 3ish years ago sold to a different group around a year ago. Agreed, that restaurant is out of place in that spot. That whole shopping center needs to get bought by one person who needs to turn it into something else.

    • Lou

      That strip just has not been the same since Johnny’s closed down.

      • DT

        I felt the same way after the Arlington Grill closed.

        • tuesdayschild

          HA! Got it…..I bet the younger kids on this site missed the meaning of your remark….

  • NorthAdams

    why would you name a restaurant after a high school? Especially the rich kid high school. No one from W-L would ever go to a place called Yorktown.

    • DT

      I hope this is a joke.

  • Went a few times. Like it. But if you cant park, you cant go there. Agreed about that strip mall. The owners need to buy a clue that they defeat themselves with the condition and the lousy lousy parking.

  • Stopped by tonite to go to the Caribbean Grill. Yorktown Grill’s lights were off. Door locked. Still stuff inside. There were martini glasses on the bar, sitting in a disorderly fashion. Kinda looks like when you leave your kitchen in the middle of doing something….

  • Paco

    I’ve heard that each of the storefronts at that strip mall are owned by different entities, explaining why there’s never been a massive overhaul. Would probably take a lot of money and time to take over the whole place.

  • Rick

    Half that strip mall gets abandoned and respawns as something else. 29 is kind of an S-hole between cherrydale and, well, charlottesville.


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