Speaker Boehner Visits Guapo’s in Shirlington

by ARLnow.com April 1, 2011 at 9:39 am 5,814 60 Comments

In the midst of a high-stakes budget fight on Capitol Hill, House Speaker John Boehner found time to dine at Guapo’s Restaurant in Shirlington Village last night.

Speaker Boehner was joined by 8-10 people, who our tipster says were likely friends and staff members. The margarita-sipping crew left in two black U.S. Capitol Police SUVs around 10:00 p.m.

The visit — confirmed by a restaurant staffer — came on the same day that Tea Party members rallied in front of the Capitol to pressure Boehner and congressional Republicans to continue pushing for budgetary spending cuts. In case they’re wondering, the typical entree at Guapo’s is between $10 and $20.

Boehner is apparently a big fan of the Mexican cuisine at Guapo’s. He has been spotted there at least two other times in the past few months.

Our wonk-ish tipster hypothesizes that last night’s visit may indicate Boehner is planning on passing another short-term continuing resolution before finalizing the budget. After all, our tipster says, Boehner would otherwise be rushing to iron out key points in order for the budget to be “agreed to, finalized and posted by this coming Tuesday under their new 72 hour rules.”

  • CW

    Even worthless scum has to eat…

    Also, spelling and grammar, please!!!

    • RosRes


    • Jason S.

      Yes, because he has different values, he is worthless scum. There is no room for debate, unless we are trying to find out who is worse between Kim Jong Il and John Boehner.

      I must caution against using an ellipsis improperly along with triple exclamation points while deriding another person’s writing.

      • CW

        No, one isn’t worthless scum just because they have different “values”; only when those “values” consist solely of doing anything and everything to obstruct progress and constructive action on behalf of the government, all for one’s own personal political gain. Oh, and all while being the most egregious example of someone who can be sold to the highest bidder. Great “values” right there.

        Also, it wasn’t derision of someone else’s writing per se – this is intended to be a journalistic web site, and journalists generally like to adhere to the standards of written language. As such, they generally like to be given the opportunity to correct errors rather than let those errors stand with their name on them. But I guess you wouldn’t understand that.

        • Jason S.

          People have different ideas of “progress”, he is only impeding “progress” as you understand it, which happens to use a very biased definition.

          • CW

            Well then, give me an example of something constructive that he’s done. Under my definition constructive, I mean that cutting/slashing/closing down/undoing/recalling/reverting/stonewalling/denying/naysaying/etc. do not count. I would like to know of something which he has offered to the American people as a step in a positive direction.

            And Steve, you mean a conservative’s view, right? Or do reproductive rights, gay rights, etc. not count?

          • Jason S.

            It’s sad that you cannot see how foolish your style of “debate” makes you look. You’re essentially demanding that people tell you what is good, but the final decision of “good” is determined by you. The issue is that you insist that you’re the final authority on what counts as “good” and “progress” and if anybody disagrees, they are wrong.

          • CW

            Ooh, the old “say someone is foolish, so they must be, even though your provide no substantiation for your claim” trick. Also, nice job sidestepping my question. It still stands – please name an effort that he has made to develop something constructive and to do anything other than stonewall and obstruct.

          • Jason S.

            Clearly, this is going nowhere. Some people are going to say he does good work, some people are going to say he does bad work. The record on what he does in Congress is quite clear and public record, so the only difference to be found is in perception. It’s a big world out there and it is filled with people who have different ideas, that might be scary, but it’s an immutable fact of life.

          • Leroy.

            @Jason What if i don’t like immutable facts of life?

          • Arlwhenever

            When our country is $15 trillion in debt (not even counting the 3 or so trillion dollars of debt the Federal Reserve Board has monetized in QE1 and QE2 and tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities) and falling billions of dollars into the hole every day, it is axiomatic that leadership attention needs to be devoted finding ways to staunch the gaping financial wound.

            The D’s way to do that, in their blabosphere at least, is to increase taxes; but when in control they failed to act. At this point it is clear that the R’s are willing to reduce expenditures — they should be lauded for doing so.

