Scooter Accident in Buckingham

by ARLnow.com April 7, 2011 at 1:34 pm 3,081 10 Comments

A scooter rider was injured after a crash at the intersection of N. Thomas Street and Pershing Drive in Buckingham, just south of Ballston.

Initial reports suggested the scooter ran into a car, but our photographer didn’t spot any damaged cars. There was, however, some road work and rough pavement in the area.

The scooter rider’s injuries were reported to be non-life-threatening.

Photo courtesy Addison H.

  • kc

    Got to be careful on those scooters. Obviously conditions were different, but saw a pizza delivery guy on a scooter wipeout on his own on the wet pavement a couple days ago.

  • charlie

    clearly this person should have gone to the ART BUS 101 class yesterday and learned how to ride ART.
    That aside, this particular intersection is extremely dangerous. it seems so innocent and benign and yet it isn’t. It is very hard to come out of Thomas Street.

  • Not Surprised

    ACPD needs to do much more on Pershing to control for speed enforcement. Cars drive too fast on Pershing, cross double yellow lines to pass vehicles going the speed limit, roll through stop signs from side streets into moving traffic on Pershing, and don’t slow or stop for pedestrians crossing Pershing. A concerted effort must be initiated to slow the traffic on Pershing.

  • This is what happens when noobs take over buckingham. gentrification is sad.
    i’m only making jokes because the guy didn’t get hurt. but seriously, i want my old community back. stay in school kids.

    • ArlingtonNative

      Ahh yes, the “old” Buckingham … a pueblo filled with unemployed welfare recipients spending the day drinking in public, peeing in the bushes, commiting petty property crimes … so that the night-time could be filled with knife fights, drug-dealing and more drunken stupidity. Yes indeed – let’s bring that “old community back”!

      • I sense a hint of sarcasm in that borderline racist rant. I’m sure the “pueblo” wouldn’t approve. I didn’t think knife fights, drug dealing, and drunken stupidity was localized in one area of northern Virginia. But, I guess I will have to take your word for it? I’ve never seen drunk stupidity outside of a bar or people doing drugs in a bathroom in clarendon… and knife fights? well… who doesn’t like a good ol’ knife fight.

        And yes I still want the community who built Arlington to stay in Arlington. However, I wont protest your departure along with the knife fighters, drug dealers, and drunks. Because you must have been drunk when you wrote that comment.

        • ArlingtonNative

          Let’s see … I can remember going to the Buckingham theater as a kid when you didn’t have to worry about whether your car had been broken into when you returned. Same for going to my doctor’s office, which was in one of the Buckingham apt buildings. He finally moved when the area got so bad that patients going to/from the office would be harassed by the drunks loitering around the area. Same reason why most of the viable businesses eventually moved on.
          Drunken stupidity outside a bar … how terriby unexpected! Still not acceptable, but not at the same level as having to deal with drunken studity outside your place of residence. Furthermore, you build an area with 30+ bars and “restaurants” in a 1+ mile stretch … well you get what you asked for!
          Buckingham may not have the cultural diversity of past years, but it also does not require the same level of police presence anymore. Not a bad trade-off, IMHO.
          As for knife-fights, I never participate in those when drinking … that’s a good way to get cut!

  • The diversity is what you attribute the problem to, that is what I have a problem with. I remember seeing plenty of drunks living in and around that theater in Lubber Run Park and none of them happened to be from how you so eloquently put it “the pueblo”. No one likes drugs/drunks/knives not even the pueblo people. Viable businesses grow in large part of that communities involvement. +1 me

  • You judge a hard working community by the 1% of delinquents that all communities unfortunately have. I don’t judge the caucasian community for that drunk that I saw living in the park, or the large annoying crowd outside of a clarendon bar, or the frat guy I see busting a bottle on someone’s head in georgetown recently in a predominately upscale caucasion area. I guess I have to connect all the dots and make my point extremely clear.

  • I was joking, then you had to get all racial. Let’s drop this and move on to another topic. Have a nice life Sir ArlingtonNative


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