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by ARLnow.com March 21, 2011 at 6:00 am 2,165 20 Comments

Davies Driver Sentenced in Crash — The driver in the fatal 2009 George Washington Parkway crash that left soccer star Charlie Davies severely injured was sentenced to two years in prison Friday. Maria Espinoza was drunk when the SUV she was driving hit a guardrail near Memorial Bridge and split in half, killing her best friend and leaving Davies maimed. Davies, now playing for DC United, scored two goals in the team’s home opener at RFK Stadium on Saturday. [ESPN, NY Times, Washington Post]

Arlington Woman Rescued from Potomac River — An Arlington woman was rescued by the Coast Guard after her kayak overturned in the Georgetown Channel, near Key Bridge, just before noon on Sunday. The woman, identified at 61-year-old Jenie Upchurch, was reportedly struggling to stay afloat when a Coast Guard vessel arrived at the scene and threw her a life ring. [U.S. Coast Guard]

APS Principal of the Year Named — Arlington Science Focus School principal Mary Begley has been named the Arlington Public Schools 2011 Principal of the Year. [Arlington Public Schools]

Pet Dove Eaten By Hawk — A pet dove named “Paci” was out enjoying the great outdoors in Alcova Heights last weekend when, according to the Ode Street Tribune, a hawk swooped in and put an abrupt end to her peaceful existence. [Ode Street Tribune]

  • Davies was being chauffered?

  • Overgrown Bush

    First goal was a PK given to him. But, the second goal was a nice run making the Columbus defense look like a bunch of school kids. Let’s hope he keeps it up. I never thought the guy would play again.

    • CrystalMikey

      Loving #9! I was one the many in La Barra Brava cheering his name at RFK on Saturday.

      • Overgrown Bush

        Josephy Ngwenya looked inept both in warmups and in the first half. Maybe he just had a bad night. Josh Wolff looked good and also had a nice goal but he’s 34 so we will see how he can endure the season. I suspect we’ll see Wolff/Davies paired up front before too long, as soon as Davies can go at least 65.

  • JamesE

    What’s the deal with the metro this morning? Friend sent me this of the ballston station.

    • Wayne Kubicki

      Rail problem around Fed Triangle – for a while, only single-tracking between there & McPherson. You can imagine what that did to “normal” train flow.

    • LyonSteve

      Metro sucks, what do you expect for the amount you pay? Well for 60% of its riders, that would be zero.

    • Max

      You clearly never ride Metro.

      • JamesE

        herp derp

    • Carmen

      I am glad I am off today. I got to miss all of that this morning.

  • local

    So was Jenie not wearing a PFD?

  • Hank

    Are you kidding me? Someone’s pet dove gets eaten by a hawk and there is not one snarky comment on arlnow about it???

    – Who has a pet Dove?
    – The Irony of the situation given the hawk eating the dove while our dovish (peace loving) president is kicking off our 3rd war.

    • local

      Who the heck said Obama was a dove, including Obama? Obama said in his campaign that he supported the war in Afghanistan and wanted to increase the troop levels there. Don’t make silly assumptions or get your info from Fox or Beck.

      • gringo

        That’s right; no one should be . . . pigeonholed.

      • CrystalMikey

        +1 for Hank

        • local

          +1 for the pet dove thing, maybe. He’s -1 for the erroneous claim that Obama or his supporters ever claimed he was a dove. Adds to zero.

    • Asheryuki

      Why would a pet bird owner let their pet bird out side anyway? I hope they don’t get any more pets . . .

  • Pat Williamson

    What happened to M. Slavin Fish Market on S. Glebe Road?

  • CW

    Why are the names of bridges not afforded articles? Do people around here really say “I’m going over Key Bridge right now”, for example? Just “Key Bridge” or “Memorial Bridge” (especially since they’re shortened versions of longer names) sounds as weird to me as “THE George Washington University” still does…


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