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Crime Report: How Did He Get Away? Edition

by ARLnow.com March 17, 2011 at 10:35 am 2,785 74 Comments

How did a slightly overweight 18-year-old manage to steal an elderly woman’s purse in or around the Rosslyn Metro station during the evening rush hour on a Wednesday — and apparently get away with it? The brazen crime was reported in this week’s Arlington County crime report.

ROBBERY 03/09/11, 1700 block of N. Moore Street. On March 9 at 5:30 pm, an unknown man stole a purse from an elderly woman with a walker. The suspect is described as an African American male around 18 years old, 6′ and 200 lbs. with a round face. He was wearing a red and black flannel shirt and dark pants. A teenage African American female was also seen with the suspect.

The rest of the crime report, after the jump.

ROBBERY-ARREST 03/09/11, 300 block of N. Glebe Road. On March 9 at 10 pm, two men approached a man standing outside his building. The suspect assaulted him and stole several items. One suspect was apprehended by police. Ricardo Brown, 45, of Waldorf, MD, was charged with Robbery. He was held without bond.

ROBBERY 03/13/11, 800 block of Army Navy Drive. On March 13 at 7:15 pm, a woman was walking through the mall parking garage when an unknown subject grabbed her cell phone from her hand. The suspect was an African American male.

ROBBERY 03/15/11, 1800 block of N. Quinn Street. On March 15 at 8 pm, a woman was walking when three teenage males approached her. One suspect grabbed her purse from her shoulder and then fled the area. The suspects were African American males between 14 and 16 years of age.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY WITH A VEHICLE 03/11/11, 2200 block of Arlington Boulevard. On March 11 at 10 am, two subjects inside a vehicle argued. When the male exited the car, the female driver struck him with it. The suspect is known and warrants are pending.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY ON POLICE-ARREST 03/14/11, 1300 block of N. Danville Street. On March 14 at 10:45 pm, officers arrested a shoplifter wanted out of another jurisdiction. The suspect assaulted an officer while being placed under arrest. Tamela Kenney, 43, of no fixed address, was charged with Assault and Battery on Law Enforcement and Resisting Arrest. She was held without bond.

SEXUAL BATTERY-ARREST 03/09/11, 2400 block of Jefferson Davis Highway. On March 9 at 5:40 pm, a 17 year-old male touched a store clerk on her buttocks and a stole alcohol from the store. The juvenile was located by police and charged.

SEXUAL BATTERY 03/10/11, 1500 block of Key Boulevard. On March 10 at 7:40 am, a woman was walking on a sidewalk when an unknown man approached her from behind and grabbed her buttocks. The suspect is described as a white male, 25-30 years old, 6’3″ and 180 lbs. He was wearing a black jacket, gray pants, and black shoes with a red stripe.

LARCENY FROM A PERSON-ARREST 03/14/11, 2500 block of Shirlington Road. On March 14 at 8 pm, a young man allowed man and woman he did not know to use his cell phone. They walked away with it, and assaulted the victim when he tried to retrieve it. Police located the male suspect. Reginald Jacobs, 25, of Arlington, was charged with Larceny from a Person and Assault and Battery. He was held on a $5,000 bond.

GRAND LARCENY AUTO-ARREST 03/14/11, 1000 block of Walter Reed Drive. On March 14 at 1:30 pm, police located an occupied stolen vehicle. Stacy Willard, 18, of Arlington, was charged with Grand Larceny of an Automobile and Driving on a Revoked License. He was held without bond.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY-ARREST 03/13/11, 4200 block of N. 2nd Street. On March 13 at 8 am, a group of men were drinking and two of them engaged in a verbal argument. One subject hit the other in the head with a bottle. Francisco, Sis Toj, 32, of Arlington, was charged with Assault and Battery. He was held on a $1,250 bond.

