Isolated Flooding, Traffic Light Problems Reported

by ARLnow.com December 1, 2010 at 10:11 am 2,130 7 Comments

Reports of isolated pockets of high water and traffic light problems have been trickling in over the past hour as rain continues to fall.

According to scanner traffic, the ramp from westbound Route 50 to westbound Washington Boulevard has been shut down by police due to high water. Likewise, police are checking out a call for high water in the area of North Glebe Road and Chesterbrook Road.

Heavy rain invariably tends to cause problems with traffic lights in the county.

Earlier, it was reported that the lights at the tricky intersection of South Hayes Street and 15th Street were flashing.

Now, police are heading to the equally tricky intersection of Fort Myer Drive and North Lynn Street to direct traffic. Traffic lights are reported to be completely dark in the area. (We’ve moved updates on the power outage in Rosslyn to a separate post.)

Update at 11:25 a.m. — There’s a large pool of standing water on the HOV lanes of I-395 approaching the 14th Street Bridge. Traffic cameras show that it’s in the same spot as the pool of water left by a spring storm, shown in one of the photos below.

The water caused a car to stall out in the left-hand lane. Police are now on the scene

  • Fin

    Yep power’s out in Colonial Village. Same transformer I guess.

  • NorthAdams

    the traffic cameras show the traffic lights are still on at Lynn/Wilson and 19/Meade.
    So not all is lost.

  • Amanda

    Hope they fix the one at Hayes and 15th soon! That’s a dangerous intersection even when the lights are working. Drivers don’t seem to know what “Left Turn Yield on Green” means.

    • Crystal_Mikey

      You’re not lying! I don’t care for turning left off Hayes/18th onto 15th going towards Pentagon Row.

  • Karen

    Power out at liongate

  • Lumiere

    Colonial Village II still has power (my home computers are still online.)

    • Kimbo

      Yeah CV just came back, it’d been out for an hour


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