Fire Breaks Out at Lee Highway McDonald’s

by ARLnow.com February 21, 2011 at 9:00 am 2,763 21 Comments

A fire broke out at the McDonald’s at 4834 Lee Highway Saturday morning.

The fire started in an electrical panel in the basement around 7:00 a.m. Customers and employees were evacuated as light smoke started to fill the restaurant.

Firefighters eventually were able to shut off the power to the building and get the flames under control.

An electrical inspector and a health inspector were called to the scene once the fire was extinguished.

  • Burger

    Oh no! Where am I going to get my Shamrock Shake? I am being very serious.

    • Rick

      Mason and Wilson? Can’t be more than two miles away from the one on Lee.

      • Tamar

        Just drove by the one on Wilson and Geo. Mason. Several fire trucks and ambulances there…apparently a bad accident in the parking lot. Perhaps this is God’s way of getting us to give up junk food?

        • Virginia^2

          I ran right by it at around 4:50 or so; looked like an SUV traveling on George Mason towards Wilson hadn’t realized that cars were stopped at the intersection, swerved, knocked over one of the McD’s parking lot light poles, and hit a parked car. The pole was kind of leaning against the hood of a white van but it really just looked like bad fender-bender kind of stuff. One officer was there, calmly taking statements, so I (hope) that no one was injured.

          I’ve seen two somewhat minor collisions outside of my building on Fairfax Drive (fender benders, maybe slightly more damage) in the past three days – multiple fire engines, ambulances, and squad cars responded to each immediately, even though no one was hurt at all. I took pictures from my balcony because the response seemed absurd next to the damaged bumper. Still, if it was me in an accident, I’d rather have an excessive response than an inadequate one.

          • There was one minor injury, from what I heard.

            If an injury is reported in a two-car accident, Arlington will send 1-2 squad cars and 2-3 fire/EMS units. More if there is >1 reported injury/>2 vehicles involved.

  • Ronald McDdonald is the devil

    it was the one on Lee. Not a big loss, everyone arteries could use a break.

    • Ronald McDonald

      Everyone could us a break? Reminds me of a song.

      “You could use a break today.
      So get up and get away
      to McDonald’s!”

      I love that song.

  • Logic

    Let’s apply the same logic to McDonald’s as some would apply to keeping the Metro open until 2am versus midnight.

    If keeping Metro open would keep people from drunk driving and make the roads safer, closing all McDonald’s restaurants would keep people from becoming obese.

    Legislate it!

    • GeorgeOrwell

      acutally we already do.
      Arlington does not ALLOW drive-thru restaurants as a by-right business.
      So you have to apply for a special permit. and then Arlington regulates, at a minimum, hours of operation of drive-thru, and volume of speaker, and lighting.
      been there done that!!

      • Logic

        Can you source that, please? I can’t fing it in the GLUP.

        Even if your statement is accurate, I think my original comments still stands. If people want to influence an organization’s hours of operation to reduce the potential for unsafe behavior, then fast food places shouldn’t be open when people are the most hungry.

  • wendy

    after the fire , i did try wendy’s OMG!!!! the food was great,the nugget juicy & crispy ,better than MC . the spicy ck yammmyyyyyyyyy , try wendy”””s fooood
    location: 5506 lee hwy open late to 1AM (*_*)

  • weather

    That McD’s has been there at least 35 years. I remember going there as a kid.

  • Josh S

    Damn, people just like to post comments for the heck of it, don’t they?

  • All beef patty

    So, after the big fire … is the store open again?

  • Special Sauce

    I hope so. Craving the Mac!

  • lettuce cheese pickles onions

    On a sesame seed bun?

  • Tabby

    This is probably TMI and not suitable for the alleged high schoolers who read the blog, but I have this guy friend who made a short-term friend in the bathroom of a McDonald’s in New England. As another friend said at the time, ‘I’m lovin’ it.”

    • RonaldMcDonald is the Devil

      Why does this McDonalds not even have a big McDonalds sign out front? It says “PLAYLAND” in big bold letters. It’s beckoning our children there like a tractor beam drawing the Millenium Falcon into the Death Star. They have their stupid colorful germ infested playpen facing the street with all sorts of colorful visual temptations for children and a stupid piece of plastic crap in whats called a “happy meal”. The only happy about that meal is those little bastards shut right up and the temper tantrums come to a grinding hault, and soccer mom get’s about another 30 minutes to an hour of relative calm before another sugar crash hits the little ones. Not so happy when your 14 year old child is morbidly obese and gets type 2 diabetes from eating this garbage.

      • RonaldMcDonald is the Devil

        correction… “PLAYPLACE”

  • jWarrior

    My dog is bummed! She would walk me there every morning to get a Senior coffee. WhatamIgonnado?

  • Other Ideas..

    There really is a big push to get rid of the fast food dining frenzy and encourage people to find other alternatives. I know in Maryland, fast food restaurants and their customers are about to have to start paying an “obesity tax.” I also know on the west coast there is a big movement to remove toys from happy meals, because lets face it, it’s not the food the child wants, its the toy, so without a toy, there isn’t as much incentive for the child to go to McDonalds, thus less whining about going somewhere healthier. Just thought both of these things were interesting..


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