LEWD BEHAVIOR 03/10/11, 3000 block of N. Harrison Street. On March 10 at 3 pm, a 14 year-old girl was walking from school when an unknown man made inappropriate statements to her. The suspect is a male with a dark complexion in his 20’s. He was 5’6″ and wearing jeans and a navy blue hooded sweatshirt.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY-ARREST 03/11/11, 3700 block of S. 2nd Street. On March 11 at 6 pm, police located a prostitute and a realtor inside a residence without permission. Dennis [REDACTED], 55, of Springfield, was charged with Unlawful Entry and Solicitation of Prostitution. He was held on a $5,000 bond.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 03/14/11, 1500 block of Wilson Boulevard. Between 6:30 pm on March 11, and 8:40 am on March 14, an unknown subject entered an office suite and stole computers. There are no known suspects.

ATTEMPT BURGLARY 03/13/11, 2000 block of Columbia Pike. On March 12 at 11 pm, an unknown subject attempted to enter an apartment by prying at the window. There is no suspect description.

ATTEMPT BURGLARY 03/15/11, 200 block of N. Piedmont Street. Between 7 am on March 14, and 7 am on March 15, an unknown subject attempted to enter an apartment by prying at a window. There are no known suspects.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES) 03/10/11, 2400 block of Wilson Boulevard. On March 10 between 8 pm and 9 pm, an unknown person broke into at least two cars in a gym parking lot. Several items were stolen. There are no known suspects.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES) 03/10/11, 1400 block of N. Quincy Street. On March 10 between 8 pm and 9 pm, an unknown person broke into at least two cars in a parking lot. Several items were stolen. There are no known suspects.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES) 03/14/11, 3900 block of Wilson Boulevard. On March 14 between 9 pm and 10 pm, an unknown person broke into at least two cars in a gym parking lot. Several items were stolen. There are no known suspects.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES) 03/15/11, 3500 block of S. Ball Street. Between 8 pm on March 14, and 6:30 am on March 15, an unknown person stole vehicle parts from at least two vehicles in the same garage. There is no suspect description.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY (SERIES) 03/14/11, 500 block of N. Norwood Street. On March 14 at 3:40 pm, two vehicles in the same block were found with scratch marks along the passenger side. There is no suspect information.

  • BrownFlipFlops

    6′, 200 lbs. could be slightly overweight. It could also be extremely athletic. Either way, that’s a pretty big guy, who most people would probably not feel like tackling.

    It’s hard to outrun a radio or a cell phone, though. I’m sure the station manager got RIGHT on it, though.

  • CW

    The individual below is 6′, 205 pounds, has a round face, and is definitely not overweight…

    • BallstonNOTBoston


      • MIchael H.

        No one’s going to the Super Bowl this year.

  • leigh

    He stole the purse of a little old lady in a walker? Sheesh.

    • BrownFlipFlops

      When I read the report yesterday, I thought, “man, it does not get lower than THAT.”

  • everyone is getting away in this town and its safe to say suspects in this town arent from here but are finding out the police here responding and bystanders witnessing anything they do here simply dont care if they get away and are able to hop back over into the district. The police in this town would rather set up speed traps and assist DARPA instead of conducting pro active and community oriented patrols. On top of that people in Arlington either immigrants around rosslyn or young carefree people around clarendon are just to busy,important,ignorant or helpless to step in and do anything. Arlington is one of the towns that when a child goes missing, a person is robbed or attacked, or when someones house is broken into the town just says OH WELL, atleast it didnt happen to me, atleast my kid is still here, atleast i didnt get robbed or raped, oh well,not my house, i’m not the victim so its not my problem. If Arlington doesnt change its ways the already skyrocketing crime problem is just gonna keep increasing and north arlington is gonna look and smell like south arlington. Get on your cell phones and call the cops if you see a crime happen, have the non emergency line programed into your phone if you ever need them and dont want to use 911, step in and protect an old lady or a screaming jogger. Hell virginia is an open carry state, keep a firearm on you if you have to. Do not stand by watching and waiting for events to unfold and count on someone else stepping in or someone else calling the police and do not wait for our police force to wake up and realize they should be an active police force and not a political pawn for DARPA or an extortion service writing ridiculous tickets all day. Numerous locations at all hours of the day have marked police cruisers parked there. The buildings at Uhle and Wilson, the parlking lot at italian store and other places seem to always have a police car parked there, as if ACPD just leaves cars places. How about ACPD starts randomly parking cruisers around Rosslyn and Courthouse station, and then places like north scott street and on key blvd. Atleast look like there are cops in the area. Yes it might not last forever but maybe for a while if these idiots who keep outsmarting ACPD see a cop car close by they might second think attacking,robbing someone or breaking into a car.

