Arlington Church to be Featured on Dateline NBC

by ARLnow.com December 2, 2010 at 3:15 pm 3,338 4 Comments

A crew from Dateline NBC will be filming the evening mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in South Arlington on Saturday. The church is being featured for its upcoming humanitarian mission to Haiti.

A delegation of parishioners and Remote Area Medical volunteers will be leaving for a two-week trip to Medor, Haiti on Sunday. Together, the group will conduct a medical clinic for the cholera-ravaged town of 40,000. They will also repair roads and build an airstrip to allow air ambulances to deliver critical supplies.

“Medor has no running water, no sewage or trash disposal, impassable roads and inadequate agriculture,” the church said in a press release. “Like the rest of Haiti, the village has been devastated by a succession of hurricanes, earthquakes and now the deadly cholera epidemic this year.”

The earthquake and aftershocks that reduced Port au Prince to rubble earlier this year also damaged schools, medical clinics and churches in Medor. It also resulted in an influx of refugees to the area.

Our Lady Queen of Peace, located in Arlington’s Green Valley neighborhood, has supported missions in Medor since 1997.

The Dateline special is set to air on or around Jan. 12, the one-year anniversary of the earthquake.

  • Congratulations of the highest order to them for all they are doing.

    • SaintPierre

      I am a little afraid of large, faith based groups but if they are actually helping someone….good for them.

  • Papi Mal

    Avoid overstating the case and resorting to emotion laden terms to grab attention and sympathy. Things are bad enough in Haiti, it is not at all necessary to overstate the case. Hyperbole only serves to weaken the truth. Medor is not “cholera-ravaged.” There is only one church in Medor. The village has not been “devastated.” There is no way to know with any degree of certainty that the population is 40,000. It could be half or twice that. Things are bad, life is always difficult in Haiti and in Medor, but the people manage to persevere. Devastation invokes images of the World Trade Center, or Hiroshima or Dresden. Due to the hundreds of thousands of dollars of church assistance and numerous delegations sent to Medor over the years, the area is far, far better off than many other similar locations in remote, rural Haiti. This is simply a continuation of a commitment made to Medor many years ago, one of many delegations all of which have made Medor a more liveable place. Kreyol pale, kreyol compran.

  • manuel

    God bless the area between dogwood st. and 19th st in arlington virginia,Our Lady Queen of Peace church,i hope this helps as an inspiration for more churches all arround the interfaith world to lend a hand to the ones in need.


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