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Club 31-11 On Columbia Pike Appears to Be Closed

by ARLnow.com April 4, 2011 at 11:15 am 4,123 27 Comments

Club 31-11 on Columbia Pike appears to be no more.

The hookah lounge/pool hall/nightclub/restaurant at 3111 Columbia Pike opened around the beginning of the year and was able to attract crowds to some events, but not on a day-to-day basis. The name has been removed from the building’s exterior and we haven’t spotted any activity there in several weeks.

Since the club has no listed phone number, we have been unable to confirm its fate. However, we hear the club had problems obtaining a live entertainment permit and was subject to several police inspections.

Before it housed Club 31-11, the building was home to a succession of restaurants, including Coco’s Italian Restaurant, Lalibela II, and Cottage Ethiopian Restaurant.

  • Lou

    Any deets on these “several police inspections”? That sounds a bit big brotherish.

    • SoCo Resident

      Yes, please finish the police inspections sentence, ARLNOW. For what?

    • Not confirmed yet, but it sounds like they were unknowingly operating without a live entertainment permit, thus the inspections.

  • Tabby

    Knock that building down already.

  • S. Arl Res

    I tried to walk in there once with some neighbors. They wanted to charge us money to sit at a table! And no one was there. No surprise their closed.

  • G. Clifford Prout

    Would make a great 7-11 !

    • Neighbor


      • NPGMBR

        With the pending opening of 7/11 in the old SAAH building; 7/11 is falling dangerously close to the now infamous jokes about walking out of one Starbucks and crossing the streeting to go into another.

        • FrenchyB

          I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those 7-Elevens go away (particularly the ones at Columbus Street and George Mason Drive) during the revitalization.

          • BoredHouseWife


    • Pikester

      I was thinking this exact thing 🙂

  • Jon B


    • SoCo Resident

      Perfect for Dremos! Course, I would like a “real” Italian restaurant like Coco’s back but that won’t happen, since only “faux” Italian onces are allowed. But according to RealityCheck, we can no longer mention Dr. Dremos, Artisphere or criticize these places that (are meant to)fail.

  • Josh S

    Absolutely tear the ugly thing down. One thing Columbia Pike does not need is business owners who have no idea what they are doing. Just because there is a sizable East African population in the neighborhood does not mean you will be able to stay in business operating as if you are still in Addis Abbaba. I’ve walked by the place numerous times including on a Saturday night looking for a destination and never once felt the slightest temptation to enter.

  • CrystalMikey

    So that Sharpie came right off then?

  • PikeHoo

    I hope this place goes away. It’s ugly. It’s vacant. And it’s on a prime/prominent lot on Columbia Pike.

  • 1234

    In the same vein, when is the developer of the Halstead (“where it’s what’s inside that counts!”) going to do something with the catastrophic eyesore that was Blanca’s??

    • Val

      What? I loved Blancas–and I love that building.

  • James

    I noticed a For Sale sign at Club 31-11 this morning as I drove past. But I like the old Blanca’s building. I wish someone would turn that into a nice restaurant.

  • SouthArlJD

    Ah yes, back when it was Coco’s it was the site of a parking lot shooting which provided me my first malicious wounding case. Impossibly drunk Mexican illegal immigrant construction guys got into a beef with impossibly drunk lads from Fort Myer over whether someone had come on to someone’s lady friend. I forget who was alleged to have started it, but by the time the evening was over my client had allegedly shot up the parking lot and hit the bank across the street with the brand new .45 he’d picked up at some gun show. Unfortunately, he’d also hit some other poor passerby in the butt. Thankfully, the victim had a full recovery and then promptly disappeared, as my client did while on bond. Back in the 80s you could actually get a person charged with a shooting crime out of jail on bond, even if he was illegal. Good times.

  • I talked to the former general managing partner (they sold several weeks ago) and he blames the Arlington County PD for “harassing” their business. He said that there was a racial component, and thinks that they were targeted because the clientele was mostly black. We are hoping to hear back from the Police Department on this.

    • numn

      Because a black clientele should be allowed to operate without a permit?

  • Tabby

    how about a Bennigan’s?

  • Tabby


  • Southside

    Trader Joes. I can’t be bothered driving all the way to Bailey’s Crossroads

    • YES!!! It really would be a perfect spot for a TJ’s!

  • numn



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