Moran Facing Criticism For Remarks to Arab TV Channel

by ARLnow.com January 27, 2011 at 3:10 pm 5,253 91 Comments

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) is once again facing scrutiny for something he said.

Moran told Alhurra, U.S. government-sponsored Arab TV network, that Democrats suffered in the 2010 elections because many Americans don’t want a black president.

“In this case a lot of people in this country, I believe, don’t want to be governed by an African American, particularly one who is inclusive, who is liberal, who wants to spend money on everyone and who wants to reach out to include everyone in our society,” Moran told an interviewer, as reported by the Washington Post.

Moran also made reference to “slaveholding states,” which would include his home state of Virginia.

Moran, of course, has a long history of sparking controversy with off-handed remarks. He faced criticism during his reelection campaign this fall when he said that Republican challenger, retired Army Colonel Patrick Murray, has not “served or performed… any kind of public service.”

  • Bluemont John

    How is this even controversial? All Moran was doing is acknowledging that there’s a long history of racism in this country–which unfortunately has not magically disappeared, despite all the progress we’ve made.

    Go to a gun show sometime. I have. You’ll see loads of anti-Obama buttons, etc., with what can only be described as racist characatures of him. Everywhere.

    Not everyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist–and in fact, I’d say they’re not even the majority. But I commend Rep. Moran for telling it like it is, unvarnished.

    • FedUp

      Thank you, John. My sentiments exactly. No controversy here.

      • Bluemont John

        Thanks. (And I really can spell “caricature”!)

    • Jim

      exactly how many gun shows have you been to???

    • Truthi

      I don’t know saying that voters who didn’t vote for your party are some how racists is controversial if not totally wrong. After all, just how did Barack Obama get to be President. Tell me Jim are those people who voted for Barack and not Hilary, are the misogynists?

      • Truthi

        Seems Jimbo is back on the bottle again and that is why his THIRD wife threw him out.

    • are you serious? Wow. Scary. Also very sad.

      • Truthi

        Sadly all true Lauren and reported on ARLNOW.

  • JimPB

    What Moran said sounds like a reasonably accurate descriptive statement.

    • PCB

      This guy is a douche. I’m embarrassed I live in the district that keeps him employed.

    • Bobin

      I agree

  • Lou

    Of course, Obama was not on any ballots in 2010, but it’s real easy to play the race card.

    The swing in voting came from the fringes: centrists, and even some Democrats who don’t think Obama is liberal enough. I guess you can label those people as racist, but don’t expect them to come back to your party if you act like that.

    Other than that, most Republicans did not vote for Obama, and did not vote for Democrats in 2010. Nothing changed there, and Moran is still a moran.

    • Lifelong Resident

      I’m with Lou, Todd, Jason and MaydayMalone. We call him “Moron” in this house. He’s an embarrassment to our district. It’s easy to say “a lot” of people are racists without providing any facts or hard statistics — there’s really no way to check. Maybe because I don’t like Moron, I hate Irish people too? Please.

      • Anon

        We call him “Moron” in this house.

        Oh, wow, that is so original! Did you come up with that yourself?

        • Patrick

          “In this case a lot of people in this country, I believe, don’t want to be governed by an African American”

          Oh, wow, that is so original!! Did Moran come up with that himself?

      • Dude Where’s My Car

        The fact is, a lot of people are racists. It is also a fact that a lot of people aren’t racists. Suggesting that people need to provide “hard statistics” to justify either statement is absurd. Moran’s argument, on the other hand — that Democratic losses in 2010 are due to racism — is not an obvious fact. Reasonable people could claim it was a specious argument or demagoguery (e.g. “playing the race card”). We must separate the facts (“there are a lot of racists”) from the specious or questionable conclusions (“I didn’t get an ice cream cone because there are a lot of racists”). If we start arguing about the obvious facts, then the demagogues have won. 🙂

        • Bluemont John

          Hold on. No one really disputes that in any midterm, sentiments about the current president influence voters. Nor is it arguable with this president, some of those voters are crazy racist ranting fringe nutjobs.