    • LyonSteve

      I wonder how quick the police response would be to someone calling in someone open-carrying?

      • ACPD has been burned on that, they unlawfully stopped a friend of mine a couple years ago. The Chief sent an apology letter and sent officers to attened further training because they didnt know that A. in VA anyone can carry a gun on them as its an open carry state and B. unlike other carry states in VA the police can not use a gun as a way to confront someone, a legal basis has to be used to stop anyone. When filing a FOIA request my friend discovered that the dispacther actually confirmed that it was just a call of someone saying somebaody was walking down a street with a gun on his hip and still ACPD was dispatched which is one of many cases where oit was proved our ACPD dispatchers and call takers are undertrained an uninformed. My friend won big time. Like I said he got a letter from the Chief but the officers looked very ill advised plus while disarming him on the street the one officer could get the gun out of my friends holster and had my friend do it himself, something no real cop who thought he was in danger would suggest. In VA you could actually carry on your hip or over your shoulder any weapon thats legal. If its legal to own in VA then its legal to carry in VA. Thats VA law which hopefully more agencies in VA especially ACPD are aware of. Yeah its unlikely anyone would go to their local shopping center with an AR15 but in VA is legal to unless an establisment has posting about not authorizing firearms which may or may not be a legal posting. Just because a sign says it prohibits something doesnt mean its law. Like the postings at the pentagon for example having to do with No Photography, its just what the Defense department wants you to think however anyone can go to the pentagon and do pictures of it from the outside. Something else ACPD and other local agencies have learned the hard way over the past few years that photography in no case is a crime and even when its done within a private space its still just a civil matter not an arrestable offense. Anyone or anything in public or visible from public spaces can be photographed in america and theres no such laws that suggests police officers, fed agents or government property cant be photographed. My same friend a year after his unlawful arrest for a firearm was in the act of confronting an off duty ACPD officer while he was again open carrying, he had some dispute with the off duty cop. The cop calls an on duty buddy and that on duty cop confirms my firend is allowed to carry a firearm, but still throughout the rest of that day my friend has photos of that off duty ACPD cop following him around everywhere he went that day, spooky and creepy come to mind but why is ACPD allowing one of their officers on or off duty to follow a law abiding citizen and spy on him?? So who knows what their response would be, now probably nothing, legally ACPD can not dispatch an officer to a report of someone simply carrying a firearm, if they do legally speaking that person doesnt have to stop for the police or answer questions or surrender any ID. If the caller says exactly whats going on the dispatcher is supposed to by policy advise the caller that open carry is ok. Speaking of calls, I called ACPD last month while watching some guy beating up his girlfriend across the street from me, everytime i looked outside while hearing her screams she was on the ground struggling to get up. it took ACPD probably 5 full minutes to get there. I think i saw an unmarked car actually pass this street domestic at one point but as long as you are in an unmarked car theres no accountability so why should he stop and see whats going on, its just a woman laying in the middle of lee highway but what does he care, he’s in an unmarked cruiser so alot of the population doesnt know he’s a cop until his blue lights are pulling them over. No, to that officer unless he gets the actual call its simply not his problem. Dont let me go on forever because i will..the stories i have for you are great. I’m not even talking about those on my youtube channel or those stories from my 7 ridealongs with ACPD but did i ever tell you guys about the time i saw this…yeah about 4 years ago but sure enough an ACPD cruiser causes an accident by running a redlight without priority code and he keeps going, after 2 cars smack eachother because of him he keeps going…you know those things are kinda un announced and happen fast, i’m sorry to say i dont have that one on film. I wouldnt know who to send that too, Home Videos or Most Wanted. One things for sure ACPD always seemed to have their priorities straight, like harassing people for having cameras, or harassing people who step out too far to flag down a cab infront of the ballroom (that one never gets old), what about the time ACPD took a call and sent 2 officers to a report of someone standing on top of their car, that was a little off, or harassing