Michelle Obama Lauds Military Kids at Pentagon City Ceremony

by ARLnow.com April 8, 2011 at 12:58 pm 2,414 15 Comments

First Lady Michelle Obama gave the welcoming remarks at an awards ceremony in Pentagon City last night.

The Military Child of the Year Awards recognize the “strength, resilience and leadership” of military kids from each of branch of the armed services. The event, held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, was organized by the group Operation Homefront.

Support of military families is one of Mrs. Obama’s signature issues. She spoke glowingly of the honorees’ maturity, wisdom and bravery.

“When our troops are called to serve, their families serve too,” Mrs. Obama said to an audience chock full of military officers, spouses and media personnel. “[Military children] play their own very unique role in keeping our country safe… their strength and support helps our troops serve.”

The five recipients of this year’s awards were:

  • Taylor Dahl-Sims, 17, of Oceanside, Ca. Dahl-Sims helped to care for her baby brother —  who was suffering medical problems — while dad was away at war. When her father, a Marine, returned with a traumatic brain injury and facial injuries from multiple IED blasts, she also helped to take care of him. All the while, she has been doing volunteer work, taking college classes and commanding her school’s Air Force Junior ROTC.
  • Kyle Hoeye of Tucson, Ariz., whose Army father has been deployed three times. At 16, Hoeye “has made helping military families his life’s work.”
  • Melissa Howland, 17, of Millis, Mass. Howland nearly died from a blood disorder, the symptoms of which are now keeping her from playing her favorite sports. Nonetheless, Howland has managed to rack up nearly 500 volunteer hours while her Navy father was deployed in Iraq.
  • Nicole Goetz, 17, of Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. Nicole’s father has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. With dad gone for months at a time, Nicole has stepped up to help raise her 10-year-old brother, all while donating hundreds of hours of her time to community service, earning a 4.0 GPA and serving as president of her school’s Key Club.
  • Margaret Rochon, a 17-year-old Coast Guard kid from Jacksonville, N.C. In addition to numerous extracurricular activities at school, Margaret helped to organize a seminar about the “stresses of wartime deployment on students and the effects of PTSD on families.” The seminar became mandatory training for teachers in her county.

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  • cynic

    Let’s watch and see how some comments find a way to bash military kids. You bashed Michelle for daring to plant a garden and call for eating vegetables, you can handle this.

    • Lou


    • CrystalMikey

      I surely hope not. I know I’m probably one of probably quite a few military brats on this site.

    • As a kid I bashed my mom for trying to make me eat green veggies. The First Lady gets the same treatment.

      • mehoo

        You win that one.

    • Aaron

      Hmmm, neither of the Michelle Obama items on ArlNow have triggered anything as vile as the commentary regarding Speaker Boehner’s dinner at Guapo’s.

      • R.Griffon

        Maybe that’s because she doesn’t take a cavalier attitude towards shutting down the government and having a direct adverse impact on the lives of over a million working families for political gain.

        At least that’s my guess.

        • Another COIC supporter

          Ooh I hope she’s extra sensitive to those children whose parents are now fighting our third (Obama & McCains) war.

      • AllenB

        That’s because he is vile… well, and a cry baby too.

  • PCB

    …At least she’s not on vacation?

  • Ren

    Does anyone know of a way one can volunteer to help military families locally?

    • rossl


  • R.Griffon

    I hope she remembered to tell them to be strong when Mommy and Daddy have to choose between food or rent because nobody knows when their paychecks are going to come.

    • ChrisG

      The house passed a bill that would cover paying the military through the end of the Fiscal Year. Obama said he’d veto it if the Senate passed it. Obviously Obama hates our military families. OMG

      • R.Griffon

        The military were always guaranteed pay (it’s the actual delivery date of checks that’s in question), so the need (or even the mere existence) of such legislation is dubious. What else was included in it?

        Source please.


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