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by ARLnow.com December 3, 2010 at 6:11 am 1,627 7 Comments

Quarterdeck May Remain Open, After All — TBD is reporting that the owner of Quarterdeck has reopened lease negotiations with the property’s landlord. Last week it was revealed that owner Lou Gatti was telling Radnor / Fort Myer Heights residents that the restaurant would be closing after 31 years in business.

Plastic Bag Tax May Have to Wait — The county board’s desire to impose a 5-cent tax on plastic grocery store bags — similar to the tax currently in place in the District — may have to wait until another year. At Wednesday’s work session between the board and Arlington’s state legislative delegation, bag tax proponent Del. Adam Ebbin said getting Virginia lawmakers to grant Arlington the authority to impose such a tax would likely be “a multi-year effort.” More from the Sun Gazette.

Long-Time Parks Employee Dies — Long-time Parks and Recreation Department supervisor Alan W. Brady has died. Brady, who ran a landscaping business in Arlington after retiring from the department, will be remembered at a memorial service in Ranson, W.V. on Monday. He was 58. More from the Martinsburg Journal.

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  • Darwin

    The $.05 tax is ridiculous! It doesn’t deter people from using the bags and the tax I doubt is applied to “environmental issues”! For example it’s like the $15 background check fee we pay in VA to buy a firearm. Despite 10’s of 1,000’s of people paying it each year the organization responsible was reducing staffing causing wait times to go from 30 minutes to more than a day! When you are at the last day of a gun show that makes all the difference in the world! The government will always steal from one program when it suits itself. How many of you think any of your income tax goes toward roads as opposed to paying our burgeoning interest on our debt?

    • Bag tax money going to DC river clean up. Not chump change…


      And to answer the question of whether the tax has deterred people from using more plastic bags, the answer is also a resounding yes.

      • Burger

        Of course, the bag study never determines if the reduction in bags can be attributed to people skipping a bag when they buy lunch or going to the food store. It is easy to see how in DC, where there are more people going to lunch and back to their office skip the bag, might have a larger impact than one in Arlington.

    • Tootall

      This Board spends your money any way they want.

  • HP2000

    Good point. I wonder how much of the monies collected by the DC tax are actually going to “clean up” the Anacostia. I’m sure the DC Council will be swimming in that river in no time.

    • See the link I posted – it directly answers your question about Anacostia.

      Also, from the Wall Street Journal on DC’s bag tax:

      Retail outlets that typically use 68 million disposable bags per quarter handed out 11 million bags in the first quarter of this year and fewer than 13 million bags in the second quarter, according to the district’s Office of Tax and Revenue. That may help explain why volunteers for the city’s annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup day in mid-April pulled 66% fewer plastic bags from the Anacostia River than they did last year.

  • Sad to hear about Mr. Brady’s death. He did some odd jobs in my yard and I enjoyed him very much. Such a sweet man. 58 years old?? He was still a young man! My condolences to his family.


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