Arlington, VA

It’s a point of civic pride that Arlington is “the only local government that ‘gets to work’ on the first day of the year,” in the words of county communications staff.

This year the county board’s traditional New Year’s Day organizational meeting will feature the election of Chris Zimmerman as chairman and Mary Hynes as vice chairman. After taking a number of formal administrative votes, Zimmerman and the rest of the board will individually outline their strategic priorities for the year ahead.

The 11:00 a.m. meeting is open to the public. Here’s the agenda:

  1. Election of Chairman
  2. Election of Vice Chairman
  3. Appointment of Clerk
  4. Adoption of Calendar Year 2011 County Board Meeting Schedule
  5. Adoption of Calendar Year 2011 County Board Meeting Procedures
  6. Adoption of Calendar Year 2011 Procedures for Budget and Tax Rate(s) Public Hearings
  7. Adoption of Calendar Year 2011 Tie Breaker Resolution
  8. Appointments
    1. Regional and Other Appointments
    2. Advisory Group Chairman and Other Appointments
  9. Chairman’s Address
  10. Remarks by Board Members
  11. Concluding Activities

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