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Mad Rose Tavern Previews Beer List

by ARLnow.com January 26, 2011 at 9:37 am 2,492 42 Comments

Clarendon’s Mad Rose Tavern is “getting close to opening day,” according to a new update on the bar’s Facebook page.

Once it opens, managers say the bar will feature a “legendary liquor selection,” including an emphasis on Scotch and Irish whiskeys.

General Manager Seamus Phillips told TBD that the extensive renovation of the bar’s space on the ground floor of 3100 Clarendon Boulevard has cost more than a million dollars. Pending county inspections, the tavern should open in early February, Phillips said.

As part of last night’s Facebook update, Mad Rose gave beer geeks something to look forward to with a sneak peak of its work-in-progress beer list. Selections included:

  • Full Sail Bump In The Night
  • Lagunitas Brown Shugga
  • Left Hand 400 Lb Monkey
  • Rogue Chocolate Stout
  • Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout
  • Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold Lager
  • Gulden Drak
  • Lagunitas sumpin sumpin
  • Tuppers Kellar Pils

  • Josh

    Full Sail and Left Hand… nice

  • Ballstonian

    Can someone man up and start buying Natty Bo from Baltimore…that’d be a nice addition to any beer selection.

  • ClarendonKing

    I like Heineken best. Those micro beers are vastly overrated and because of their amateurish production values no two glasses will taste the same.

    • JennX

      “…no two glasses will taste the same.”

      This is a bad thing?

      Please drink your Heineken. More good beer for the rest of us!

    • FrenchyB

      At least those amateurish micro-brewers are smart enough to not put their beer in green bottles.

    • y8s

      Hmm good point. I’d also suggest staying away from wines that have different years of production printed on them. I think they do that to indicate that they might not be exactly the same every time.

      I believe you’re safe with wines that and include descriptive names of the multiple fruit flavors and fortification levels. I understand production on those is very consistent.

    • mehoo

      How ’bout a Fresca?

    • metro

      Heineken is probably one of the world’s worst beers. Most of those microbrewers have a better commitment to quality than a large scale brewery. Take Dogfish head, they will dump entire batches of beer if it’s not up to their standards, even at a huge financial hit for such a small company. They won’t even distribute varieties of their beer to certain areas because it can’t stay on the shelf for that long.

      • mehoo

        Heineken is cat piss.

    • JamesE

      Natty light works best while fist pumping to 80s cover bands.

  • cj

    No Moose Drool?

    • y8s

      I once lost my luggage in Missoula.

  • Anon

    I call BS on the Great Lakes – not available in VA and the area company rep recently said they didn’t have the capacity to go to VA yet.

    • bennynojets

      I almost got really excited about GLBC in VA, but I think you are right.

      • LP

        I’ve had Great Lakes at a few places in VA (Arlington, specifically) but am drawing a blank right now as to where. I’ll try to chime back in when my memory wakes up this morning.

        • bennynojets

          Please do. There are plenty of places in the District but would be great to get it close to home.

      • metro

        Churchkey has had Great Lakes, but they physically sent some of their employees to Michigan in a van to get casks/kegs. That could be how this place is getting it.

        • bennynojets

          GLBC has been available in DC since last January. The distributor is Hop & Wine out of Lorton, VA. But it is not distributed in VA to the best of my knowledge. You can regularly get GLBC at Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan, RFD in Chinatown, and I believe Big Hunt south of Dupont Circle.

          • GeorgeOrwell

            so will they be importing it themselves across state lines? hope the State Troopers don’t see this news.

          • FrenchyB

            George, they’ll have The Bandit blocking for them.

          • Patrick

            Lucky Bar in DC also has GLBC, and just to set the record straight GLBC is from Cleveland, OH not MI

  • Ryan

    If they really want to step up they will find out how to get some Evolution beer. http://www.evolutioncraftbrewing.com/

    • steve h

      saw evolution at galaxy hut last week! bottled, but still great to see them finally in VA

  • ArlBlueSky

    Just what Clarendon needs, another bar.

    • steve h

      move then, you old cripply person.

    • local

      There’s a drug store across the street where you can get your enema and denture cleaner though.

    • y8s

      I agree. How about bulldozing a few barbershops in Westover and putting this place there?

    • Robert

      I’m with you ArlBlueSky. I’d really prefer to know what their food menu will be. Likely a photo copy of all the other pubs in Clarendon. Would be nice to have a little diversity but as long as pushing beer and tvs on all the walls is the new money maker that’s what we’re stuck with. The brown flip flop mentality.

  • Anon

    They had to drive to Cleveland to get it, not Michigan. DC laws are different, VAs laws require board approval before you can sell a new kind of beer.


    • metro

      I was thinking of Bell’s when I wrote that thing about Great Lakes earlier, so that explains the Michigan part. Oops.

  • Aaron

    They were probably on their way to MI to get some Bell’s or Founder’s and just stopped in Cleve-land on the way back.

  • BrewDrnker

    Where is Fat Tire on this list?? That stuff rocks.

  • Cyrus

    Ahem, true Scotch Whisky is spelled without the “e”. I’m quite sure that was a simple oversight on the editors part…

  • Love the stouts on that list and that the manager’s name is Seamus!

  • steve

    will one of the bars in it be a smoking bar, or is this another sissy clarendon nonsmoking only bar?

    • mehoo

      Breathing is for losers.

      I think that’s 9, Bury the Damn Power Lines Guy.

      • steve

        Yeah, I keep on forgetting bars are really health spas! There should be precor machines to burn off all the calories from the beer, and of course no fried food or red meat will be served, because that would be unhealthy! I do pray the bartenders tell me that I can’t drink more than a certain amount because that would be bad for me! I love living a dull and boring life!

    • deathblosom

      Well, Steve, smoking and drinking is quickly becoming something you can only do in your own home. My lungs are thankful, but maybe not my kidney’s and liver.

      • steve

        i’d rather smell smoke than have all the drunk drivers on the road. I can choose to avoid a bar that allows smoking, but its harder for me to avoid drunk drivers.


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