people for standing around that war cannon thing across from the ballroom, apparently they claim its not public property, i think those dead vets would have other opinions. One of my favorites was when an officer kept circling a block atleast 4 times watching me because i had a camera on a tripod, and then he parked infront of me, gave me a look and sped off, awesome! or the time an officer came up behind me while i was knealing taking a picture of whatever and asked in my ear “do you wanna die” yeah that was great, because if i had been open carrying that day i think ACPD would have been adding a name to the wall at judiciary square. I have spent hundreds of hours with ACPD over the past 6 years and I know what i know and i’m willing to share, dont tell me whats up if you really done know or if you really havent experienced ACPD, they get at me more then anyone and its funny because out of all the times they have challenged me they have lost, i still to this date have no criminal record and yet for a while ACPD payed more attention to me then anyone with a rapsheet. They have gotten alot better about photography, i will point that out. They have really changed on some things over the past few years, they understand cameras and open carry laws and are starting to realize what civil matters are and why other cops/departments dont deal with them. At what point are the bad guys out robbing and attacking people, at what point are they gonna be dealt with? Its not just a police thing, its a community thing, if you dont want to help thats your choice and your loss when your family and friends become victims, keep up with the police reports, keep up with the police scanner online, when you see a crime either call it in or try to stop it. I realize that large portions of guys in arlington are whimps but theres gotta be some real men out there. I cant believe we are in a time when people could care less when i child goes mssing. When asked, “have you seen this child?” your response shouldnt be get that photo out of my face or get lost or a simple no. It should be, Where was he/she last seen? What were they wearing? Where were they last seen? Do you have a copy with contact info i can keep? If i see them should i let you know or call the police? This is the attitude in towns like arlington, its a sickening idea that people could care less and it applies to people getting attacked, raped, robbed, etc.. another thing thats going on way too often is police iffciers in arlington being assaulted, people in this town are getting out of control, of course thats off topic and has to do with alcohol issues but more and more over the past year people are too willing to start fights with officers, beyond my video from mister days on new years. All the extra manpower ACPD has is needed to control the bar problems,on top of that extra offciers are staffed at DARPA during the day. Meanwhile both day and night people are getting attacked and robbed throughout rosslyn,courthouse and clarendon. I would love to hold a community meeting about all this but A. i wouldnt know how to and B. no one would care. In the past year I have called the police to assist people not in postions to call for help, I have helped someone get away from a stalker threatening to do harm to them, on one occasion i helped a neighbor who was being verballky abused and threatend by a cab driver who nearly ran her over, i physically jumped into that one. I saw a guy laying almost dead across from the ballroom but out of sight from anyone so i brought it to the attention of ACPD so they could determine if he was gonna be ok or if he needed medical help. It takes 2 hands to count the times I’ve picked someone off the ground and sked if they were ok or if they needed medical or police help just in the last year. I’ve even scared off people lurking around my neighborhood up to no good. Its not that hard to step in and be a responsible human and show a little respect for your community. I might hate arlington and hate living in virginia but for now its my home and i’ll be god damned if some monkeys from anocostia think they can come over here and get away with the shit they are getting away with. The police need our help, its the golden rule for succesful community oriented policing, neighborhood watch is key, protect your neighbors from the hood mentality that continues to come here running a muck in our town. I have no problem stepping up my neighborhood watch, guns flashlights, radios linked to ACPD, tasers, bear mace, whatever it takes to threaten those who are harming others. ACPD needs our help and we need our help. Bottom line…….

        • CW

          Wow, I actually agree with something you said. “We” do need “our” help. Now go take “our” lithium and put “our” straightjacket back on, as it’s time to go back into “our” padded room now…

        • Dr. Phil

          Seek help.

        • CW

          If you scroll through his comment really quickly, it looks like The Matrix.

