Meet Your New Sister City

by ARLnow.com March 2, 2011 at 9:59 am 5,478 34 Comments

Arlington has a new sister city, and she’s eastern European.

On Friday, county board chairman Chris Zimmerman will be joined by Viktor Anushkevychus, mayor of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, at a signing ceremony in Crystal City to make the familial relationship official. The signing will be part of the 55th annual Sister Cities International Conference, which Arlington is hosting this weekend.

Ivano-Frankivsk will become Arlington’s fifth sister city, joining Aachen, Germany; Coyoacán, Mexico; Reims, France, and San Miguel, El Salvador.

Ivano-Frankivsk is a historic city located in southwestern Ukraine. It has an extensive public transportation network, an international airport, an “old town” district, six universities and an amusement park.

In addition, Ivano-Frankivsk is home to professional soccer, hockey, basketball and rugby teams. It has four stadiums and two arenas which it uses to host the teams and other athletic clubs.

Photo via UkraineTrek.com

  • DudeGuy

    In the Ukraine cars drive you

  • Overgrown Bush

    I wonder if Ivano-Frankivsk has a proliferation of the famous eastern-European automile, the Trabant.

  • Impressed

    The building in the picture is nice.

  • Overgrown Bush

    “In addition, Ivano-Frankivsk is home to professional soccer, hockey, basketball and rugby teams. It has four stadiums and two arenas which it uses to host the teams and other athletic clubs.”

    Arlington, and Virginia in general, seems to be professional team phobic. Not sure this applies…

    • Jobo

      Yeah, but you have no idea if the standard of what the city in the Ukraine defines as “professional” is the same as what an American would consider a “professional” team. For all you know, our county rec league softball teams might play at a level that would qualify as “professional” over there, and any ballfield that has bleachers in a county park would be what they would refer to as a “stadium”.

      • Bojo

        Neither do you.

      • Odessita

        Although Ukraine is smaller than the US, the big cities have professional teams and smaller cities have professional teams as well–just like here. The big city teams are like the major league teams here, and they send their 2nd, and 3rd string players on the road to smaller cities for practice. Many European soccer teams, like Real Madrid and Manchester United have come to Kyiv for matches. The larger stadiums I’ve seen were just as good as RFK, IMHO, or the smaller stadiums are like places where minor league teams play in the US.

  • Sam

    I come from Ukraine! You not say Ukraine is weak. Ukraine is not weak!

    • borf

      Hey, we’re just playing a game here, pal.

      • Dan

        It is a quote from a Seinfeld show in reference to a marathon game of Risk (were there any other kind?)….

        • Sam

          I’m fairly certain he knows that considering Kramer’s next line in that episode is “Hey, we’re just playing a game here, pal.”

          • kramer


        • Toucan Sam

          According to wikipedia, Jerry Seinfeld’s paternal grandfather was from Ivano-Frankivsk. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

      • JamesE

        Ukraine is game to you???

  • borf

    Your sister is eastern European? She must be hot. Does she have a boyfriend?

    • FrenchyB

      Dude, stop staring at my sister!

    • OX4

      Does she shave?

      • borf

        Her legs, or her face?

  • JamesE

    Ha ha, the Ukraine. Do you know what the Ukraine is? It’s a sitting
    duck. A road apple, Newman. The Ukraine is weak. It’s feeble. I think it’s
    time to put the hurt on the Ukraine.

  • SD

    Looks like a nicer version of the La Tasca corner of Wilson.

    • Shirley

      My favorite place. Love the architecture too.

  • Mike

    What is the purpose of this sister city relationship? Sounds like a good excuse for the county board to get some taxpayer paid trips overseas…

    • LP


      • Tabby

        Sisters are overrated anyway.

        • Aaron

          Falls Church is totally going to expect us to set them up now.

    • OX4

      Except that Viktor Anushkevychus came to Crystal City. That poor man. Is that the best we could do?

      • CrystalMikey

        Hey, don’t bash my ‘hood!

  • borf

    Does it use tax money?

  • Andrew

    Being half Ukrainian myself, this is great!

  • MC

    Considering how parochial many of the commenters are, I have to imagine that Ukrainians interacting with Arlingtonians will be a civilizing influence on Arlington.

    Ivano-Frankivsk looks like a far prettier city than Arlington. The Ukraine is very pro-American. It’s nice they are interested in connecting with us, hope the converse will be true.

  • Kurwastan

    It’s Ukraine. Not the Ukraine.

  • ArlingtnUkr

    The Arlington Sister City Assn’s Ivano-Frankivsk Committee (composed of volunteers/citizens of the County) has been working over the past 4+ years to estlablish this new partnership… We’ve organized numerous events, including film screenings/discussions at SHirlington Library and Rosslyn Spectrum theatre(e.g., about events in Ukraine’s history, such as the pro-democracy “Orange Resolution” of 2004 and Stalin’s man-made terror-famine in Ukraine in the 1930s); about Ukrainian folk dancing and the ancient art of Ukr. Easter eggs – “pysanky”; professional exchanges, etc. All of our activities are financially self-sustaining (i.e. do not cost anything to Arl taxpayers). For more info, check out http://www.arlingtonsistercity.org

  • ArlingtnUkr

    oops – “orange revolution” (not resolution)

  • zorro

    Ukraine had their history change many times over and over and their people die as a result. but these people are beautiful and we need to help them since the west has the upper hand to open their eyes. Their culture is out of this world. Take a tour of the country and even thought the past still reflects do not forget it is a moving country into independence.


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