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Suspicious Package Near County Government Building

by ARLnow.com November 18, 2010 at 12:05 pm 1,851 18 Comments

Update at 12:30 p.m. — The suitcase has been determined to be safe. The scene is now clear.

Police and firefighters are on the scene of a suspicious piece of luggage, located behind the county government building (2100 Clarendon Blvd) in Courthouse Plaza.

The black suitcase is located in the center of a pedestrian square, near a number of shops and restaurants. The area has been blocked off while the bomb squad examines an X-ray of the package.

  • MB

    Here we go again . . .

  • JamesE

    That isn’t a handle it is actually an antenna.

  • PurpleFlipFlops

    What makes luggage look suspicious?

    • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

      When its sitting by itself with no owner? Just a hunch.

  • Guest

    I was really looking forward to getting Perfect Pita today….

  • PurpleDumDum

    What makes luggage look suspicious? Do you really have to ask that? Umm, I don’t know, maybe the simple fact that it is unattended? Does that seem suspicious to you? Or do most people just stash their luggage near a government building? Call me crazy, but if I am going to lug around a suitcase, that means there is important stuff in there, so I keep it with me. I don’t look for the nearest place to stick it. Come on dude, get a clue. We are in a paranoid world, and for good reason. I am sure this will turn out to be nothing, but this is standard practice, and a good one to follow.

  • Courthouse Resident

    The luggage was just trying to find the right place to go apply for a live music permit. Either that or contest a parking ticket.

  • Lacey Forest

    Unattended bags are not to be taken lightly. I was in Centennial Park in Atlanta on a certain night in July 1996.

    • Andrew

      Hear, hear. The whole point is to make something look ordinary an not “out of place.” It’s not like smoeone would have a sign saying “BOMB ENCLOSED!” or something like that.

  • boo

    I think this was just a package left by TGEoA for Chris Zimmerman.

    • Greg

      He left him his dirty underwear?

  • Far more people die each year in traffic related deaths than terrorism. By this logic, we should all be freaked-out by traffic and not drive cars. Paranoia does destroy a society. Yes, bad things happen. I was near the pentagon when the plan hit; doesnt mean I dont drive by the pentagon anymore and it doesnt mean I havent flown since. But fear must be balanced with reality and prudence. Otherwise we destroy the very society that we live in (which we seem to be doing).

    • KalashniKEV

      Sing it, brotha!

      Next time they spot a shady package or random ownerless suitcase just shows up, I recommend you save the big production and just go up, kick it, shake it, and open it up.

      Then we won’t need to be afraid.

    • AllenB

      What an ignorant post. Fear WAS balanced with reality and prudence. They cordoned off the area around the suitcase, inspected it and found it to be harmless.

      What would you have had them do differently?

  • Andrew

    I remember one evening at Metro Center when I saw an unattended bag on the platform. It was just sitting there so I went for a closer look. There wasn’t any wires or ticking or anything so I picked it up carefully and opened it up (away from me, just in case).

    Inside: A notebook. I flipped through it to make sure there wasn’t any maps to the White House or Capitol and “KILL KILL KILL” scrawled on them. Just notes from some class (physics, I think). Then I picked it up and turned it over to the station manager, who thanked me. “It’s guys like you who keep the Metro safe,” he said.

    What I did NOT do was call 911 because I knew the whole station would be shut down around rush hour, causing a lot of headaches over what would be a notebook probably left by some student.

    Best to keep your eyes open, but your brain on, too…

  • rft

    So that’s where I left me bag.

  • DT

    Sorry, I had to take off immediately when I realized I was in the wrong spot to camp out for free fast food.

    • rft

      if only there was a chick-fil-a at courthouse plaza


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