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New Chef Will Revamp Menu at Eventide Restaurant

by ARLnow.com April 15, 2011 at 2:23 pm 3,475 19 Comments

Eventide Restaurant (3165 Wilson Blvd) has a new chef.

Adam Barnett — whose resume includes Liberty Tavern, West End Bistro in the District and The Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Va. — will take over as executive chef at the three-year-old Clarendon eatery.

The hiring of Barnett comes during a somewhat turbulent time for Eventide. General Manager Dave Pressley left the restaurant in December and chefs Miles Vaden and Justus Frank departed in February. With the exception of that “series of unrelated events,” however, Eventide co-owner Nick Freshman says not much else has changed.

“People leave restaurants all the time,” he said. “There is no concept change. Eventide is not changing. The things that we love about Eventide — the reasons why we built it and the reasons why so many of our customers appreciate it — are still there, and none of that changes.”

Except, there are some changes in the works. After he starts on Tuesday, Barnett plans to run specials of his own creation to supplement the existing menu. Those specials will eventually become the backbone of a new spring menu that will include expanded food, cocktail and beer options.

“We have a new chef who’s going to bring new ideas and new flavors to the menu,” Freshman said. “It’s going to be great… I’d like to see us do some more exciting things with the menu than we’ve done previously.”

Freshman says the restaurant will be organizing special dining events this year, like wine nights, beer dinners, barbecues and oyster roasts. The events will try to take advantage of locally-produced items — for instance, small local breweries may help run the beer dinners.

Eventide’s rooftop, which may serve as a venue for some of those events, will now feature an expanded standing area for bar patrons as well as a rooftop dinner menu for people who want to enjoy a meal. The rooftop is expected to open during the first week of May, weather permitting.

  • NomNom

    Good news on the expanded roof top bar. It was almost ridiculious how bar patrons were shoved into that small space on the west side of the building overlooking the Ballroom.

    The chef appears to have a solid background. West End Bistro is an Eric Ripert restaurant and The Inn is Patrick O’Connell. West End Bistro was extremely disappointing the time I went, so hopefully the chef was off that night.

  • KArlington

    I really like Eventide, especially that roof. But it makes no sense that you can’t get the whole menu everywhere in the restaurant. We’ve had to leave our table on the roof on a fantastic night because they just had cold snacks up there.

    • Anon

      Scuttlebutt – “On a related note, Adam plans to offer our new, expanded Lounge menu on the roof this summer. Rooftop diners will now have access to many more offerings including entrees from the dining room menu.”

      • And rooftop patrons can throw water balloons onto the hipster’s below.

    • Tabby

      I found the bar menu lacking.

      • Agreed that the bar menu is lacking. Also why can’t the bar menu ALSO have the full menu. I’ve been there twice and dislike the price and vareity of bar food. $9 for TWO pretzels???

        • Tabby

          I compared the full menu and bar menu and the prices didn’t match up, either.

  • CW

    Interesting that they’re making actual common sense use of the rooftop, as opposed to reserving a huge amount of space for people who could order only bar food while limiting the number of people who could mingle and order drinks from the bar. Worst of both worlds. Hope they do it right this time.

  • Wava_2

    Are there still hipsters in Clarendon? The hipster era was back in the 90s. Back when HFS had those indie rock events in Lyon park, and when Go Records, Kramers books (ballston), sugar shack, etc were still around.

    • CrystalMikey

      I miss (old)HFS.

      • superduper

        Y’know… I was listening to 106.7 and heard an ad for the hfstival. Anybody know if this is true? Are they bringing it back??

        • CW

          They had it last year at merriweather post. Sweet 90’s lineup: Third Eye Blind, Lit, Fuel, Everclear, Marcy Playground, and a few others.

    • KathleenM

      I don’t think HFS sponsored the Indie Rock Festival in Lyon Park (and before that, on the site of the old Sears parking lot in Clarendon) – it was go records. I miss them, too!

      • Screw HFS. I miss Penguin Feather.

      • Clarendude

        Go records also used to have something to do with the local garage bands that played in the metro park on Fridays. I really enjoyed watching them, even if some of them hadn’t really mastered their instruments. But they usually were very enthusiastic!

  • dk

    Now if only a new chef would come to Boulevard Woodgrill, that incredibly mediocre restaurant taking up prime real estate.

  • Wava_2

    Yeah. Back in jr high and hs I used to hit up Go in Clarendon and tower records in foggy bottom. Both had a much better selection than record town at ballston commons.

  • Lord Voldemort

    waxie maxie.

    you’re a fool harry potter. and you will lose…everything.

  • Bort

    Agreed on BLVD woodgrill. That place is the definition of mediocre. So much potential, so little talent.


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