          • borf


        • Breathe

          A. Out of curiosity, do you have a real job? (and just how many rejected applications have you made to assorted public safety agencies?)

          B. If your fellow Arlingtonians take up a collection, will it help expedite your moving away from here to wherever it is you would like to live (my guess is LA, given your freaky obsession with their police helicopters)? We *hate* to see someone like yourself having to live somewhere they clearly despise, especially a crime ridden, ghetto cesspool like Arlington, and will do what we can to help you move along…

          (I apologize for my use of punctuation and spacing… I haven’t yet mastered the art of delusion run-on sentence rambling…)

    • You’re an Idiot

      once again novapj, you’re an idiot. Your spew of cop bashing and crime statistics once again made the panel dumber. Arlington is the size of a small city, there will occasionally be crime and petty theft. And people will get away, especially in rowded areas and busy transit terminals. I wouldn’t classify a purse snatching as a major crime that’s going to bring about New World Order to N Arlington, which is not much better off or different than S Arlington. Your comparison of the two has no validity. We live in a very safe little bubble compared to other areas in the Beltway area, but it is easy to move around and come here to victimize those who live in multi-million dollar homes, drive flashy cars, wear designer brand clothes, and flash money around like their immune to the problems across the river. I doubt you’ll find anywhere as densly populated as Arl with such a low crime rate. Be aware of your surroundings and how you carry yourself, you should be fine for the most part. You don’t need to strap up for Jihad.

      • db


    • You’re an Idiot

      a cop car parked and unattended is not a crime deterrent. It might cause someone to slow down on the expressway for a second. Most ACPD have take home issued squad cars, but may live outside the County and or opt not to have a police cruiser parked in their driveway. That’s why you see them parked at the Italian Store, Uhle St, Lee Harrison shopping center, and other park and ride spots.

    • CW

      you know what i really like to talk about is police work even though i have no reason why anyone should believe that i know anything about police work since i am not a police officer and have never been one and actually just spend all of my time annoying police officers and being stupid instead of actually doing anything with my life but lets talk about police work because thats what i really like to talk about the problem with ACPD is that they like to spend all of their time sitting at DARPA just the same way that I like to Intermittently Capitalize Words that arent Proper Nouns and also to neglect spelling and punctuation when i write but thats not important what i was saying was that DARPA has sharks with laser beams on their heads and mechwarrior suits but they hire ACPD who just sits down there all the time and eats donuts and play solitaire what arlington county really needs is a lot of helicopters just like in LA i prefer the bell longrangers myself thats an old one but a good one right there you still cant beat them or at least thats what the internet says since i spend all my time on the internet since i dont have a real life and have never done anything productive but its ok im the expert on these things so what we all need to do is carry lots of guns and shoot at anything that moves especially phantom noises in hotel rooms because that is our right or also what we could do is just leave cardboard cutouts of police cars everywhere because that will scare away all the criminals.

      [insert stock image of something police-related]

      • Lacy Forest


      • local


      • I dont need stock images of anything, I have my own self shot photo library, http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffcostlow (novapj)

        • Maria

          I love that THAT’S the part you argue with.

          • CW

            I am really glad that someone else said that. I didn’t want to point it out, as that statement has more value coming from someone else 🙂

      • yes the long rangers are pretty nice too! nice step between a 206 and a 412, the 427’s are really nice when staying with american helicopters.

    • pro policeagh

      Another grand insight from this guy. Dude…unlike you I can use my brain and realize that those cops at DARPA are there working an overtime gig. They used to do it all the time back where I’m from. They are most likely getting paid by DARPA and if they weren’t working there then they wouldn’t be working at all. I seriously doubt that ACPD is detailing officers from the patrol units to work there so stop getting your panties in a bunch. As for that robbery, have you ever taken the metro during rush hour? Especially Rosslyn? It’s packed and trains from every couple of minutes which means by the time this was even called in to them the kid was most likely gone. There is no way to get police on every corner like you seem to want. I’ve called ACPD before and they are nothing short of prompt.

