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by ARLnow.com December 30, 2010 at 5:28 am 1,673 9 Comments

Artisphere Gets Latin Flavor — Arlington’s Guajillo restaurant and the District’s Casa Oaxaca restaurant have been chosen to jointly run a full-service restaurant and bar in Artisphere, the county’s new cultural center. The county board is expected to formally approve a lease at its Jan. 22 meeting. More from TBD.

Le Village Marche Merging with Verbena — Two Shirlington Village stores are becoming one. Le Village Marche, a French housewares store, is moving into the larger retail space of Verbena, a stationary store under the same ownership. The mew store, which will inherit the Le Village Marche name, will continue to offer many of the same products and services as Verbena. More from Shirlington Village Blog.

Bowen McCauley Dance Gets Creative With FundingBowen McCauley Dance, an Arlington non-profit, was profiled on the PBS Nightly Business Report last night. Faced with a major financial shortfall after Virginia pulled a third of its funding, the dance company doubled down, increasing the scope of its programs by drawing on cash reserves. More from PBS. (Scroll down to the final few paragraphs.)

Readers Help Raise Money for Charity — Thank you to everybody who bought raffle tickets to support Doorways for Women and Families over the past 36 hours. The raffle is now over, and thanks to ticket purchases from the readers of this and three other local web sites, our friends at What’s the Deal raised a total of $2,615 for four very worthy causes. (Update at 11:35 a.m. — The total raised for Doorways is $487.50. We’ll pitch in the additional bucks needed to bring it to a nice, even $500.00.)

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  • CJR

    Congratulations to Guajillo! I was there when it opened and was a regular for awhile before we moved. The owner was extremely hard working, and was there almost every night. Glad to see his success is recognized. For anyone who hasn’t visited the restaurant, you have to try the Ceviche (shrimp and lime, etc.. appetizer) – best I’ve ever had!

  • Partly Cloudly

    Crumbs is opening today, right?

    Has anyone been by there yet?

    • Justin Russo

      I stopped in just to have a look-sse, wasn’t impressed with their offerings. But I will withhold judgement until I actually eat something from there.

  • Vinh An Nguyen

    I like Guajillo, but since the Artisphere is only a couple of blocks from the existing restuarant, it would have been nice to see something different go in there.

  • Thanks for writing about dance in Arlington! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Bowen McCauley Dance before!

  • Justin Russo

    So how do two different parties jointly run a restaurant? Switch days? Combine menus? Could be interesting; could be a disaster.

    • Jason S

      Maybe a joint-venture.

  • Jake55

    You missed the Apple store break-in.

  • Andrew

    Great news about Guajillo. Great choice for Artisphere.

    Vinh – We are soon to have 3 Ray’s places on the same block so why not two Guajillos 6 blocks from each other. Believe they will create a new menu for the Artisphere location.

    Justin – The people that opened Guajillo also opened Casa Oaxaca. The ownership of the 2 may be different but the people are the same.


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