Morning Poll: Dreams of a Winter Wonderland

by ARLnow.com December 20, 2010 at 9:14 am 1,666 12 Comments

The snow storm once seen as a possibility for this weekend never came to pass. Instead of a cold, snowy weekend, we were left with, well, just a cold weekend.

Now, instead of a blast of snow on Tuesday, as once predicted, snow lovers are being told to wait until Christmas.

Surely, snow fans must be getting a bit frustrated. If there’s one time of year when it would be nice to have some more white stuff on the ground, it’s the holiday season.

Now, we know there are plenty of people around here who would swap climates with South Florida in a second, if given the choice. But if the temperature outside is going to be freezing cold anyway, would you rather have some snow?

  • Old Fart

    I think this may just be a good indicator of the age of the folks reading this site. The older you are, it seems the less you like cold and snow. I loved it as a kid and have grown to dread it. I suspect a good portion of the population is the same. Of course, when I retire and can stay home, I may not care as much.

    • Skeptical

      You don’t really have to be an old fart. It makes a big difference if you are in a line of work that doesn’t offer you paid vacation days, liberal leave, yada yada — in other words you pay the price, and it no longer seems like a fun day off school to play in the snow. Bet people who work in emergency services have pretty ambivalent feelings about it too.

  • CrystalMikey

    I’m still tired of the snow after all the white stuff we received last winter. Though a light dusting on the 25th would be nice…

  • Andrew

    Snow is fun when you are in a position to enjoy it (e.g., going skiing/snowboarding). Snow is NOT fun when you are trying to get to work or run errands.

  • NorthAdams

    If people would learn how to drive. and clean their snow off their cars and walkways I’d enjoy it more.

    • Old Fart

      If people would learn how to drive, clean their walks, and the county & VDOT would plow and salt the streets, and the salt wouldn’t make my car all dirty, and I wouldn’t drag snow into the living room and piss my wife off, and the grocery store wouldn’t run out of milk and bread (and beer), and it wouldn’t be so messy riding my bike, and it would be a little bit warmer, then I’d enjoy it more.

      • SoArlRes

        Excellent rant. +1.

  • JamesE

    I do enjoy how in the 1-2 years of owning a rwd car it snows more than the four years I owned a awd subaru. At least when it is cold with no snow I can still drive, even though Arlington hates me since I drive a car.

    • AllenB

      It’s probably not just the car.

      • JamesE

        They love me come property tax time

  • Courthouse Resident

    I like one good snow (like 4-5″ max) per season and I like for that to happen on a weekend.

  • Susan

    A white Christmas is certainly beautiful for the season, but what bothers me most about that, is that the plow drivers miss their whole holiday, trying to keep the roads clear for travelers!


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