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by ARLnow.com December 22, 2010 at 5:00 am 1,643 4 Comments

Petition Workers Indicted for Voter Fraud — Two individuals who worked on the unsuccessful effort to change Arlington’s form of government have been indicted for election fraud. William Cockerham and Cheryl Simmons are expected to have their trial dates set this morning. Earlier this year we exposed Simmons as a paroled felon, ineligible to collect the 2,214  petition signatures she claimed to have collected. More from the Washington Post.

ART Bus Lives Up to Its Name — Arlington’s transit agency has deemed its “Art on the ART Bus” experiment a success. The program placed artwork on an ART bus in connection with a new exhibit at the Arlington Arts Center. The arty bus launched on Dec. 11 and will continue rotating throughout the ART system for the next couple of months. More from the Arlington Transit Blog.

Court Appearance for Facebook Bomb Threats Suspect — The Arlington man who threatened via Facebook to place bombs in Georgetown and on Metro trains has been denied bail. Awais Younis, who lives in the Arlington View neighborhood, appeared in U.S. District Court yesterday. A judge ordered the 25-year-old held without bond, saying his arrest provides additional incentive for Younis to carry out his threats. More from WTOP.

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  • DT

    I absolutely love that the two people who wanted to give the board more power have been charged with felonies. Stupidity itself may not be a felony but it helps lead to one.

  • Just sayin’

    The two people indicted didn’t know jack about the board or care. They were people paid to gather signatures by the Firefighters Union via their out-of-state petition solicitation firm. It strongly appears that these individuals committed petition fraud (one was a convicted felon), and now the County Attorney has indicted them.

    But the really interesting question is whether the organizers of the petition drive knew about it. And really, how could they not? The evidence of fraud, as was detailed in the previous Arlington Now stories on this, is plain on its face. I wonder if these will be the last indictments or if there are more to come.

  • bob

    man, do not fcuk with the county board. They will put you in prison.

  • Arlwhenever

    Where’s the link to the indictment? Frankly, in this day and age I don’t think it’s ethical for a prosecutor to publicize a case without laying out for all to see specifically what the defendant is accused of. There is an awful lot of innuendo and guilt by association spewed forth by the highly politicized Commonwealth attorneys in Arlington.

    When you are an illegal alien and you lie to the County you get a free pass, but should you make a mistake or stretch the truth in connection with challenging the ACDC then you are a felon. The motivation behind seeking this indictment is intimidation, pure and simple.


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