      • R0bespierre

        Can we get some pilcrows up in this joint? TL;DR

      • According to Chief Scott in a letter, those Arlington Police officers who park Official police cruisers wearing their Official police uniforms do not actually represent ACPD. Like I said that come from the Chief himslef, he said those officer in full ACPD uniforms are not actually ACPD cops when at DARPA. Odd, Strange, Funny, Bogas..all words that sum up the Chief’s letter. I’m glad the Chief feels that way, because when I see asshole Officer Horvach at DARPA not paying attention when a DARPA security clown has a problem with me I’m happy to know ACPD who’s already there wont step in.. then I got to thinking, what if a real threat is there not following already unlawful instructions of the DARPA security force? I realized that the ACPD guys there arent paying attention and just kinda slack off while they are there. I guess thats how I got footage of Officer Horvach playing card games on his police computer. I’m glad according to the Chief he’s not a real cop while at DARPA, very comforting. They just wear the actual ACPD uniform while sitting an eactaul ACPD cars playing on actual ACPD computers but arent really there officially, but they just sit around playing card games while Banks in Rosslyn are being robbed and while people are assaulted and robbed in clarendon and other incidents happening in the middle of the day while extra manpower is being wasted at DARPA who has no connection to the arlington community or its values and who has its own team of security officers. Do you really want your police force protecting DARPA, why arent they at DIA who finds it neccesary to carry their machine guns around town. I was at the farmers martket at clarednon station minding my own business when I guard from DIA approached me pointing a machine gun at me, he said give me your ID and camera and I said go fuck yourself and called real cops to take care of him. Everytime DIA comes at me, (6 times) ACPD comes and makes DIA put their guns away and go back to their business, but who really likes having guys with machine guns standing around outside a building in a busy part of town. I dont like that in my town, why do they stand there all day with machine guns. Its not for protection, MP5’s or really any weapon isnt going to deter anyone from collapsing that building at 3100 clarendon blvd..its a dumb security measure that just makes the community look like its a section of the soviet union, get that shit out of my town. we dont need ignorant thug guards who only have their jobs through affirmative action standing outside all day pointing machine guns at people, guards who follow people and harass people. guards who demand our names but wont disclose their names, not a good policy, dont stop me for taking peicture of your building, you have no right and i have every right. DIA has more then 10 cameras that look at places like the metro station, the ballroom, clarendon grill, hard times and just cams that watch the general public, not watching their own building.. Dear DIA, the next time you dra a weapon on me you better fire first, I have everyright to have a firearm on me and its time to start drawing down on people who want to harass people and hide behind a badge, same thing with ACPD, i know people open carrying not because of bad guys like robbers and muggers but friends are starting to open carry in the event they might have to fire upon police officers in lawful self defense. citizens arrests against police officers. you try stopping us for open carry or photography we are gonna draw down on you.

        • db

          wow you really need to get a life

        • CW

          Side note: that is a really poorly-composed photo. Also looks like you either shot it from a mile away on film or it is a tiny cropping of like a 12MP digital image.

        • CW

          Also dude, like I know we have free speech and everything, but seriously I know that there comes a point at which it starts being able to be legally interpreted as threats or premeditation. It seems that you’re toeing that line.

        • dudleydude

          Nice rant dude. Pretty classic. You should teach Rant 101, including lack of punctuation and paragraphs, hatred for authority figures, and subtle racism.

    • Anon

      I was a victim of an attempted purse snatching in N Arlington. The Arlington Police went above and beyond my expectations. They arrived within 1.5 min of me calling and a K-9 unit arrived shortly thereafter to track the suspect. They followed the scent until it was lost at a busy intersection. A short time later they contacted me to do a line up with a person that met my description found near that intersection. They did everything possible.

