Morning Notes

Tax Rate Hearing Sparsely Attended — Compared to the three-hour, 75-speaker bonanza that was the March 22 budget hearing, last night’s County Board tax rate hearing was an intimate, low-key affair. The board heard a half hour of testimony from two polar opposite sides: those who want the tax rate lowered and those who want to see the tax rate raised. [Sun Gazette]

DCA Controller Suspended — An air traffic controller suspected of snoozing on the job while two planes landed has been suspended by the Federal Aviation Administration. While some are calling the incident a major safety failure, one retired pilot says the air safety system worked as intended when a regional air traffic controller stepped in to guide the planes. [Christian Science Monitor]

Wakefield High School Construction Approved — The school board approved the final design of a new, $115 million Wakefield High School last night. Construction on the new school is expected to begin in July. The school is designed to house up to 1,622 students, with provisions for increasing capacity beyond 2,000 students, if necessary. The current Wakefield High School, which was built in the 1950s, has a capacity of 1,797 and a projected 2012 enrollment of 1,356. [Sun Gazette]


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