Give Back by Volunteering This Holiday Season

by ARLnow.com November 22, 2010 at 10:11 am 1,602 13 Comments

The holiday time is a time for many things. It’s a time for family togetherness. It’s a time for eating too much. It’s a time for getting really angry about parking spots. And, of course, it’s a time for giving and helping those less fortunate than you.

If you want to give back on Thanksgiving, there are a number of ways to do so.

Volunteer Arlington has numerous volunteer opportunities listed on its web site, from spending part of a day with residents at a local nursing home to delivering Thanksgiving food baskets to families affected by HIV/AIDS to helping out with the annual Lyon Park/Ashton Heights Turkey Trot 5K.

See more holiday volunteer opportunities here.

Flickr pool photo by Chris Rief

  • shirley

    Everyone should donate ONE HOUR to a good local charity for EACH post that they’ve put on ARLNOW since 9/1/2010.

  • Katie

    Charity is not measured in hours, Mizz Demanding.

    Thanks, ArlNow. Going to deliver baskets for NOVAM.

    • KalashniKEV

      That’s right! The bum in the pic doesn’t want your Hours, he want “DOLLA DOLLA BILLZ, Y’ALL!!”

      I wonder how much Holiday Cheer he has left in his thermos?

      • Katie

        He looks like he needs a hug.

      • You could benefit

        KalashniKEV, you could benefit from volunteering, it might change your ignorance and prejudices toward those of lower socioeconomic status. Walk a mile in someone shoes before you cast judgement.
        You assume that all homeless are alcoholics, and you recently posted that the street car on Columbia Pike would shuffle the “poor”.

        • KalashniKEV

          With all due respect, you don’t know me… I have been the (unwilling) recipient of this kind of aid in my lifetime (as a child). The true ignorance is to believe that these people didn’t end up where they are as a result of the choices they’ve made. It’s easy to be a Bum. It’s easier when you’re surrounded by enablers who justify what is unacceptable behavior.

          • Katie

            So you’re projecting your childhood issues onto this guy and others like him? *yawn*

          • Kalashnikev

            I guess you’re damned if you do know what you’re talking about, damned if you don’t around here.

            Wanna go on a date sometime?

          • RestonRunner86

            I’ll date you!

  • shirley

    no, it isn’t. but it would be a good starting point for some folks.

  • Catalina

    Folks, I’ve met this man in the photo before. While I didn’t have a long conversation with this man about how he got in this situation, I tell you this indivdual made an impact in my life. I’ve never seen him bother anyone or look for a hand out. Usually you see him sitting and reading a book or walking around Pentagon/Crystal City with his shoping cart and seabag. This past summer I was walking home from work and it was one of those really hot days. As I walked by him he looked up from his book and said hi. I greated him back and continued on, but then turned back around and asked him if he needed anything. He said he could really use some water and ice. Together he and I walked to Harris Teater and I bought him his water and ice. He thanked me and that was that. I would do it again anyday, and hope to get the family motivated to volunteer this holiday season.

    • Katie

      Well said, Catalina. (Except for the unfortunate misspelling of Harris Teeter, teehee.)

      • Catalina

        Oops, thanks Katie!


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