Snowy Scenes Along Columbia Pike

by ARLnow.com January 26, 2011 at 8:16 pm 2,086 14 Comments

The scene along Columbia Pike tonight was much like the scene elsewhere in Arlington.

Cars were getting stuck on the snowy, hilly section of the Pike near Washington Boulevard. Traffic was backed up before the hill as a result. On Washington Boulevard, traffic was at a standstill.

Residents were streaming up the sidewalks of the Pike from the Pentagon City area. Some were stopping to help push stranded cars up the street. Others were talking on their phones, trying to provide directions to loved ones who were stuck in traffic.

Snow-covered tree branches hung low over sidewalks, threatening to snap at any moment.

Through it all, though, people remained friendly and willing to help their fellow man. In a rainstorm, you might be tempted to push someone out of the way to get where you’re going faster. During snow storms, it seems, a better side of humanity shines through.

  • Hikin’ the pike

    I’m headed out now…this is the best part of the snow experience!

  • PikeMan

    I was on the bus in the second pic.. its behind the first bus.. it slid sideways into the curb trying to brake going down the hill.. he refused to try to continue for fear of damage the bus and everyone had to get off.. so many rear wheel cars were stuck on the hill next to AF memorial.. it was chaos, but fun at the same time

  • db

    I’ve been on the Pike wbnd for over an hour. Haven’t made it to G Mason but its in sight

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  • DarkHeart

    From the former Citgo by the Pentagon, at 5:00pm, it took me 45 minutes to get underneath the 27 bridge. Two cars were broken down at the entrance to AF Memorial.

  • i’m on 27, and can see the columbia pike ramp, but i’m not moving… at all

  • Arlingtonian

    At South Courthouse a bus was stuck in one spot for a long time, with lots of people milling around. It just left but there’s still a fire truck and some police cars out there

    • Arlingtonian

      looks like a power line went down, you can still smell it burning!

  • Teyo

    One of the 16Fs got stuck at the South Scott Street stop (yay alliteration!) and we helped it get on its way again. While it was stuck though, traffic was blocked because of the median in front of the church, so cars were driving west on the east-bound side of the road. I was afraid there would be a collision, as for some reason people decided that one lane going the wrong way wasn’t enough so they ended up taking up both lanes of oncoming traffic. Luckily nothing bad happened. In the brief half hour I was outside, we got 2 cabs, a RAV4, and 2 BMW 1-series on their way. Most people were just gunning it, but once it was explained to them that they should rock the car to get it unstuck things went much more smoothly. I was only pushing but some people had snow shovels and pieces of cardboard that they were using to help get the vehicles unstuck. I’ve e-mailed some photos that I took if the admin wants to add them to the post.

  • Kate

    I was on a bus from Pentagon that couldn’t get up the slope by the Air Force Memorial, we wound up stopping next to the one that slid into the curb and the driver advised we all just get off and walk, since the bus wasn’t going anywhere soon. I live a few miles away, and after walking about a mile through slush with soaked, numb feet and sliding everywhere, I found a cab that was willing to take me the rest of the way. I didn’t have any cash left on me, but he was nice enough to still give me and one other person rides home.

    So as miserable a commute as this was – and I’m so thankful that I didn’t drive as I do normally – it really warmed my heart to know that some people out there went out of their way to help others out of the goodness of their hearts.

  • Patti Aaron

    I abandoned my 16B bus at the bottom of the Air Force Memorial hill, teamed up with some guys to push cars up the hill, made new pals, enjoyed the snowy neighborhood transformation, and silently thanked the inventor of the Ice Trekkers I bought a couple of weeks ago! Sang and danced a little, too!

  • Doug

    I was stuck on Washington Blvd for an hour an half next to the Pentagon because no one could get up the hill in front of the AF memorial. Finally got up towards the hill and managed to go around on the road that runs between the navy annex and the cemetery. After that was a breeze to get up the hill to south courthouse. saw those two buses stuck and wished the drivers knew they could have gone on the road i took and come out by the hotel.

  • David Burns

    I was out there with that 16F, the BMWs, and a few cabs. It was very intense. Thankfully, management at Archstone Columbia Crossing left a few shovels out and a couple guys grabbed a bunch of cardboard from their apartment and we went to town to get them all out. Great community spirit out on the Pike this evening! Way to go, everyone!

  • BMWs

    Don’t you love people spending $30K on BMWs and not be able to drive them when weather strikes.


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