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Arlington Fire Marshals Confiscate Fireworks At Eden Center

by ARLnow.com February 3, 2011 at 2:45 pm 4,185 21 Comments

Arlington County fire marshals have filled a 44 gallon trash can with fireworks confiscated at today’s rowdy Chinese New Year celebration at Eden Center.

Firefighters initially responded to the Falls Church shopping center this morning for an activated fire alarm. They quickly discovered that the alarm was set off by fireworks being ignited inside the building.

Arlington fire marshals responded and, after determining the problem was more widespread than just one store, Falls Church Police and additional Arlington units were called in. Fire marshals are now conducting a sweep of the shopping center and confiscating illegal fireworks.

They’ve found enough fireworks so far to fill a 44 gallon trash can and a 18×12 box, according to fire department spokesman Lt. Gregg Karl, who noted that police will be stepping up their fireworks enforcement.

“Anybody who is caught lighting fireworks inside the building will be issued summons or arrested,” he said.

Photo courtesy Arlington Fire Department

  • Lou

    They’re sweeping that entire shopping center and only finding illegal fireworks? That’s a news story all to itself.

    • Arlwhenever


  • V Dizzle

    Good enough for Anthony Bourdain, good enough for me.

  • Just to clarify, Eden Center is a Vietnamese shopping center and they’re actually celebrating Lunar New Year, which is pretty much the generic name of the Chinese New Year. We’re continuing to say “Chinese New Year” for clarity, since most people know what that is but not what “Lunar New Year” is.

    Thanks to Elizabeth D. for helping to bring this to our attention.

    • AKA Tet. Remember the scene from Full Metal Jacket?

      • local

        Some of us (not me though) remember the ACTUAL Tet Offensive, not a movie version.

  • CrystalMikey

    Inside the building? Can we be any more like idiots?

  • Setting off fireworks inside a building? What could possibly go wrong!?!

  • Katie

    Pho cryin out loud.

    • Ballston


    • -1 for pronunciation

      • Katie

        No, plus 10! It’s not pronounced “fo”–it’s more like “fuhr” with a soft r. So fer sure.

        • No, it is pronounced “Fuh”. Goto Eden Center and ask

          • Katie

            I went to Vietnam instead. Even if you accept “fuh” then it still goes perfectly with “sure.”

          • Steve

            Pho king idiots

  • Long Duk Dong

    No more yankie me wankie. The Donger need food!

  • Cultural Clarity

    This is to celebrate Chinese New Year. I’m sure they’ve been doing this since Eden Center was in existence. I’m surprised the Fire Dept. stopped them, they should just supervise and manage in case it gets out of hand. Arlington needs to be more sensitive to it’s business owners. Something culturally important like this should be allowed to happen in a controlled situation.

    • CrankyMom

      They were setting off fireworks INSIDE a building. At the point where “things get out of hand”, they would be rescuing people from flames.

  • Harassed

    They let off fireworks at Eden Center every year at this time. I heard them go off for over an hour on Sunday afternoon. I’m shocked the police took any action, they never have before.

  • Phuc Dat Bich

    Government is too big, ya can’t even celebrate tet anymore… lol

    • Steve

      Pronounced “foo”


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