          All it sounds like Rep. Moran was suggest that the latter probably played a role in the former in the results of that election, among other factors. I don’t even see how that’s debatable–except for the question of whether there are enough such racists to materially affect an election and if they vote in the first place (which I fear they do).

          • Truthi

            Or it could be the economy sucks and the party in power always loses in the midterms but racism just sounds better. If follow Jim MORON’s logic if you did not vote for Barack Obama and did not vote Democrat you are a racist. This clown is an embarrassment to bad the voters don’t have the brains God gave them to vote Bozo out

          • Dude Where’s My Car

            John, Moran didn’t “suggest” that racism “played a role.” That is a reasonable thing to say. Reasonable people could debate the truth of that assertion. Instead, Moran said that the Republican midterm victories, quote, “happened for the same reason the Civil War happened in the United States.” 😀 That seems more like demagoguery to me than an expression of reasonable opinion. The Civil War happened (among other reasons) because one group of Americans believed in slavery and another group didn’t. To say the Democrats had some losses in 2010 midterm elections for the very same reason cheapens the horror of both slavery and the Civil War. I won’t even get into the irony of a well-to-do white man playing the Race Card.

        • Evacuate!

          A lot of racists are black. That’s a fact as well. So, Rep. Moran – how did they vote? Not such a useful thing to claim now, is it? Absurdity to even attempt to justify his “rationale”.

      • mehoo

        So let’s have a long debate about whether there are “alot” of racists, or just “a few” or “some” or “a good deal” or “a sizeable proportion.” :rolleyes:

  • Todd

    Why can’t I vote against the direction the government was taking in terms of TARP, auto bail outs and Obamacare without a liberal calling me a racist? That’s not “telling it as it is”, it’s a non sequitur. The president’s race has no bearing on my vote against deficit spending.

    • Jason S

      Todd, it is not possible to disagree with any of President Obama’s positions, unless you’re a racist. It’s the ultimate trump card and much easier than proving a point to just go straight for unprovable ad hominem.

      • CJR

        +1 Well Played

    • Bluemont John

      Did you not read my whole post? I specifically said that not everyone who opposes his policies is a racist. I even said I don’t think most of his opponents are–just a vocal fringe. The vocal fringe who think it’s OK to call someone a “macaca.”

      • Jason S

        Why would you assume he is replying to you? He clearly did not use the “reply” feature, maybe Todd was speaking about Rep. Moran.

        • Bluemont John

          I’d said Moran was telling it like it is, which Todd quoted when he trotted out the tired straw-man argument of “If you oppose Obama, you’re automatically a racist”–a syllogism I never hear from Obama supporters, just from his opponents who like to play victim.

          • Truthi

            Moran is not telling it like it is. Moran is a drunken wife beating corrupt antisemite. That is what it is.

    • SteveO

      TARP and auto-bailouts were started under George W. Bush.

      • Crabhands

        Don’t let things like logic and evidence. They don’t understand them.

      • Lou

        They are both packages within legislative acts of Congress. The 2010 elections were Congressional elections, so maybe they are factors worth discussing in the context of Moran’s comments about why Democrats lost seats in both houses.

      • Bluemont John

        THANK YOU. Some facts–imagine!

      • Real Facts

        And when you say George W. Bush, you mean under a Democtratic congress? Right

    • Mammy

      The president’s race has no bearing on my vote against deficit spending.

      Which is why you voted against Reagan, Bush I, & Bush II, right?

      • Jason S

        This is useless speculation, you have no idea how he voted or why he voted a particular way. It’s the same stupid, yes stupid, argument that if you dislike something about Obama, you must have loved everything about Bush. It’s quite possible that a person be skeptical of both parties.

        • Mammy

          If you claim one issue (deficit spending) as the reason for your vote, then it only makes sense that you vote consistently on that issue. If indeed he’s skeptical of both parties, then my assertion that he must of voted against those other deficit spenders is no doubt true.

