Morning Poll: Are Your Allergies Acting Up?

by ARLnow.com April 8, 2011 at 8:45 am 2,100 22 Comments

The pollen count in the area was listed as ‘high’ yesterday. It’s back down to ‘moderate’ today thanks to the cool, wet weather, but many seasonal allergy sufferers are still sneezing, scratching and reaching for the pill bottle.

Are your allergies acting up?

  • Lacy Forest

    Zyrtec and Benedryl. Sometimes both at once.

  • AllenB

    Started allergy shots last spring. Doing MUCH better this year.

  • CrystalMikey

    Actually had to take the day off yesterday…so want to rip my nose off, even today.

  • Claritin D. Good stuff.

    • Allegra is now OTC (D version as well)

      It is annoying how you have to jump through hoops to get D compared to stuff like opiates.

      • Yeah. I think it is mostly a safety precaution and theft provention. Stores were getting shoplifted and robbed like crazy for the D products.

        • mehoo

          It’s because they are an ingredient in meth.

          • nance

            Yeah but they don’t make meth from the compounded pseudophedrine, just the pseudophedrine by itself (like sudafed), so it’s a bit silly.

          • mehoo

            I’ll bet they’ve found a way.

      • mehoo

        Well, you still have to jump through hoops to get opiates too.

      • nance

        ++ on OTC Allegra. For years it’s been the only thing that worked for my allergies but my insurance wouldn’t cover it so the copay was over $50. Now it’s down to less than $20 and there are coupons everywhere.

  • Chris

    The past few weeks have felt like it’s been ‘high pollen’ more than pollen.com et al are reporting. Maybe I’m just getting worse, although that’s tough to believe.

  • Josh

    Take your zrytec/allegra daily, even if it’s not a bad day out. I start each year taking a daily zrytec on March 1. Did shots for about a year but had to stop because I changed clients, but if you can get them and need them, get them.

  • BoredHouseWife

    I usually have bad allergies and so does my son. Not too bad this year.

  • MyHood

    I took two asprin, two advil and two benadryl yesterday, all before 12:00 pm and I could not get rid of the headache. Guess that explains it. My allegeries used to only happen in Fall, seems they are getting worse.

    • mehoo

      Try Claritin!

  • Carmen

    I feel so lucky that I don’t have allergies. So many people are complaining about them.

  • mimi

    No problems since I started using the Neti pot.

  • Ali

    Allegra-D prescription strength 2x a day, sleep with a humidifier, etc. etc. etc. Going to see an allergist at GW in a few weeks because they’re worse than ever.

  • doug

    Raw local wildflower honey – been better for two years running.

    • nance

      Where do you get the local wildflower honey? It has to be made from this area.

      • doug

        Farmer’s Market or Mom’s Organic Market – not made in Arlington, but made in VA.


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