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Workers Injured from Fall at Ballston Construction Site

by ARLnow.com January 11, 2011 at 11:33 am 3,141 10 Comments

(Updated at 12:40 p.m.) Two workers have been injured after reportedly falling 10-15 feet at the Founders Square construction site in Ballston.

Initial reports suggested the workers were conscious and responsive, suffering from shoulder, neck and back injuries. They were transported via ambulance to a local hospital. The injuries are said to be non-life threatening.

Representatives from Virginia’s occupational safety agency are on the way to the scene to investigate the incident.

The construction site is located on the 600 block of North Randolph Street, across from Ballston Common Mall.

  • CW

    Clip in, guys – here comes OSHA.

  • Darwin

    I hope they recover, I can’t say I’m surprised though. I watched them putting up the giant indoor Christmas tree a few months ago and the workers were climbing up and down it with no harnesses.

  • OddNumber

    What really shocked me is that work didn’t stop at the site due to the accident. I was watching from my office as the emergency crews pulled up and was really surprised to see people still working on the floors above.

  • Thes

    Gravity continues to be a serious, even deadly problem in Arlington. Yet the County Board sits by and does nothing about it. Sometimes we hear about the “Dillon Rule” or the “laws” of physics, but that’s just an excuse. If the County Board can work on their pet projects, surely they can do something about gravity! When are we going to get some leadership on this?!

    • charlie


  • G

    Why hasn’t all construction been halted all over the united states? I’m writing my congressman. How many more people have to get hurt before our government protects us. If only we had mandatory health insurance, risky activities, like construction, would not be allowed, at least no without dozens of government safety reps on site at all times.

    Anyway, we are getting a couple inches of snow, I need to go out and buy 4 loaves of break, 3 gallons of milk, fill my bathtub up with water and hide under the bed and wait for our government to tell me it’s safe to go outside again.

    Good luck everybody!

    • YTK

      I went to the store too, but they were all out of break.

  • DudeGuy

    The Happening?

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