            We are so burdened by debt now that it is only through policies that cumulatively cut expenditures significantly (no sacred cows), entitlement reform and raising most EVERYBODY’s taxes (the bipartisan way to do that is via 1986 style tax reform/simplification such as is being put forward by Wyden (D) and Tiberi (R)) that our country has a chance of escaping from the debt pit we have dug for ourselves.

            Sadly, there is no leaderhip in the White House on these issues, yet when that fellow shows up for eats in Arlington he is praised, not criticized.

          • CW

            You are quite right, and as a democrat, I’m pretty mad myself about how spineless they’ve been. Just because I don’t like Boehner does not mean that I love everybody on the other side of the aisle unconditionally!!!

          • brian

            the $14 trillion doesn’t includ another $85? trillion in unfunded liabilities
            (social security, medicare, etc)

            that’s where the fun starts

          • mehoo

            When the R’s were last in control, they failed to cut spending too.

            How about we have an actual sustainable negotiation where we try to do both?

          • SouthArlJD

            Wasn’t Boehner the one with so many lobbyist ties that a few years back he used to hand out checks to his Republican colleagues on the floor of the House?

        • steve

          A liberal’s idea of “progress” is banning everything you don’t approve, and mandating people do things, under penalty of jail or fine, then you boast about how tolerant you are.

          • Dave

            Like ending a woman’s right to choose and making it a crime to engage in gay sex? And then boasting about how you’re the party that wants government out of people’s lives? Oh wait…

          • steve

            Proof of any of this other than abortion? It’s not a woman’s right ot choose, it’s her right to kill her child becuase it’s not convenient to her. For being all for gay rights, liberals are first people to try to insult people by alleging they are gay. Like there’s something wrong with being gay. The things liberals mandate and ban impacts far far more people than the things conservatives did years ago.

          • AllenB

            And that pretty much sums it up for you side, Steve-O. Most liberals don’t think that saying someone is gay is an insult. The fact that you take it as in insult speaks volumes.

            See you at the GH’s.

          • RosRes

            Seems to me that a conservative’s idea of progress is taking government out of our wallet (maybe not so bad) and putting them into our bedroom (really very bad).

          • brian

            no one is getting in anyones bedroom

          • mehoo

            Sure they are.

          • mehoo

            steve, you’re a progressive? No? Then stop speaking for them.

        • So you agree those Wisconsin senators that hid like cowards are scum?

      • R.Griffon

        Anyone who lines the pockets of big business and finance with billions in tax cuts and bailouts while simultaneously taking things away from the other 99% of the population in the interest of “fiscal responsibility” is scum. And they’re on both sides of the aisle (although maybe not always in equal quantities).

        • CW

          Agreed. Note that I didn’t say that Boehner was the ONLY scum, just that he was an example.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        My paternal grandmother and great-aunt summed it up very well. When asked if they were Republican or Democrat, they replied “they’re all a bunch of crooks.” They had no use for any of them. They make talk different stuff, but to me, there isn’t really a dime’s worth of difference between most of them in their actions, which basically is to keep their cushy Capitol Hill perks and shaft the average taxpayer.

        • a

          Most “cushy” Capitol Hill “perks” have been gone since 1998. Folks on the Hill have the same benefits as any other government employee, although the retirement formula is slightly nicer due to lower pay checks and shorter unprotected tenure.

          I really don’t see how this is even a news story. Members of Congress, even Speakers of the House, have lived and dined in Arlington for over 100 years. Can’t even see how POTUS’ trips to Ray’s Hell Burger was a news story.

        • SouthArlJD

          It’s this kind of simple-minded “thinking” which keeps getting the really reprehensible types elected, because people like your family members decided everybody’s EXACTLY the same and so they don’t owe a duty as citizens and members of this society to educate and inform themselves about just what each side is proposing. People like your relations sit out every election and can’t be bothered to inform themselves, and then they pitch a hissy fit when the people they apathetically allowed into office screw them over. I run into people like this all the time. They can tell you every step of DWTS, every ignorant comment by The Situation, and recite from memory Charlie Sheen’s latest rant, but they can’t tell you anything about politics or policy or legislation. But boy do they know how to complain. Their cynicism – which people like them ALWAYS pass on to their friends and relations (witness your own poor attitude) – is what’s bringing this country down faster than anything else. They won’t lift a finger to defend themselves because that would mean having to take the time and make the effort to become informed. Can’t have that now, can we?

