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Old House Set for Demolition

by Uriah Kiser February 7, 2011 at 3:29 pm 3,295 21 Comments

An older house on South Glebe Road is set for demolition, except the company that states they will tear down has no record of it.

The dilapidated house sits in the 2000 block of South Glebe Road, near Shirlington Drive next to a group of occupied town homes.

Bright orange signs are posted on the structure ordering everyone to stay out, and that the building is not safe to be inside by order of an Arlington County building official.

The side of the house that faces the road has a sign that states Tyson’s Service Corporation – company that advertises asbestos removal and building demolition – said they had no record of any services that had or will take place at the property when ARLnow.com called its main offices at 2 p.m. Monday.

So the abandoned house still sits, bright orange signs ordering all to stay away.

  • FrenchyB

    Looks like the sign for Tyson’s Service Corp. has been on that house for quite a while (it’s clearly visible on the Google Maps Street view), but the orange signs and boarded-up doors and windows are more recent.

  • Westover

    It will be a shame to lose another old house like what was knocked down on Washington Blvd last month.

  • charlie

    house on Washington Blvd. being replaced by THREE hosues.

  • charlie

    that is some nice land they own — 1/2 acre.
    based on my interpretation of the real estate records, they’ve owned that land for over 47 years.

  • Sausage

    Yeah, and that house probably costs about $200,000

  • Bob Vila

    It is a shame to lose the history of some of these old properties. I guess you can’t stop “progress”. We’ll get a hand full of town homes where one used to stand.

    • Ballston

      that would be a relief – if you are not aware, there is a housing shortage in arlington

      • Westover

        Tell that to the guy up the road that has had his place on the Market since August.

      • Bob Vila

        Yet in other topics on this board people are critical of others who “choose” to live further out. If housing weren’t such a shortage, and prices higher, maybe folks wouldn’t “choose” to commute and maybe we’d not have to “choose” to build HOT lanes.

  • CW

    Will ACFD burn it for practice?

  • The Native

    It IS progress when a house like that comes down. Not only is it a danger it is an invitation to lawless entrance and use. It has been there with a Tysons sign for 3 years I think. I drive by it all the time.

    • HP2000

      I’m pretty sure that Tysons sign has been up longer than 3 years. This house is falling in on itself. Police have had to come several times to remove vagrants from it. It has also been the subject of complaints to the County for years (by nearby residents). It is such a relief that the County is finally taking action.

  • Rick

    paintballs and fireworks!


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