ACFD Reminder: Change Smoke Detector Batteries for Daylight Saving Time

by ARLnow.com March 11, 2011 at 9:41 am 2,163 12 Comments

Most people won’t have a problem remembering to “spring forward” by setting clocks ahead by one hour Saturday night. After all, computers, cell phones and cable boxes adjust for daylight saving time automatically.

What cell phones and computers won’t do for you is change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Luckily, fire departments across the country are reminding residents to do just that.

Arlington County recommends that residents test smoke detectors monthly and replace smoke detector batteries at least once a year. Typically, batteries are changed when the clocks change in the spring or the fall. If you didn’t replace your batteries in the fall, you’ll want to do it now.

“Check the smoke detectors in your house and change the battery… just to play it safe,” said Arlington County Fire Department spokesman Lt. Ed Hughes.

Hughes added that there should be a smoke detector on each level of the home, including the sleeping areas. See more smoke detector safety tips here. If you don’t have a smoke detector and you feel you can’t afford one, Arlington County offers free smoke detectors to residents who fill out this form.

  • CW

    If you don’t have a smoke detecor and feel you can’t afford one, Arlington County suggests that you stop buying so damn many lattes, brown flip-flop, and BMWs.

  • dorkus

    It’s actually Daylight Saving Time, no s on savings.

  • dorkus

    No s on saving that is.

    • CW

      Should it really be “daylight-saving time”?

      • I have consulted the AP Style Guide. There is no ‘s’ but there also is no hyphen. Thanks, everybody.

    • Snookie

      Thanks we didn’t hear you’s’ the first time.

  • ARLnow.com – you are very patient . . . 🙂

  • Overgrown Bush

    Some media outlets recommend this on January 1, some at the clock change.

  • Tre

    Babies make good smoke detectors

  • Captain Krunchy

    I thought all the gentrification everyone belly-aches about would have by now shooed away anyone who can’t afford a smoke detector(!)…

  • brian

    why change the battery every 6 months?

    I haven’t changed mine in 3 years. The detector will beep when the battery needs changed.

  • John

    This is out-of-date nonsense, and adds to pollution of landfills. A name brand 9 volt alkaline battery will last at last 3 years or more in a modern smoke detector. Just get a battery tester and find out for yourself. I replace mine when the smoke detector chirps. If you are paranoid, 2 years is perfectly safe. This assumes yo use fresh, alkaline batteries.

    And while we are on the subject, all you old codgers changing the oil in your modern cars every 3,000 miles are also adding to environmental damage for no reason at all. Read the owner’s manual and do what it says (usually 5-7,000 miles for normal driving).


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