Super Moon, As Seen From Arlington

by ARLnow.com March 21, 2011 at 10:33 am 3,784 14 Comments

Here are a few photos of Saturday’s “Super Moon,” as seen from Arlington.

The photos were taken by ARLnow.com at the Air Force Memorial and by Flickr pooler Eric Dobson near the Iwo Jima memorial.

Feel free to post your own Super Moon photos in the comments or in our Flickr pool.

  • OX4

    We went out to shoot the moon, and on our way to the river bank we passed Iwo Jima. Couldn’t figure out why 50+ people were there with their cameras pointed to the Mall, when the moon was actually going to rise due East over the Jefferson from the hill.

  • edobson

    Good Point OX4. My pic was taken from Iwo Jima and while it isn’t the “classic” shot it is exactly what I expected. The sun lines up with those monuments later in the Spring.
    I was fascinated by the electronics people had. Almost everyone had some version of a sky watcher on their handhelds. These not only showed the horizon but how far below the horizon the moon was and how much longer til it crossed. All of them also plotted the moons path across the southern sky.
    Coupled with a compass as to the location of 90 degrees, you knew exactly where the moon was going to arrive.
    I hope you’ll post your pictures of the Jefferson Memorial. it is fun to see the varying perspectives.

    • OX4

      Right, that’s why I was so confused….there must been half a million dollars of equipment out there yet all the lenses were pointed in the wrong direction! Anyway, I don’t want to take anything away from the posted shots. I was just curious why everyone was standing at that hilltop.

      • brian

        i didn’t see any equipment beyond tripods and cameras at gravelly point.. maybe 30-40 people there spread out?

        lots of people asking what time…

        internet said 7:39.. i told people 7:40.. i think it first popped 7:43ish.

        • edobson22207

          my time stamp says 6:42 [7:42] on the first picture and 6:44 [7:44} on the picture that ARLNOW posted above.

  • TinaLovesARL

    I just have to say: what a fantastic, relatively un-touristy, perfect view of our nation’s capital we have from the Air Force Memorial regardless of the moon’s situation (in addition to it being a lovely and powerful tribute to the US Air Force). I never knew until I moved to Arlington!

  • Phil Anctil

    Took this at Air Force Monument – left my tripod home so I used a flat marble surface and got a cool reflection along with moon


    i’ll try again to upload the picture from manassas airport

  • brian


    • brian

      gravelly point

      • brian

        gravelly point2

        • brian

          gravelly point3

          • brian

            gravelly point6.. about 8:30-40pm.. finally turned white

  • CW

    I think that HDR is somewhat overused but moonrises I would think would be the perfect situation to use it…did anyone shoot any HDR sequences?


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