      • thats good to hear, be thankful, however its what you deserve. Typically aCPD does have good response times, they should given the size of the patrol areas and the number of officers in the field. I have personally seen not so great responses from ACPD, not so much time but demeanor might be a good word or attitude. ACPD can sometime have an attitude of not caring or being very slow and sloppy when deciding to do something. They can know 5 minutes in that they might want to call a dog or park police for their helicopter but wait too long to do so. They have even been caught 2 weekends in a row without having a K9 staffed in north arlington,when sometimes there are two. Sometimes 10 minutes too late they call park police which is another 5 minutes of waiting given the launch time of a helicopter and navigating to a specific arlington location. Crime could and most likely would be cut in half if ACPD had just one helicopter they launched from a cold start whenever its crew felt it needed to launch. Not after waiting 15 minutes for a supervisor approval but when a flight cre hears a call and knows they can be the best tool to help, thats when they would launch. all ACPD needs is one air unit, give it a trial run. hire a couple to a few experienced pilots as civilian personell and staff sworn officers as observers. if offciers can sit around at DARPA then they can sit around at a helipad waiting to launch if needed.

        • You’re an Idiot

          We don’t NEED a helicopter. You WANT a helicopter so you can follow that around and videotape in action like the WHACKER you are. Speaking of Whacker, why don’t you just satisfy your obsession with police helicopters by moving to Los Angeles or taping a few LAPD helicopters to the ceiling above your bed.

          • that wouldnt make any sense. not sure what the big deal is,an air unit could seriously help arlington, especially if they took funding to make it multiple helciopters and having both ACPD and ACFD have atleast one air unit. one for police role one for rescue role. theres nothing wrong with stopping crime or rescuing people off rooftops when planes accidentally hit buildings or when something like a large fire happens either accidental or a purpose explosion.

          • You’re an Idiot

            awesome, now ACFD is short staffed by 1 helicopter unit! Since you apparently have no life and all this free time, please do a cost analysis on what it would cost the TAXPAYERS for 2 full-time helicopters, then promptly post your report for us all to enjoy (and laugh at). Your idea of ACPD utilizing a helicopter was ridiculous enough, now your suggesting the ACFD have one? I guess they’re overwhelmed with the daily wildfires, mountain rescues, medivacs, and towering inferno’s.

          • db


          • db

            ooops that was meant for your an idiots comment not delusional nova pajamas comment

  • PT

    I have called in, on several occasions, to both the emergency and non-emergency numbers, and have never experienced anything but the most incredibly rapid response from Arlington’s finest.

    Please keep your firearms locked up. The response to a call will be responded to in adequate time.

    • JusticeForall

      Yes, by all means, disarm yourself by locking your weapons away! After all, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away!

  • bob

    Whew! I was worried for a bit, but Rosslyn Heights in back, baby — two muggings! Thank god.

    My people will represent.

  • Ur an Idiot

    NOVAPJ once again is an idiot. 2 police officer working at DARPA does not affect the police departments response time. If DARPA did not have a detail there those officer would be at home. There is no skyrocketing crime rate. Part of the reason this criminal got away is because the victim waited 20 minutes to call the police. If a victim waits 5 minutes when near a metro station the suspect is gone.

    • LyonSteve

      He did get harassed by assault weapon barring (?) police officers for photographing while on a public street. Just a fact. He didn’t help his cause at all, but based on existing laws, he broke none.

      Of course he should have just walked away but that may not have been his goal.

      • this has happened a few times, not a couple but a few.. the point was going about my business and being an american on a public street, you point a gun at me while wearing a uniform and badge, you better have a good reason. legal too!

  • Curious George

    I have found that ACPD sucks much less than Fairfax and Montgomery PD. I actually see them pulling people over in Virginia Square for running stop signs every now and then.

    The cops sitting in front of DARPA are moonlighting. It can, and should be debated, on how ethical it is to have uniformed ACPD officers getting paid by someone other than AC but wearing AC uniforms and using AC equipment. Does DARPA pay rent on the squad cars? What is the going rate to rent an officer? I used to see them park in the crosswalks but after I called the police on the police a few times 🙂 they pretty much stopped doing that.

  • OX4

    How’d he get away with it? It’s called bystander apathy.

    • Exactly. This was not intended to be a commentary on the police department.

    • R0bespierre

      Is the average citizen expected to physically (meaning “violently” when a desperate perp is involved) involve themselves in these kinds of things? I don’t think the police would even encourage that. Maybe arlnow could run an interview with the police on civilian diligence when witnessing a crime.