          • Jason S

            Now, you are missing a couple of things. The largest deficits occurred after 2006, which is after President Bush was already reelected, should have gone back to the FEC and asked for his vote back? Think of how many people regret voting for President Obama, should they go back and ask for their vote to be refunded as well based on decisions he made after they voted for him? Secondly, one can support certain levels of something, but find it to be taken too far in which case their support wanes.

          • Real Facts

            @Mammy, I wasn’t happy with Bush’s spending, but come on, it is nothing compared to the spending Obama has pushed for the past 2 years! Listen to something besides MSNBC for your arguments. It makes you sound like an uninformed idiot.

  • Jason S

    I love that excuse, the loss of seats couldn’t have possibly been related to the sheer ineptitude of Congressional Democrats.

    • Patrick

      Nope. The only way you dont vote democrat is if you are a racist. Right Rep. Moran?

  • MaydayMalone

    I could have sworn that Obama was black in 2008.

  • Jim

    Moran just keeps talking the truth and his critics don’t like to hear it.

    • Patrick

      So that is the only possible explanation for the congressional democrats lose of 60+ seats?

      • Bluemont John

        Moran wasn’t saying that racism is the ONLY reason for opposition to Obama and, by extension, congressional Democrats. He said it *hurt* the latter in the elections. Obviously, there are many other things that hurt them as well. You don’t need me to list them if you read newspapers. But the vitriol you hear against Obama–this crazy “birther” stuff, claims that he’s a Muslim–I do think that comes from a racist fringe.

        • Lou

          Do you think some of the losses for the Democrats could have been attributed to policies enacted by Congressional Democrats like Moran, and if so what do you think about Moran’s sense of priorities in terms of placing “blame” for their defeats?

          • Bluemont John

            Yes, I think there were many people who objected to those policies or their (mis)perceptions thereof. As to his answer, I wasn’t there, so I don’t have context. But I’d be really surprised if they asked “So why did the Dems lose?” and he right off the bat answered, “Because of racism against President Obama!” I’m sure there was more to his answer.

        • Truthi

          and why do I think of the things that hurt them racism was way down on the list. Of course that didn’t stop Jimbo from saying it in his interview for oh, shock value.

  • Charlie

    Moran is right. Finally.

  • Lacy Forest

    Just to be clear, TARP and the bailouts began during George W. Bush’s administration.

    • he he

      Why the hatred of TARP? Other than the car companies it made money – you’d rather the tax payers lose money? I’m totally confused – that’s not tax and spend, that’s tax and destroy.

    • The Dope of South Arlington

      What, are you saying I should form my political opinions based on facts? Damned liberal!

    • Chad

      Facts change, but my opinion will remain the same.

    • Jason S

      With Congressional Democrats, which might be why some people finally grew tired of spending being advocated by Congressional Democrats.

      • idi Amin Dada

        Hank Paulsen was a Congressional Democrat? Who knew?

  • Jim

    there is not one credible political scientist who would say that the 2010 election has anything to do with race. this is a really, really uninformed comment.

    • notahoo

      There actually are “credible” political scientsts? I call BS. That’s where the “C” students and hacks go.

  • BoredHouseWife

    Many people associate the right wing with racism for many reasons. One being, that the dixiecrats fled to the republican party when Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. But that is a mistake because there are democrats that are just as racist. It is the country bumpkins (barbarians, pagans, rednecks, etc.) that are bigots. Amazingly, some are democrats. They have been vocal about lynching people of a certain color; in fact, they sing about it. They call Obama a . But, then again I. Called Bush a and Cheney an evil .

    • Truthi

      As I recall it is the Republicans who got that act past.

    • Clarendruid

      Pagans ? Not to generalize too much but Pagans are nice people !

      • BoredHouseWife

        I agree. I was just being nerdy.

  • BoredHouseWife

    Insert insult here….within brackets.