          The two sides are NOT the same. Neither side is angelic, but only one side wants to destroy every single advance of the 20th century from labor laws to women’s rights to financial and consumer and environmental protection. Get your head out of the sand. We have the widest income disparity out of the so-called First World. In 1970 we had the least.

        • mehoo

          Wow, such a sophisticated and original analysis of politics.

    • Guy

      No Kidding! At least this time the W.S. didn’t pick Ray’s Hellburger. Those visits screw that place up for weeks – lines out the door!

      • SouthArlJD

        Thanks for mentioning Ray’s. Now I know where I’m going for din-din.

    • OX4

      I saw John Ashcroft while I was eating at Ray’s. I think I threw up a bit in my mouth.

  • Chef D

    Yo, whatsa ellipsis. Is that like a parabole or trapizoidal. Nah, shizzle Don’t be usin yo smart kung fu on us. It be makin’ you look the fool, yo.

  • Southeast Jerome

    wow, politicians eat? I thought they were always full of the BS they spew.

  • AllenB

    Was he still the same color as Snookie?

  • charlie

    i wonder if he checked the immigration status of the staff that prepared his food. i know that if I were him, I’d want to watch my food get prepared. And i’d have some punk intern be my “taster”.

  • Chef D

    +1 Southeast J

  • UrsusMajeure

    The GOP leadership is apparently fond of Shirlington. A friend spotted Newt Gingrich at Extra Virgin last year.

    I’m thinking its the combination of being lower profile and less touristy than NW DC, the Hill, and the Orange Line corridor in Arlington, while also proximate to and easily accessible from the District.

    • AllenB

      Orange Line… another joke about Boehner’s unnatural skin color?

    • Dave

      I think they love it because it’s more difficult to access by transit. Just wait until they discover Tysons.

    • SouthArlJD

      Newt at the “Extra Virgin”? How’s that for cognitive dissonance?

      • mehoo

        Yeah, I was gonna say. I would think if Newt went in that place, it would explode like matter touching anti-matter.

  • R.Griffon

    Are you SURE it was John Boehner? Was he crying?

    • Tabby

      It was the onions in the salsa piquante! Boo hoooo

  • Cas

    The Masitas de Puerco is delicious. Throw some salsa on it…even better.

  • The food is good there. I especially love their huevos rancheros and veggie fajitas.

  • shirlingtonresident

    Republicans in Shirlington? Oh my. I can assure them they are a tiny minority amongst the locals. But we are happy they are supporting businesses in our overwhelmingly Democratic precinct. And who can blame them for wanting a more congenial atmosphere than the Tea Party infested area around the Capitol? Our little village of tolerence is probably a welcome relief.

    • DT

      The only tolerance is in making sure no one disagrees with what you think they should think.

      • mehoo

        Intolerance of intolerance is tolerance.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Interesting, when I still livid in the Arlington condos six years ago, there was only one D in our building. Of course most of us have moved on up to the northside.

  • Kristin

    @allenB I was there and he WAS the color of Snookie.

    • AllenB

      He’s second in the line of succession for the presidency, you’d think he could get a decent spray on tan that doesn’t make him look like a Florida orange.

      • Kristin

        no wonder he hates the health care bill. he was doing fine until they added 10% to his tanning bed, now he has to spray and we can’t watch CNN in high-def!

        • AllenB

          You mean he looks that bad on CNN and he’s not even in high def? To quote Holly Holliday, Yikers!

      • SouthArlJD

        Actually, he’s third in line, behind Joe Biden.

  • clarendonneighbor

    I subscribe to ARLnow be informed and entertained but the comment strings regrettably go downhill so quickly. I am all for people having opinions (and different ones) but why do we all have to be nasty to people we don’t agree with? Decorum is missing from the campaigns and here. I hope the school kids don’t take a lesson from us when they run for student government.

  • Deb

    This is news? Why?


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