Vote: Alternative Decal Contest

by ARLnow.com January 26, 2011 at 1:05 pm 1,791 12 Comments

Last week we announced our first annual Alternative Vehicle Decal contest, to compete with the actual Arlington County vehicle decal contest. We’ve completed the difficult task of narrowing the excellent submissions down to five finalists, and now it’s time to vote.

We’ll keep voting open for a week, and will announce the winner shortly thereafter. The grand prize is the satisfaction of knowing that Arlington picked you as its best alternative vehicle decal designer.

Good luck to all the finalists!

(Just to be clear, this contest is not sanctioned by Arlington County or any other governmental body.)

  • GMO

    AHHH! I *cannot* decide! They are all fantastic. Great work, folks.


    What is the significance of Oz. FREDTERP

  • GeorgeOrwell

    that was the toughest vote I have had to make in years. seriously. all great.

  • Arlingtonian2

    Tough decision since they are all so good. What happened to The Peoples Republic of Arlington – I loved that one and it is soooo true.

    • My fans are dissapointed!

  • Lumiere

    None of the Above.

  • alebt

    Great fun! Thanks for hosting the vote. And, whether or not they win, brown flip flops rule!

  • these are all fantastic. What happened to all the tow truck decals? Those were great too!!

  • Dan

    The dog park shot is great…I think that is the one that I will use on my car.

  • Set the controls

    How about “All may Park, all must pay?” I know, maybe a little dated.

  • Dss

    I think there should have be a sticker with a pint of vanilla Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Bland, expensive, and a little smug.

    • SamsontheCat

      That sounds more like DC…just add nuts.


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