      I am not the least bit concerned about tackling and detaining people, what I worry about is concealed weapons. It’s never fun going head to head with people who have much less to lose than you do.

      So what’s best? Fumble with the camera trying to get a pic? Tripping them as they run by is a classic, I can never see too much footage of people doing this to attackers.

  • Yeesh

    I think the lede is buried — no one noticed the realtor being busted with a prostitute in someone else’s house?!?

    • Sam

      I noticed. I got quite the chuckle out of “Unlawful Entry” being one of his charges.

      • who was charged with unlawful entry?

        • db

          Take the time to read the entire crime report above and maybe you would know. Wait never mind you would rather rant about how much better LAPD is than ACPD.

          • i saw it shortly after, its seemed like they were talking about an outside story! once again ACPD proved today with me how ill trained they are, footage is uploading soon.

          • You’re an Idiot

            we’re all on pins and needles here waiting for your uploaded footage, like a space shuttle launch. I’m so excited, I can pee!

          • dudleydude

            It’s scandalous footage of firefighters sitting around a firehouse, actually waiting for a fire call! They should be out there driving around trying to smell smoke and stuff.

    • That’s a good call. We’re going to follow up in that.

    • ivc

      have to admit that i immediately looked him up on the cb website…

  • CrystalMikey

    I for one have nothing but love and respect for the ACPD. Getting to know quite a few of them from working the Pacers races in the County.

  • KalashniKEV

    1) Drawing down on a cop will get you shot. One hundred times.
    2) novapj is insane.
    3) ACPD does in fact need to shift their focus from revenue enforcement to community policing, i.e. clean up the Bums, circulate and interact with the community more, pursue, capture, and deport criminal aliens, and keep the riff-raff, scum/trash, and those who just plain don’t look right on the other side of the river.

    • mehoo

      We’re trying to pack as many bums as possible into “the community” until you finally give up and leave. Then we’ll go back to normal. It’s worth the wait.

      • KalashniKEV

        You’ll never get them to leave once they have their filthy nest in Courthouse year-round, plus the new Hive in Clarendon. It’s really not funny and something needs to be done about it.

        novapj? What say you?
        = )

        • mehoo

          No, it’s not funny, but your idiotic hate-spewing comments don’t help one iota.

    • CW

      I think novapj is going to validate #1 and #2 simultaneously.

      • Dear CW, your network is just terrible, you play horrible tv shows like Friends, Entourage, Met you Mother,2 Half Men and now announcing that Seinfeld reruns are coming, 5 of the worst all time tv shows, just horrible and thats why no one watches you. Oh yeah you replaced South Park with retarded George Lopez, CW50, you have lost all credibility.

        I leave you with a bowl of vietnamese noodle soup from PHO75 on Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn….

        • CW

          I am laughing so hard for so many reasons right now, I can’t control it…

        • CW

          Whoa, holy post deletion, batman!

          • KalashniKEV

            It happens to me a lot too…

          • CW

            It didnt happen to me – it was a post before mine that was making a comparison between the soup bowl and a toilet…i guess it was a little too risque for that early in the morning!!!

        • KalashniKEV

          novapj is on a drug… its’ called NOVAPJ!!!

          • Maria

            Look up Asperger’s. That’s all I’ll say.

  • Kathy on Columbia Pike

    novapj stated:

    ….Dear DIA, the next time you dra a weapon on me you better fire first, I have everyright to have a firearm on me and its time to start drawing down on people who want to harass people and hide behind a badge, same thing with ACPD, i know people open carrying not because of bad guys like robbers and muggers but friends are starting to open carry in the event they might have to fire upon police officers in lawful self defense. citizens arrests against police officers. you try stopping us for open carry or photography we are gonna draw down on you. ….

    Dear novapj: I am desperately hoping you are not one of the loner gun nuts that we will be reading about in some future tragic shooting incident. Seriously, these threats are a sign that you need to deal with this unreasonable anger and get some counseling.


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