Major Delays on Metro Due to Small Fire, Switch Malfunction

by ARLnow.com December 13, 2010 at 9:01 am 2,168 23 Comments

A small fire in a light fixture at the Metro Center station is having major repercussions for Metro commuters this morning.

We’re hearing on Twitter that it’s taking 40 minutes just to travel a couple of stops on the Orange Line. Delays have also been reported on the Blue Line.

Feel free to share your Metro horror stories in the comments.

Update at 9:10 a.m. — Metro is now reporting a switch malfunction between the Foggy Bottom and Federal Triangle stations, cutting off Orange and Blue Line service between the two stations. Via Twitter, there are reports of trains being offloaded at Arlington stations.

  • Hikin’ the Pike

    Metro is always a pleasant experience. 🙂

  • PikeHoo

    I certainly don’t miss the body-to-body “Orange Crush.”

  • SoArlRes

    Man, that sucks. Metro needs to get a grip. As the area continues growing, good mass transit (especially trains) is critical.

    • mehoo

      True, but if you think about it, there are alot more disruptions like this on the highways each day than on Metro.

      • SoArlRes

        Good point. That’s why I want more trains and I want them working flawlessly. I can dream, right? 🙂

    • Sam

      Funny. There was an article on Unsuck DC Metro last month about a light fixture catching on fire. Except, the source stated that he/she told the station manager and nothing was done. When Metro does nothing, they are accused of putting customers in harm’s way because the station could burn down or something. When Metro evacuates and closes the station to take care of the fire, they need to “get a grip.”

      Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  • NJmetsfan

    Taking metro to work today was a pain.

  • a’town

    back to the car tomorrow!!!!!

    • NJmetsfan

      It took me forever to get take the metro from my apt in Ballston to my office in VA Square.

      • LP

        You metro one stop?

      • NJMetsfan

        Thats funny, I don’t work in Virginia Square anymore. Internet Impersonators are funny.

  • mehoo

    Lots of smoke was coming out of the tunnel at Metro Center.

  • LVGuy

    It was a fire at Metro Center. My train in the tunnel between Metro Center and McPherson square was evacuated after smoke started entering the train – 40 minutes or so after the fire began.

  • Sarah

    Thousands being offloaded in Clarendon == me walking to DC 🙁 So nice to be a sweaty mess when you get to the office! I just wish WMATA could have been more honest as to the extent of the delays/lack of service.

  • john

    Took the 38b instead. Commute took 90 min instead of 30.

    • Sarah

      I was in-line for the 38b at Clarendon and Rosslyn, but wasn’t able to board at either place due to the bus being at capacity (with all the displaced metro riders)!

  • Andrew

    I was stuck in Rosslyn and needed to get to my office on Rhode Island Ave. NW off of Connecticut Ave.

    So I took the long way around: I took the Blue line to Franconia, got off at Pentagon, then took a Yellow Line to Fort Totten, got off at Archives, hailed a cab at Sixth & Pennsylvania NW. Got to work only 30 minutes late — and seven bucks poorer.

    • Courthouse Res

      That is so ridiculous!! I got dizzy reading your commute. What an absolute metro nightmare.

      • Andrew

        When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro! It was a nutty situation that required a nutty solution. I did it once before years ago during a similar incident.

        • John Goilios

          I suffered with it too. After a one hour drive to West Falls Church, I took the Orange Line to Rosslyn (one hour, 40 minutes between Clarendon and Rosslyn). I transferred to the Blue Line to Pentagon, Yellow Line to L’Enfant, and then walked the rest of the way, about .3 miles. Total = 2.5 hours. Normally it’s 90 minutes.

  • Jamie

    It took me an hour and 20 minutes to get from Courthouse Metro Station to Capitol South this morning.

    @Andrew – I should have considered switching from orange to blue to yellow. I could have walked from L’Enfant Plaza.

    • Andrew

      If you are used to taking the Blue or Orange into the city for years, it’s easy to forget the Yellow. It will take you into the heart of the city from the south, so you are in the center of the “hub” so to speak and can get to your destination somewhat easier during a weird time like this morning.

  • After spending almost an hour getting from Pentagon City to Rosslyn I gave up and started walking the rest of the way to Farragut West figuring I’d catch a Circulator Bus on the way. By the time one passed me I was nearly in West End and just walked the rest of the way. Nothing like a nearly 2 hour commute from door-to-door, Pentagon City to Farragut West.


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