  • MB

    One should never repeat anything Jennifer Rubin says without first checking the facts. Alhurra is not an “Arab TV network.” It’s a US gov’t owned and operated propaganda satellite channel. Based out of Springfield, VA, in fact.

    (It is also, by the way, a waste of time and money.)

    • MB

      Man, I just love it when I commit a mistake to print. The source was Ben Pershing (about whom I have no opinion) and not Jennifer Rubin (about whom I still hold the same opinion).

      • Evacuate!

        So does that mean I still should never repeat anything by poor Jennifer? Rushed to judgement and to print on that one, I am afraid. Awfully quick to slander…kinda like a racist does…

      • mehoo

        One should never repeat anything MP says without first checking the facts. 😉

        Seriously, this is funny, but I give you credit for checking your own facts (late) and posting a correction.

  • John of Arlington

    For a community which prides itself on its education and openness, to post some of these off point defenses of Moran’s silly comments does a huge disservice to Arlington. Moran is a buffoon, even the Post realizes that as it refuses to endorse him. That Moran is elected by large majorities indicates that this community and its Democratic numbers refuses to take out the garbage preferring the stench of the incumbent to the freshness of a newcomer.

  • MC

    Let’ see, Moran blames Obama for the Democrats loosing the House because Obama opposes slavery. That is literally what he said, absolutely amazing, maybe even crazier than anything Glen Beck would say (who isn’t elected to serve anyone). Moran manages to trivialize a serious discussion of racism (please Jim, leave that topic to the President, he’s deep and reflective, unlike you) and Moran manages to scapegoat the President for his own Democratic Congressional colleagues ineptitude. And he does this on TV for a foreign audience that wants to believe the worst about American. Thanks Jim.

  • The native

    Truthi you have problems. 6 angry posts in 11 min. Find another outlet. Exercise? Therapy maybe?

    • Evacuate!

      …says the man posting on the internet…unbridled, unabashed hypocrisy. I smell wasted college educations all over this thread.

      • DouroDouro

        yours included, i’m sure

  • DouroDouro

    Citing the Weekly Standard, seriously? Do you have any self-respect, ARLnow?

  • Kevin

    I‘m sorry Sir I am from the south, and you are one big waste of Oxygen on this planet. You would better this planet being fertilizer for a tree or a garden. I cannot believe you actually have these feelings about the GOP of America. You are one of the devises for the division in this Nation of civil minded people. I believe this Nation is more a civil Nation than ever before. Just because we expect people to have what they work for, and be who they are by following the Laws of our Nation, does not mean that we are racist. The only reason you believe we are racist is because of your Democratic programs that keep people of color down. You give somebody something they begin to think it is owed to them or they deserve it. You need to give fish with expectations of them learning how to fish for themselves not to keep getting into the basket and taking. You break the law you pay the price, if you don’t give into something then you have no right to take out of it. You owe America an apology, and you should resign your position now and not wait till you are pushed out by a vote. You deserve nothing for your time as a public servant. You need to be taken out in front of the Nation outside the Capital building, and have your mouth washed out in humiliation.

    Kevin G Moncus
    Seneca, SC

    • DouroDouro

      Ummmmm…… I appreciate your stream of consciousness writing style, but you don’t make any sense.

      • KalashniKEV

        For the record, this is not me… but the dude is right on!

        I would also add that it’s the Media that keeps Racism alive in America today, the Democrats only reap the rewards. It’s like a clownfish and a sea anemone. Once I was snorkeling in the bluest…

  • Andrew

    Why did you leave out the first part of the quote?

    Moran said that Democratic losses in the 2010 elections …”happened because of the same reason the Civil War happened in the United States. The Civil War happened because the Southern states, particularly the slaveholding states, didn’t want to see a president who was opposed to slavery”

    • CJR

      So he is calling his home state, Virginia, a racist state! Quality representation VA has there!

      • Westover

        MA is his home state, it would not be a bad idea for him to return there.

  • SouthArlJD

    We still have slaves in Virginia? Who knew?

