Arlington Students Participate in White House Easter Egg Roll

by ARLnow.com April 26, 2011 at 9:37 am 3,358 6 Comments

Students from Arlington Traditional and Glebe, Jamestown, McKinley and Taylor Elementary Schools traveled to the District yesterday to participate in the annual White House Easter Egg Roll

Arlington schools were granted 250 tickets by the White House for this year’s festivities on the South Lawn. Each of the five schools were chosen because they had not participated in the Easter Egg Roll in previous years.

The schools were each granted 50 tickets. The tickets were good for a noon admission — after President Obama’s official participation in the festivities, but still in time to see some of the invited celebrities and musical acts.

Glebe Elementary principal Jamie Borg arrived on an Arlington County school bus with dozens of preschoolers, a few fourth grade helpers and a couple of school staffers in tow. Borg said that many students were looking forward to seeing the First Family, but they had other things they wanted to do, in case the president decided to stay inside.

They’re hoping to see President Obama… but I think they’ll just be excited to see anything they can see,” she said. “They’ve been talking a lot about the eggs.”

See more photos from the school’s visit and from the egg roll ceremony itself, after the jump.

  • MM

    Those are some lucky kids!

    • lucky kid

      It was like going to an amusement park on a summer Saturday, but without rides. Stand in line, then another, just to get in, then more lines for each activity, with 6,000 other people. Most of the actual activities last maybe a minute.

      It’s a chance to get on the White House lawn and get some impressive photos, and for some people, a chance to see the president. It’s not actually alot of fun.

  • Rick

    “waiting in line” – “actual activities last maybe a minute”!!! I guess those are my Arlington Public School tax dollars hard at work!

    • dynaroo

      But I bet you’d go in a heartbeat if you had tickets, and you’d take your kid out of school to do it.

  • Happy in Arlington

    What a treat for the students!

  • a mom

    my son went from one of the other schools. it was a very hot day, and it was a lot of standing in lines. he eventually got lost, which added to the excitement of the day. but in general, he found it boring. i would have loved to have been there, but to him, it was all a lot of standing in lines, all to be able to push an egg a few feet. youth is wasted on the young, lol.


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