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Samuel Beckett’s Opens in Shirlington

by ARLnow.com January 10, 2011 at 10:23 am 4,016 15 Comments

Shirlington’s new Samuel Beckett’s Irish Gastro Pub opened to a capacity crowd Saturday afternoon.

Photos on Shirlington Village blog show people lining up along Campbell Avenue for a chance to check out the the long-anticipated pub, which not only imported building materials from Ireland but also imported actual Irishmen to work there.

The Samuel Beckett’s web site is now live, although much like any restaurant opening there are still some kinks to work out. For one, the title of the home page reads “Samue Becketts.”

The web site also includes a link to a video showing the interior of the new pub.

Flickr pool photo by Amber Wilkie


    Are they featuring informal music sessions. FREDTERP

  • jan

    Why import Irish people?

    • mehoo

      Considering that the Guinness Extra Stout was brewed in Canada, good question.

  • JP

    another place for yuppies? Ughhh…

    • mehoo


    • ESlater

      Um, It’s Shirlington. What were you expecting, a Pike Pizza or Don Arturo’s? I don’t know about the young, but Arlington (and the DC area) is filled with urban professionals. If you’re trying to avoid yuppies you’re living in the wrong place.

    • Runaway Train

      Another place for yuppies? Aside from a handful of restaurants in South Arlington, the yuppy factor is hardly pronounced.

    • Newt

      Then stay home!

    • Bringmetheyuppies

      name says it all!

  • DT

    Someone check their papers!!

  • A normal person

    I just want to say to the person who posted the comment about the Guinness. The only Guinness that is brewed in Canada is Guinness extra stout in a bottle and Guinness draught in a bottle. All Guinness in Keg format is still imported from Dublin. Please get your facts right. As somebody who used to work in the beer industry for fourteen years I know this for a fact. In regards to the yuppie comment. I agree with the person who posted the comment that we are living in a major City metro area. You will always have a high influx of professional individuals in the demographic. I also don’t believe that Shirlington village would have allowed a spit on the floor pub into the existing list of fine places to eat and drink. Hats off to Beckett’s. You are providing a great pint and great grub for all walks of life. I didn’t see any of the staff walking around with their noses up to any customer. Good atmosphere, and a clean beautiful environment to relax in.

  • mehoo

    Please note that I was careful to say “Guinness Extra Stout” in my post. The other stuff is indeed made in Ireland. And it doesn’t really matter where it’s made as long as it’s good. Beer is perishable, and locally-made beer is often better than imports. But I like Guinness from a keg just fine. I like any beer that tastes good no matter where it comes from.

  • Dan

    Sat there all night and Godot didn’t show……..

  • Shirlington Guy

    Overall I think Samuel Beckett’s was a home run! I do however have some slight constructive criticism. I understand that opening day was rather busy, but I was a little disappointed with how understaffed the main bar was. I know Shirlington is probably not trying to look like the next Clarendon bar scene, but with an irish pub I hope they can still entertain the social bar crowd. For example, I do not go to Luna expecting a joyful bar experience. For one they typically do not even keep their bar staffed and two it is not the focus of the establishment. So I am raising my pint in the hopes that I don’t have to wait twenty minutes for the next!


  • El Duce

    Wow another Irish Pub in Arlington! I did not realize there was such a large community of Irish Americans here in Arlington!

    Must be all the Transplants from Boston!


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