    Jim Moran could have put his complaint a bit less inartfully, but there is more truth to what he said than many people would like to admit. During the election I remember shocking a number of my more elderly clients and acquaintances by telling them I intended to vote for Obama. More than one couldn’t believe I would actually vote for a black candidate because he was … you know … black, and by their way of thinking, having grown up surrounded by the notion that black people were inherently intellectually inferior, they simply could not accept the idea that a black man could and would be President.

  • mehoo

    Clearly some people hate Obama due to racism.

    Clearly some people hate Obama for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with race.

    Clearly it’s not fair to accuse anyone who hates Obama of being racist. Whether that’s what Moran is doing, I’m not sure.

    • CJR

      Exactly. I did not vote for Obama (I’m too fiscally conservative), but my wife did (she didn’t like Palin). But once Obama was elected, I had hope that maybe things were finally going to change – and I was admittedly a bit excited about the prospects. But Obamas and the liberal congress’ policies were so extreme regarding spending, I quickly gave up all hope and again became a hardened fiscal conservative. Likewise, my wife jumped ship from Obama due to his class warfare policies.

      • KalashniKEV

        Obama had the potential to change a lot with that silver tongue of his- he just didn’t know how to use it.

        He could have gradually and incrementally implemented his class war so that there never would have been ONE solid target to fight against. He needed to sing his opponents to sleep with a sweet lullaby and make them look like the aggressors.

        Instead it was the Scamulus package, Healthcare, and a constant drumbeat of Marxist political rhetoric and agitation. And the hits just keep on coming…

        Lucky for us, due to surrounding himself with sycophants, yes-men, and basketballers, he’ll never learn. The emperor truly has no clothes.

        • mehoo

          Stimulus and healthcare are not the least bit Marxist or class warfare. Turn off your am radio.

  • My Hood

    I didn’t know Moran hired Clayton Bigsby to do his speech writing?

  • Java11

    As a conservative Republican, I ALWAYS vote for Republicans. So I voted in the 2010 election based on POLITICS, like nearly all of my fellow Republicans. So if all these people voted for Republicans based on the fact that they hate black people (total BS), then who were they? DEMOCRATS??? RACIST DEMOCRATS?

  • Joe

    Martin Luther King: “I have a dream … when all men will be judged by the content of their character rather than by the color of their skin.

    in the 2008 election, 95% of blacks are said to have voted for Barack Obama. (I can’t help but wonder what kind of name calling the other 5% has had to put up with)

    So, who is racist?

    Well, I guess that really isn’t a fair question, given that John McCain was a poor choice for the Republican party candidate.

    It was kind of like a choice between a kick in the teeth and a stick in the eye. Of course, we are told that if we don’t vote we have no right to complain. Then, when forced to make a choice like this one, if we didn’t vote for the kick in the teeth, we are stupid and if we didn’t vote for the stick in the eye, we are racist.

    So how do we, the people, win?

  • Steve-O

    Terrible tactical move. Moran won’t personally be hurt by his stupidity, his district is reflexively Democratic.

    But this will rile-up the center-right in other house districts. People have honest, principled, substantive reasons for opposing the Democratic Party. Even implicitly dismissing those reasons as racism will leave voters feeling disenfranchised, angry & motivated.

    In sports, they call this locker room material.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Very good analysis.

  • Alan

    I hope he keeps up such talk. It only benefits the right and those on the brink of turning to the right. This “card” played was and is no longer even viable since Obama was elected in 08. In fact, I think this type of foolishness contributed to the “shellacking” the left received in Nov. Tired old rhetoric that only irritates most, though I can see how the more intellectually challenged may lap it up. I suggest the right give him an award for speaking such nonsense….. 😉

  • DD

    Moran’s comments make no sense, because 70 percent of the American public supported President Obama on his inauguration day.

  • DT

    That idiot Moran can say stupid things until the cows come home and the blind “push the button that says D” voters in this district will keep sending him back to Congress. The only way to get rid of him is for another dem to challenge him. Anyone have the guts to get this jerk out of office?


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