Banks Opening, Closing in Clarendon

by ARLnow.com February 4, 2011 at 9:00 am 1,970 15 Comments

One bank branch is closing in Clarendon while another is opening up.

The PNC Bank at 3033 Wilson Boulevard will be closing after Feb. 18. The bank’s lease is up and, with rent steeply rising, it decided to move its operation into an existing branch several blocks down the road at 2601 Clarendon Boulevard.

Meanwhile, a Burke & Herbert Bank will be opening on Feb. 22 at 3020 Clarendon Boulevard, in the new Clarendon Center development. Burke & Herbert has about two dozen locations throughout Northern Virginia.

It’s been a relatively busy 9 months for banks in Clarendon. A MainStreet Bank branch opened at 1000 North Highland Street last summer.

  • Tim

    Sucks about PNC. The other branch is pretty far from Clarendon, if you’re walking. Maybe they could keep an ATM somewhere closer to Clarendon?

    • Rick

      The other one is only four blocks away… it’s behind whole foods. It’s also a lot nicer and doesn’t have the original ATM on display for everyone

  • T. J. Sullivan

    They never should have put that bank in there. That’s prime restaurant space, that probably only a chain can afford. We need a French bistro or good Chinese. Pizza purveyors need not apply.

    • Captain Krunchy

      I don’t think the Chinese restaurant already in the 3033 Wilson building on the Garfield St side (whose name eludes me) appreciates your suggestion that they either don’t exist or aren’t “good.” If not pizza, perhaps a nice cupcakery or bar…

      • LP

        Hunan One

  • SD

    How often to people change banks, particularly to less known ones like a Burke & Herbert Bank?

    • CW

      I doubt people change banks often, but if you’re from around this area, I think Burke and Herbert is pretty well known. The one in Old Town has a parking lot attendant, that will direct traffic and help park cars while you do your banking. So they appear to often a more catered/personal service (as opposed to some of the bigger bank chains.)

      I don’t do any banking with Burke and Herbert, but if I changed banks, I would check them out, because of the “little things” they appear to offer to customers.

      • charlie

        Burke & Hebert is hardly an unknown. I’ve been dying to have an account there but it has never been all that close. I had a small account in Old Town and they would say your name, thank you and be nice. And once i had larger accounts there (over $1m) they didn’t treat me any different. Amazing bank.

  • I wonder what will become of that empty lot (and the block) next to the PNC back by Whole Foods? Anyone got some info on this?

    • Rick


      • Bob

        A Sheetz would be awesome… and a Wawa!!!! Alas, we know full well neither will ever come to Arlington =/ just more cupcakes and pizza….

        • Wouldn’t a Sheetz take up like two “city” blocks, based on their land needs? I think they frequently go for lots with at least an acre, maybe two.

  • charlie

    Given the relationship with Chevy Chase Bank and BF Saul, do you think we will see a CapOne bank in the new Saul buildings?

  • g_clifford_prout

    Wake up people. Keep you money in a community bank like Burke and Herbert, National Capital Bank, Chain Bridge Bank etc. These folks didn’t play the financial games that drove the country into a ditch AND the money stays in the community and doesn’t go to Pittsburgh National Corp (PNC) or North Carolina (Bank owned by America). http://moveyourmoneyproject.org/

    • charlie

      +10 +10 +10


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