Those who own and operate apartment complexes and multi-family residences must now provide their residents more opportunities to recycle materials.

The Arlington County Board in December voted to change its recycling regulations and now requires businesses and multi-family homes to accommodate the recycling of additional materials like mixed paper – cardboard, office paper, junk mail, food boxes – along with metal cans and other metal objects, glass, aluminum, and plastic.

County officials say business owners have 90 days, beginning Feb. 1, to get a recycling program in place or they will be in violation of the new ordinance.

“By stepping up education and recycling requirements in the County, we plan to capture more recyclables while reducing trash – which ultimately will provide cost savings for County businesses and residents while helping to preserve our resources,” said Arlington Department of Environmental Services Director William O’Connor in a press release.

Additionally as part of the new resolution, old fashioned TVs with cathode-ray tubes and computer monitors with a traditional picture tube must be recycled and not thrown out with the garbage.

Residents may call 703-228-6570 to have these items picked up from the curb, or may visit the county’s website.

They may also drop off materials at the county’s Hazardous Materials facility.


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